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David L Bentley

InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-BioChem&Molecular Genetics

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    R01GM058613     (BENTLEY, DAVID LEONARD)Jan 1, 1999 - Dec 31, 2014
    Coupling of transcription with pre-mRNA metabolism
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM063873     (BENTLEY, DAVID LEONARD)Jul 1, 2001 - Feb 28, 2017
    Elongation and termination of transcripts by RNA pol II
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01CA170859     (BENTLEY, DAVID LEONARD)Aug 1, 2012 - May 31, 2016
    Mis-regulation of mRNA poly (A) site selection in cancer cells (PQ11)
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R35GM118051     (BENTLEY, DAVID LEONARD)May 1, 2016 - Apr 30, 2021
    Coupling of transcription with nascent pre-mRNA metabolism
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Saldi T, Fong N, Bentley DL. Corrigendum: Transcription elongation rate affects nascent histone pre-mRNA folding and 3' end processing. Genes Dev. 2018 Apr 01; 32(7-8):592. PMID: 29692357.
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    2. Saldi T, Fong N, Bentley DL. Transcription elongation rate affects nascent histone pre-mRNA folding and 3' end processing. Genes Dev. 2018 02 01; 32(3-4):297-308. PMID: 29483154.
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    3. Ebmeier CC, Erickson B, Allen BL, Allen MA, Kim H, Fong N, Jacobsen JR, Liang K, Shilatifard A, Dowell RD, Old WM, Bentley DL, Taatjes DJ. Human TFIIH Kinase CDK7 Regulates Transcription-Associated Chromatin Modifications. Cell Rep. 2017 Aug 01; 20(5):1173-1186. PMID: 28768201.
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    4. Finlay-Schultz J, Gillen AE, Brechbuhl HM, Ivie JJ, Matthews SB, Jacobsen BM, Bentley DL, Kabos P, Sartorius CA. Breast Cancer Suppression by Progesterone Receptors Is Mediated by Their Modulation of Estrogen Receptors and RNA Polymerase III. Cancer Res. 2017 09 15; 77(18):4934-4946. PMID: 28729413.
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    5. Fong N, Saldi T, Sheridan RM, Cortazar MA, Bentley DL. RNA Pol II Dynamics Modulate Co-transcriptional Chromatin Modification, CTD Phosphorylation, and Transcriptional Direction. Mol Cell. 2017 May 18; 66(4):546-557.e3. PMID: 28506463.
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    6. Kerherve G, Regoutz A, Bentley D, Hood C, Feeley K, Knight S, Robson A, Turner C, Singh N, Pontefract J, Åhlund J, Kahk JM, Villar-Garcia IJ, Payne DJ. Laboratory-based high pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy: A novel and flexible reaction cell approach. Rev Sci Instrum. 2017 Mar; 88(3):033102. PMID: 28372401.
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    10. Fong N, Brannan K, Erickson B, Kim H, Cortazar MA, Sheridan RM, Nguyen T, Karp S, Bentley DL. Effects of Transcription Elongation Rate and Xrn2 Exonuclease Activity on RNA Polymerase II Termination Suggest Widespread Kinetic Competition. Mol Cell. 2015 Oct 15; 60(2):256-67. PMID: 26474067; PMCID: PMC4654110 [Available on 10/15/16].
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