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Award or Honor Receipt James E. Strain M.D. Award in Pediatrics
Award or Honor Receipt Harry Shwachman Award
Award or Honor Receipt Arnold Silverman, MD Endowed Chair in Digestive Health
Award or Honor Receipt Alpha Omega Alpha
Award or Honor Receipt Mead Johnson Award for Nutritional Research
Award or Honor Receipt 2003 Nutrition Award
Award or Honor Receipt Hall of Honor
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency in adults with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Frequency and clinical progression of the vitamin E deficiency neurologic disorder in children with prolonged neonatal cholestasis.
Academic Article Improved neurologic function after long-term correction of vitamin E deficiency in children with chronic cholestasis.
Academic Article Orthotopic liver transplantation for acute fulminant Wilson disease.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency during chronic childhood cholestasis: presence of sural nerve lesion prior to 2 1/2 years of age.
Academic Article Vitamin E toxicity.
Academic Article Mechanism causing vitamin E deficiency during chronic childhood cholestasis.
Academic Article Comparison of vitamin E and 25-hydroxyvitamin D absorption during childhood cholestasis.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency with normal serum vitamin E concentrations in children with chronic cholestasis.
Academic Article An unusual presentation of Wegener's granulomatosis mimicking inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Normal vitamin E status in spinal muscular atrophy.
Academic Article Grade I Reye's syndrome. A frequent cause of vomiting and liver dysfunction after varicella and upper-respiratory-tract infection.
Academic Article Renal abnormalities in arteriohepatic dysplasia and nonsyndromic intrahepatic biliary hypoplasia.
Academic Article An erysipelas-like scalp cellulitis due to haemophilus influenzae type b.
Academic Article Anastomotic ulceration: a late complication of ileocolonic anastomosis.
Academic Article Outcome of syndromic paucity of interlobular bile ducts (Alagille syndrome) with onset of cholestasis in infancy.
Academic Article Altered coding for a strictly conserved di-glycine in the major bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase of a Crigler-Najjar type I patient.
Academic Article Oxidant injury to hepatic mitochondria in patients with Wilson's disease and Bedlington terriers with copper toxicosis.
Academic Article Association of paucity of interlobular bile ducts with prune belly syndrome.
Academic Article Association of cytomegalovirus with Ménétrier's disease in childhood: report of two new cases with a review of literature.
Academic Article Abnormal hepatic mitochondrial respiration and cytochrome C oxidase activity in rats with long-term copper overload.
Academic Article Antioxidants in pediatric gastrointestinal disease.
Academic Article Familial occurrence of cavernous transformation of the portal vein.
Academic Article Hepatic concentrations of zinc, copper and manganese in infants with extrahepatic biliary atresia.
Academic Article An international symposium on Wilson's and Menkes' diseases.
Academic Article Antioxidant defenses in metal-induced liver damage.
Academic Article Translocation of apolipoprotein B across the endoplasmic reticulum is blocked in abetalipoproteinemia.
Academic Article Congenital nonchylous ascites due to intestinal malrotation.
Academic Article Management of esophageal varices in children by endoscopic variceal ligation.
Academic Article When is an amniocentesis for fetal maturity unnecessary in nondiabetic pregnancies at risk?
Academic Article Intrahepatic "cholestasis facies": is it specific for Alagille syndrome?
Academic Article Quinacrine hydrochloride-induced yellow discoloration of the skin in children.
Academic Article Vitamin E reduces oxidant injury to mitochondria and the hepatotoxicity of taurochenodeoxycholic acid in the rat.
Academic Article A position paper of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Pediatric gastroenterology Workforce Survey and future supply and demand.
Academic Article Total parenteral nutrition-related liver disease.
Academic Article Effect of oxypurinol, a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, on hepatic injury in the bile duct-ligated rat.
Academic Article Effect of ursodeoxycholic acid therapy on hepatic function in children with intrahepatic cholestatic liver disease.
Academic Article Fat-soluble vitamins and their importance in patients with cholestatic liver diseases.
Academic Article Detection of reovirus RNA in hepatobiliary tissues from patients with extrahepatic biliary atresia and choledochal cysts.
Academic Article Mitochondria and childhood liver diseases.
Academic Article Alagille syndrome: A nutritional niche for Notch.
Academic Article Recommendations for management of liver and biliary tract disease in cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Hepatobiliary Disease Consensus Group.
Academic Article Correction of hypozincemia following liver transplantation in children is associated with reduced urinary zinc loss.
Academic Article How many wrongs make a right (or a left)? Vertebrate asymmetry unraveled.
Academic Article The effect of idebenone, a coenzyme Q analogue, on hydrophobic bile acid toxicity to isolated rat hepatocytes and hepatic mitochondria.
Academic Article Disorders of the mitochondria.
Academic Article Identification of a new inborn error in bile acid synthesis: mutation of the oxysterol 7alpha-hydroxylase gene causes severe neonatal liver disease.
Academic Article At long last: an animal model of Wilson's disease.
Academic Article Pancreatic insufficiency, growth, and nutrition in infants identified by newborn screening as having cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Evidence for involvement of oxygen free radicals in bile acid toxicity to isolated rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article Liver disease in Navajo neuropathy.
Academic Article Impaired discrimination between stereoisomers of alpha-tocopherol in patients with familial isolated vitamin E deficiency.
Academic Article Liver transplantation in mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders.
Academic Article Multicenter trial of d-alpha-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate for treatment of vitamin E deficiency in children with chronic cholestasis.
Academic Article Fulminant hepatitis associated with centrilobular hepatic necrosis in young children.
Academic Article Long-term results with the Kasai operation for biliary atresia.
Academic Article Supplementation with carotenoids corrects increased lipid peroxidation in children with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Hepatoblastoma in a neonate: a hypervascular presentation mimicking hemangioendothelioma.
Academic Article Biliary atresia: current concepts and research directions. Summary of a symposium.
Academic Article alpha-tocopherol ameliorates oxidant injury in isolated copper-overloaded rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article Survival after first esophageal variceal hemorrhage in patients with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Navajo neurohepatopathy: a mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome?
Academic Article Cholangiocyte biology and cystic fibrosis liver disease.
Academic Article Circulating antioxidant concentrations in children with inflammatory bowel disease.
Academic Article Congenital bilary atresia: report of three cases, two occurring in one family. Whitten WW, Adie GC. J Pediatr 1952;40:539-48.
Academic Article Response of elevated Epstein-Barr virus DNA levels to therapeutic changes in pediatric liver transplant patients: 56-month follow up and outcome.
Academic Article Nitric oxide ameliorates hydrophobic bile acid-induced apoptosis in isolated rat hepatocytes by non-mitochondrial pathways.
Academic Article Epstein-Barr virus and post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease.
Academic Article Introduction to the pediatric liver research agenda: a blueprint for the future.
Academic Article Cholestatic liver disease: Working Group Report of the First World Congress of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition.
Academic Article On the bile sludge syndrome or is total parenteral nutrition cholestasis a surgical disease?
Academic Article ApoB gene nonsense and splicing mutations in a compound heterozygote for familial hypobetalipoproteinemia.
Academic Article Early respiratory course in infants with cystic fibrosis: relevance to newborn screening.
Academic Article Variability of biochemical and clinical phenotype in X-linked liver glycogenosis with mutations in the phosphorylase kinase PHKA2 gene.
Academic Article Genetic induction of proinflammatory immunity in children with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Urinary F2-isoprostanes in young healthy children at risk for type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Case report: nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in a teenage girl with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Partial splenic embolization in five children with hypersplenism: effects of reduced-volume embolization on efficacy and morbidity.
Academic Article Coordinate expression of regulatory genes differentiates embryonic and perinatal forms of biliary atresia.
Academic Article Gastrointestinal manifestations of mitochondrial disease.
Academic Article Biliary atresia is associated with CD4+ Th1 cell-mediated portal tract inflammation.
Academic Article Liver involvement in Alpers disease.
Academic Article Efficacy of statewide neonatal screening for cystic fibrosis by assay of trypsinogen concentrations.
Academic Article Beta-carotene prevents bile acid-induced cytotoxicity in the rat hepatocyte: Evidence for an antioxidant and anti-apoptotic role of beta-carotene in vitro.
Academic Article Amylopectinosis disease isolated to the heart with normal glycogen branching enzyme activity and gene sequence.
Academic Article Portopulmonary hypertension in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Human hepatic mitochondria generate reactive oxygen species and undergo the permeability transition in response to hydrophobic bile acids.
Academic Article Characterization of acute liver failure and development of a continuous risk of death staging system in children.
Academic Article Armed CD4+ Th1 effector cells and activated macrophages participate in bile duct injury in murine biliary atresia.
Academic Article Biliary atresia: clinical profiles, risk factors, and outcomes of 755 patients listed for liver transplantation.
Academic Article Comparison of indices of vitamin A status in children with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Connective tissue growth factor expression is increased in biliary epithelial cells in biliary atresia.
Academic Article A multicenter study of the outcome of biliary atresia in the United States, 1997 to 2000.
Academic Article Neonatal screening for biliary atresia.
Academic Article Rotavirus infection frequency and risk of celiac disease autoimmunity in early childhood: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Cellular and humoral autoimmunity directed at bile duct epithelia in murine biliary atresia.
Academic Article Acute hepatitis and liver failure associated with influenza A infection in children.
Academic Article Antioxidants in cystic fibrosis. Conclusions from the CF antioxidant workshop, Bethesda, Maryland, November 11-12, 2003.
Academic Article A pilot study on the safety and efficacy of a novel antioxidant rich formulation in patients with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Subcutaneous vitamin E ameliorates liver injury in an in vivo model of steatocholestasis.
Academic Article Screening and outcomes in biliary atresia: summary of a National Institutes of Health workshop.
Academic Article Liver disease in mitochondrial disorders.
Academic Article Colonic polyp as lead point for intussusception.
Academic Article Oligoclonal expansions of CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells in the target organ of patients with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Corticosteroid treatment in biliary atresia: Tonic or toast?
Academic Article European biliary atresia registries: summary of a symposium.
Academic Article The Multiple Facets of ABCB4 (MDR3) Deficiency.
Academic Article Decreased total serum coenzyme-Q10 concentrations: a longitudinal study in children with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Impaired ability of patients with familial isolated vitamin E deficiency to incorporate alpha-tocopherol into lipoproteins secreted by the liver.
Academic Article Anthropometric evaluation of children with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Cutaneous photosensitivity and coproporphyrin abnormalities in the Alagille syndrome.
Academic Article Comparison of total serum lipids measured by two methods.
Academic Article Hepatic veno-occlusive disease and human herpes virus 7 infection in primary agammaglobulinemia.
Academic Article Biliary atresia screening: why, when, and how?
Academic Article Treatment of neonatal hemochromatosis with exchange transfusion and intravenous immunoglobulin.
Academic Article Reloading against rare liver diseases.
Academic Article Pulmonary vascular complications in asymptomatic children with portal hypertension.
Academic Article Long term G-CSF-induced remission of ulcerative colitis-like inflammatory bowel disease in a patient with glycogen storage disease Ib and evaluation of associated neutrophil function.
Academic Article Pitfalls in diagnosing galactosemia: false negative newborn screening following red blood cell transfusion.
Academic Article Glutathione status of isolated rat hepatocytes affects bile acid-induced cellular necrosis but not apoptosis.
Academic Article Vitamin E supplementation reduces the incidence of diabetes but not insulitis in NOD mice.
Academic Article Design and validation of the biliary atresia research consortium histologic assessment system for cholestasis in infancy.
Academic Article The chronic disease of childhood obesity: the sleeping giant has awakened.
Academic Article The anatomic pattern of biliary atresia identified at time of Kasai hepatoportoenterostomy and early postoperative clearance of jaundice are significant predictors of transplant-free survival
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency neuropathy in children with fat malabsorption. Studies in cystic fibrosis and chronic cholestasis.
Academic Article Bile acid-induced rat hepatocyte apoptosis is inhibited by antioxidants and blockers of the mitochondrial permeability transition.
Academic Article American Liver Foundation releases Pediatric Liver Research Agenda-2000.
Academic Article Emergence of fibroblasts with a proinflammatory epigenetically altered phenotype in severe hypoxic pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article Endoscopic dilation of an ileocolonic stricture in an infant with short gut syndrome.
Academic Article Blastocystis hominis gastroenteritis in a hemophiliac with acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Academic Article Normal vitamin E status in sickle hemoglobinopathies in Colorado.
Academic Article Liver cell injury and fibrosis.
Academic Article Portal hypertension in children and young adults with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Lack of correlation between infection with reovirus 3 and extrahepatic biliary atresia or neonatal hepatitis.
Academic Article Inflammatory bowel disease in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Clues to the etiology of bile duct injury in biliary atresia.
Academic Article Copper toxicity and lipid peroxidation in isolated rat hepatocytes: effect of vitamin E.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency and neurologic disease.
Academic Article Medical management of the infant or child with chronic liver disease.
Academic Article Vitamin E status in cholestasis.
Academic Article Friedreich's disease: V. Variant form with vitamin E deficiency and normal fat absorption.
Academic Article Hypoalbuminemia at diagnosis as a marker for severe respiratory course in infants with cystic fibrosis identified by newborn screening.
Academic Article Treatment of vitamin E deficiency during chronic childhood cholestasis with oral d-alpha-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol-1000 succinate.
Academic Article Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate therapy for vitamin E deficiency during chronic childhood cholestasis: neurologic outcome.
Academic Article Correction of vitamin E deficiency in children with chronic cholestasis. II. Effect on gastrointestinal and hepatic function.
Academic Article New North American research network focuses on biliary atresia and neonatal liver disease.
Academic Article Hepatic dysfunction following the Fontan procedure.
Academic Article Effect of dietary lipid and vitamin E on mitochondrial lipid peroxidation and hepatic injury in the bile duct-ligated rat.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency in cholestatic liver disease.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency in adults.
Academic Article Kasai procedure and vitamin E.
Academic Article Clearance of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in young children after alpha interferon treatment.
Academic Article Generation of hydroperoxides in isolated rat hepatocytes and hepatic mitochondria exposed to hydrophobic bile acids.
Academic Article Ataxia with isolated vitamin E deficiency is caused by mutations in the alpha-tocopherol transfer protein.
Academic Article A prospective study of the incidence of childhood celiac disease.
Academic Article Biliary diversion for progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: improved liver morphology and bile acid profile.
Academic Article Developmental changes in newborn lamb brain mitochondrial activity and postasphyxial lipid peroxidation.
Academic Article Clinical features of children with screening-identified evidence of celiac disease.
Academic Article Expanding spectrum of mitochondrial disorders.
Academic Article Detection of group C rotavirus in infants with extrahepatic biliary atresia.
Academic Article Interferon treatment for chronic hepatitis B: enhanced response in children 5 years old or younger.
Academic Article Hepatic oxidant injury and glutathione depletion during total parenteral nutrition in weanling rats.
Academic Article Enrichment of rat hepatic organelles by vitamin E administered subcutaneously.
Academic Article Licorice compounds glycyrrhizin and 18beta-glycyrrhetinic acid are potent modulators of bile acid-induced cytotoxicity in rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article Optimizing outcomes and bridging biliary atresia into adulthood.
Academic Article Outcome after exploratory laparoscopy for unexplained abdominal pain in childhood.
Academic Article Unraveling the pathogenesis and etiology of biliary atresia.
Academic Article Increased susceptibility of fat-laden Zucker-rat hepatocytes to bile acid-induced oncotic necrosis: an in vitro model of steatocholestasis.
Academic Article Fulminant Epstein-Barr viral hepatitis: orthotopic liver transplantation and review of the literature.
Academic Article Hepato-portopulmonary disorders--not just in adults!
Academic Article Safety, efficacy, and tolerance of intestinal lavage in pediatric patients undergoing diagnostic colonoscopy.
Academic Article Use of rifampin for severe pruritus in children with chronic cholestasis.
Academic Article Prospective, long-term study of fat-soluble vitamin status in children with cystic fibrosis identified by newborn screen.
Academic Article Acute liver failure in children: the first 348 patients in the pediatric acute liver failure study group.
Academic Article Transglutaminase antibodies in children with a genetic risk for celiac disease.
Academic Article Health-related quality of life in pediatric liver transpant recipients compared to other chronic disease groups
Academic Article Outcomes in children who underwent transplantation for autoimmune hepatitis
Academic Article "Let there be bile"--understanding hepatic injury in cholestasis.
Academic Article Role of oxidant stress in the permeability transition induced in rat hepatic mitochondria by hydrophobic bile acids.
Academic Article Presentation of the 2006 Shwachman Award to Judith M. Sondheimer, MD.
Academic Article Large-volume paracentesis in the management of ascites in children.
Academic Article Noninfectious colitis associated with short gut syndrome in infants.
Academic Article Improvement of cyclosporin absorption in children after liver transplantation by means of water-soluble vitamin E.
Academic Article Etiopathogenesis of biliary atresia.
Academic Article Hepatobiliary disease in neonatal lupus: prevalence and clinical characteristics in cases enrolled in a national registry.
Academic Article Proliferation to paucity: evolution of bile duct abnormalities in a case of Alagille syndrome.
Academic Article Niemann-pick disease type C in neonatal cholestasis at a North American Center.
Academic Article Fat-soluble vitamins in infants identified by cystic fibrosis newborn screening.
Academic Article Pathogenesis and outcome of biliary atresia: current concepts.
Academic Article Autoantibodies in mothers of children with neonatal liver disease.
Academic Article Re: Article by Kamath et al.-"Facial features in Alagille Syndrome".
Academic Article Quantitation of rat liver vitamin E metabolites by LC-MS during high-dose vitamin E administration.
Academic Article Selection bias and vitamin E status in cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Vitamin E and neurologic deficits.
Academic Article Risk of celiac disease autoimmunity and timing of gluten introduction in the diet of infants at increased risk of disease.
Academic Article Mitochondrial hepatopathies: advances in genetics and pathogenesis.
Academic Article Configuration challenges: implementing translational research policies in electronic medical records.
Academic Article The 2008 World Congress Working Group Reports: an opportunity for a worldwide consensus to affect children's digestive health.
Academic Article Growth failure and outcomes in infants with biliary atresia: a report from the Biliary Atresia Research Consortium.
Academic Article The future of pediatrics: a festschrift for M. Douglas Jones, Jr, MD.
Academic Article Alpha-tocopherol regulation of hepatic cytochrome P450s and ABC transporters in rats.
Academic Article Swiss outcomes in biliary atresia: are there lessons to be learned?
Academic Article Hypoalbuminemia in young infants with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Adoption of hepatitis B virus-infected foreign-born children.
Academic Article Evaluation of a scoring system for assessing prognosis in pediatric acute liver failure.
Academic Article Spontaneous perforation of the bile duct in a toddler: the role of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography in diagnosis and therapy.
Academic Article Hepatitis B therapy in children.
Academic Article Effect of vitamin E on transport processes in isolated rat hepatocytes.
Academic Article Plasma micronutrients are associated with dietary intake and environmental tobacco smoke exposure in a paediatric population.
Academic Article Failure of resolution of portal fibrosis during omega-3 fatty acid lipid emulsion therapy in two patients with irreversible intestinal failure.
Academic Article Plasma manganese concentrations in infants and children receiving parenteral nutrition.
Academic Article Mechanisms of disease: Inborn errors of bile acid synthesis.
Academic Article Resistance of young rat hepatic mitochondria to bile acid-induced permeability transition: potential role of alpha-tocopherol.
Academic Article Cardiopulmonary manifestations of portovenous shunts from congenital absence of the portal vein: pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular dilatation.
Academic Article Oxidant injury to hepatic mitochondrial lipids in rats with dietary copper overload. Modification by vitamin E deficiency.
Academic Article Choledochoduodenostomy in pediatric liver transplantation.
Academic Article The coming of age of vitamin E.
Academic Article Vitamin E and neurologic function in man.
Academic Article Parenteral nutrition supplementation in biliary atresia patients listed for liver transplantation.
Academic Article Fat-soluble-vitamin status during the first year of life in infants with cystic fibrosis identified by screening of newborns.
Academic Article Efficacy of fat-soluble vitamin supplementation in infants with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Viral hepatitis in children.
Academic Article Intestinal malabsorption of vitamin E in primary biliary cirrhosis.
Academic Article Lack of tocopherol in peripheral nerves of vitamin E-deficient patients with peripheral neuropathy.
Academic Article Assessing vitamin E status in childhood cholestasis.
Academic Article No association of vitamin D intake or 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in childhood with risk of islet autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes: the Diabetes Autoimmunity Study in the Young (DAISY).
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 4-dependent Kupffer cell activation and liver injury in a novel mouse model of parenteral nutrition and intestinal injury.
Academic Article Pulmonary function in individuals who underwent liver transplantation: from the US cystic fibrosis foundation registry.
Academic Article Preparedness of the CTSA's structural and scientific assets to support the mission of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).
Academic Article Pancreatic insufficiency is not a prevalent problem in Alagille syndrome.
Academic Article Evaluation of the liver injury unit scoring system to predict survival in a multinational study of pediatric acute liver failure.
Academic Article Vitamin E deficiency in neuropathy of abetalipoproteinemia.
Academic Article Isolated vitamin E deficiency in the absence of fat malabsorption--familial and sporadic cases: characterization and investigation of causes.
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Concept Genomic Library
Concept Autoimmune Diseases
Concept Oxidative Stress
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Concept Short Bowel Syndrome
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Concept Diffuse Cerebral Sclerosis of Schilder
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Award or Honor Receipt Governing Board
Academic Article Phytosterols promote liver injury and Kupffer cell activation in parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease.
Academic Article Remote source document verification in two national clinical trials networks: a pilot study.
Academic Article Health related quality of life in patients with biliary atresia surviving with their native liver.
Academic Article Evaluation of the child with suspected mitochondrial liver disease.
Academic Article Mitochondrial hepatopathies: advances in genetics, therapeutic approaches, and outcomes.
Academic Article Obstructive sleep apnea and hypoxemia are associated with advanced liver histology in pediatric nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Academic Article Significant hepatic involvement in patients with ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.
Academic Article Liver transplantation for pediatric metabolic disease.
Academic Article Mutations in TJP2 cause progressive cholestatic liver disease.
Academic Article Extrahepatic anomalies in infants with biliary atresia: results of a large prospective North American multicenter study.
Academic Article Use of corticosteroids after hepatoportoenterostomy for bile drainage in infants with biliary atresia: the START randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article High-dose IgG therapy mitigates bile duct-targeted inflammation and obstruction in a mouse model of biliary atresia.
Academic Article Adventitial fibroblasts induce a distinct proinflammatory/profibrotic macrophage phenotype in pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article Alcohol abuse during pregnancy: an epidemiologic study.
Academic Article Medical status of 219 children with biliary atresia surviving long-term with their native livers: results from a North American multicenter consortium.
Academic Article Specific microbiome changes in a mouse model of parenteral nutrition associated liver injury and intestinal inflammation.
Academic Article Lack of HLA predominance and HLA shared epitopes in biliary Atresia.
Academic Article The effects of methadone treatment on the reactivity of the nonstress test.
Academic Article Total serum bilirubin predicts fat-soluble vitamin deficiency better than serum bile acids in infants with biliary atresia.
Academic Article Intestinal lesions are associated with altered intestinal microbiome and are more frequent in children and young adults with cystic fibrosis and cirrhosis.
Academic Article Oral fructose absorption in obese children with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Academic Article Baseline Analysis of a Young a-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Liver Disease Cohort Reveals Frequent Portal Hypertension.
Academic Article Quality of Life and Its Determinants in a Multicenter Cohort of Children with Alagille Syndrome.
Academic Article Portopulmonary Hypertension: Opportunities for Precision Pediatrics.
Academic Article Intestinal Microbiota, Lipids, and the Pathogenesis of Intestinal Failure-Associated Liver Disease.
Academic Article Baseline Ultrasound and Clinical Correlates in Children with Cystic Fibrosis.
Award or Honor Receipt Career Teaching Scholar Award, Department of Pediatrics
Award or Honor Receipt Fellow of AASLD
Academic Article Total Serum Bilirubin within 3 Months of Hepatoportoenterostomy Predicts Short-Term Outcomes in Biliary Atresia.
Academic Article Molecular Chaperones as Therapy for PFIC: Not So Fast!
Academic Article Early life predictive markers of liver disease outcome in an International, Multicentre Cohort of children with Alagille syndrome.
Academic Article International Liver Transplant Society Practice Guidelines: Diagnosis and Management of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article Nocturnal hypoxia-induced oxidative stress promotes progression of pediatric non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Academic Article Biliary atresia and other cholestatic childhood diseases: Advances and future challenges.
Academic Article Newborn Screening for Biliary Atresia: Bilirubin or Bust?
Academic Article Biliary atresia: Indications and timing of liver transplantation and optimization of pretransplant care.
Academic Article Neonatal Cholestasis.
Academic Article A New Old Treatment for Vitamin E Deficiency in Cholestasis.
Academic Article Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency: An Important Cause of Pediatric Liver Disease.
Academic Article Analysis of surgical interruption of the enterohepatic circulation as a treatment for pediatric cholestasis.
Academic Article Lactate and Lactate: Pyruvate Ratio in the Diagnosis and Outcomes of Pediatric Acute Liver Failure.
Academic Article Prevalence of elevated liver enzymes in children with cystic fibrosis diagnosed by newborn screen.
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Grant Institutional Training Grant in Pediatric Gastroenterology
Grant Colorado Center of Childhood Liver Disease Research Network
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Award or Honor Receipt President
Academic Article Cross-sectional analysis of health-related quality of life in pediatric liver transplant recipients.
Academic Article Newborn Screening for Biliary Atresia.
Academic Article Health status of children alive 10 years after pediatric liver transplantation performed in the US and Canada: report of the studies of pediatric liver transplantation experience.
Academic Article Outcomes of 5-year survivors of pediatric liver transplantation: report on 461 children from a north american multicenter registry.
Academic Article PedsQL™ Cognitive Functioning Scale in pediatric liver transplant recipients: feasibility, reliability, and validity.
Academic Article Initial assessment of the infant with neonatal cholestasis-Is this biliary atresia?
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Young Children with Biliary Atresia and Native Liver: Results from the ChiLDReN Study.
Academic Article Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension in Children: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Management.
Academic Article Biliary Atresia: Clinical and Research Challenges for the Twenty-First Century.
Academic Article Macrophage-derived IL-1ß/NF-?B signaling mediates parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis.
Grant Colorado Clinical and Transational Sciences Institute
Academic Article Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Improves the Severity of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children.
Academic Article TRAPPC11 and GOSR2 mutations associate with hypoglycosylation of a-dystroglycan and muscular dystrophy.
Academic Article Bone Density in Children With Chronic Liver Disease Correlates With Growth and Cholestasis.
Academic Article Impact of Steroid Therapy on Early Growth in Infants with Biliary Atresia: The Multicenter Steroids in Biliary Atresia Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial of an Intestinal Bile Salt Transport Inhibitor for Pruritus in Alagille Syndrome.
Academic Article Identification of Polycystic Kidney Disease 1 Like 1 Gene Variants in Children With Biliary Atresia Splenic Malformation Syndrome.
Academic Article Neonatal cholestasis: emerging molecular diagnostics and potential novel therapeutics.
Academic Article A Phase I/IIa Trial of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Following Portoenterostomy in Biliary Atresia.
Concept Observational Studies as Topic
Concept Serrate-Jagged Proteins
Concept Whole Exome Sequencing
Concept Self Report
Concept Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Concept End Stage Liver Disease
Concept High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing
Concept Heterotaxy Syndrome
Concept Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Academic Article Noncirrhotic portal hypertension in the pediatric population.
Academic Article Correlation of Immune Markers With Outcomes in Biliary Atresia Following Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy.
Academic Article Nocturnal Hypoxia Activation of the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Affects Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Severity.
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Preschool and School Aged Children With Biliary Atresia and Their Native Liver.
Academic Article Up-regulation of miR-let7a-5p Leads to Decreased Expression of ABCC2 in Obstructive Cholestasis.
Grant Rare Liver Disease Network
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (KL2)
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (TL1)
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (KL2)
Grant Oxidant Hepatic Injury in Cholestasis
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UL1)
Grant Rare Liver Disease Network
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (TL1)
Grant Colorado Clinical and Translational Science Institute (UL1)
Academic Article New Insights Into Intestinal Failure-Associated Liver Disease in Children.
Academic Article Mitochondrial disease disrupts hepatic allostasis and lowers the threshold for immune-mediated liver toxicity.
Academic Article Intestinal failure-associated liver disease (IFALD): insights into pathogenesis and advances in management.
Academic Article Erythrocyte autoantibodies, autoimmune haemolysis, and myelodysplastic syndromes.
Academic Article Reopening Schools Safely: The Case for Collaboration, Constructive Disruption of Pre-Coronavirus 2019 Expectations, and Creative Solutions.
Academic Article Unraveling the Relationship Between Itching, Scratch Scales, and Biomarkers in Children With Alagille Syndrome.
Academic Article Longitudinal Outcomes in Young Patients with Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Deficiency with Native Liver Reveal that Neonatal Cholestasis is a Poor Predictor of Future Portal Hypertension.
Academic Article Recent developments in diagnostics and treatment of neonatal cholestasis.
Academic Article Modeling Outcomes in Children With Biliary Atresia With Native Liver After 2 Years of Age.
Academic Article Outcomes of Childhood Cholestasis in Alagille Syndrome: Results of a Multicenter Observational Study.
Academic Article Nonfasted Liver Stiffness Correlates with Liver Disease Parameters and Portal Hypertension in Pediatric Cholestatic Liver Disease.
Academic Article Impact of Genotype, Serum Bile Acids, and Surgical Biliary Diversion on Native Liver Survival in FIC1 Deficiency.
Academic Article Use of a Comprehensive 66-Gene Cholestasis Sequencing Panel in 2171 Cholestatic Infants, Children, and Young Adults.
Academic Article Mutation Analysis and Disease Features at Presentation in a Multi-Center Cohort of Children With Monogenic Cholestasis.
Academic Article The clinical utility of maternal body mass index in pregnancy.
Academic Article Malnutrition in Biliary Atresia: Assessment, Management, and Outcomes.
Academic Article Fostering innovation at Academic Medical Centers: The Case of University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
Academic Article NF-?B Regulation of LRH-1 and ABCG5/8 Potentiates Phytosterol Role in the Pathogenesis of Parenteral Nutrition-Associated Cholestasis.
Academic Article What affects fetal pulmonary maturation during diabetic pregnancy?
Academic Article Interrupting tumor necrosis factor-alpha signaling prevents parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis in mice.
Academic Article Presentation and Outcomes of Infants With Idiopathic Cholestasis: A Multicenter Prospective Study.
Academic Article Pharmacologic Activation of Hepatic Farnesoid X Receptor Prevents Parenteral Nutrition Associated Cholestasis in Mice.
Academic Article Limitations of using maximum vertical pocket and other sonographic evaluations of amniotic fluid volume to predict fetal growth: technical or physiologic?
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children with Inherited Liver Disease and Native Liver.
Academic Article Alcohol teratogenicity in the human: a detailed assessment of specificity, critical period, and threshold.
Academic Article A modified lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio test for fetal maturity.
Academic Article Maternal and fetal circulating levels of thymosin alpha 1 during parturition.

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