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Morkos Adel Ibrahim Henen

TitleAsst Professor-Research
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-BioChem&Molecular Genetics
ORCID ORCID Icon0000-0003-4835-5583 Additional info

    Collapse Biography 
    Collapse education and training
    Vienna University, AustriaPhD with Honor degreeMolecular Biology, Drug Discovery
    CNRS, Lille 1 University, FranceDrug discovery, NMR, Molecular Biology
    Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX, USAMolecular Biology, Drug Discovery, Biochemistry
    University of Pittsburgh, PA, USAStructural Biology, NMR, Drug Discovery
    Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, EgyptMasterPharmaceutical Chemistry
    Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, EgyptBachelorPharmacy
    Collapse awards and honors
    2016Bursary Award, Drug Discovery Course, Douglas Connect GmbH Bärmeggenweg 14 Zeiningen, Aargau 4314 CH
    2013 - 2014Marie Curie Grant member, European Union
    2009 - 2012Ku mit Agypten, Austrian Ministry of High Education, Vienna, Austria
    2022 - 2024R21- NIH (role: PI), NIAID, USA

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         (Morkos Henen)Jul 1, 2022 - Jun 30, 2024
    Small molecule inhibitors targeting the SARS-CoV-2 pathogenicity factor Nsp1
    Role: PI

         (Richard Johnson, Michael Wimpe, Beat Vogeli)Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2020
    ALSAM Foundation
    Developing AMP deaminase inhibitors for alcoholism
    Role Description: Collaborative effort to develop small drug inhibitors using a combination of methods, including computer modeling based on a previously published AMPD crystal, stepwise derivation of a published pan AMPD inhibitor (Astra Zeneca), and NMR-based studies to aid the design and synthesis of optimized ligands for inhibitory activity (using saturation-transfer difference NMR).
    Role: Investigator

         (Christian Ottmann and Isabelle Landrieu)Jan 1, 2013 - Dec 31, 2014
    European Union - Marie Curie Project
    14-3-3 Stabilizers
    Role: Senior PostDoctoral Fellow

         Oct 1, 2009
    Austrian Ministry of High Education, Vienna Austria
    Chemistry and NMR studies of Beta Catenin
    Role: PhD fellow

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    1. Paukovich N, Henen MA, Hussain A, Issaian A, Sikela JM, Hansen KC, Vögeli B. Solution NMR backbone assignments of disordered Olduvai protein domain CON1 employing Ha-detected experiments. Biomol NMR Assign. 2022 04; 16(1):113-119. PMID: 35098449.
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    2. Born A, Henen MA, Nichols PJ, Vögeli B. On the use of residual dipolar couplings in multi-state structure calculation of two-domain proteins. Magn Reson Lett. 2022 May; 2(2):61-68. PMID: 35734611.
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    3. Born A, Soetbeer J, Breitgoff F, Henen MA, Sgourakis N, Polyhach Y, Nichols PJ, Strotz D, Jeschke G, Vögeli B. Reconstruction of Coupled Intra- and Interdomain Protein Motion from Nuclear and Electron Magnetic Resonance. J Am Chem Soc. 2021 10 06; 143(39):16055-16067. PMID: 34579531.
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    4. Redzic JS, Lee E, Born A, Issaian A, Henen MA, Nichols PJ, Blue A, Hansen KC, D'Alessandro A, Vögeli B, Eisenmesser EZ. The Inherent Dynamics and Interaction Sites of the SARS-CoV-2 Nucleocapsid N-Terminal Region. J Mol Biol. 2021 07 23; 433(15):167108. PMID: 34161778.
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    5. Alexeev EE, Dowdell AS, Henen MA, Lanis JM, Lee JS, Cartwright IM, Schaefer REM, Ornelas A, Onyiah JC, Vögeli B, Colgan SP. Microbial-derived indoles inhibit neutrophil myeloperoxidase to diminish bystander tissue damage. FASEB J. 2021 05; 35(5):e21552. PMID: 33826788.
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    6. Nichols PJ, Henen MA, Vicens Q, Vögeli B. Solution NMR backbone assignments of the N-terminal Za-linker-Zß segment from Homo sapiens ADAR1p150. Biomol NMR Assign. 2021 10; 15(2):273-279. PMID: 33742389.
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    7. Tengesdal IW, Menon DR, Osborne DG, Neff CP, Powers NE, Gamboni F, Mauro AG, D'Alessandro A, Stefanoni D, Henen MA, Mills TS, De Graaf DM, Azam T, Vogeli B, Palmer BE, Pietras EM, DeGregori J, Tan AC, Joosten LAB, Fujita M, Dinarello CA, Marchetti C. Targeting tumor-derived NLRP3 reduces melanoma progression by limiting MDSCs expansion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 03 09; 118(10). PMID: 33649199.
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    8. Nichols PJ, Bevers S, Henen M, Kieft JS, Vicens Q, Vögeli B. Recognition of non-CpG repeats in Alu and ribosomal RNAs by the Z-RNA binding domain of ADAR1 induces A-Z junctions. Nat Commun. 2021 02 04; 12(1):793. PMID: 33542240.
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    9. Henen MA, Myers W, Schmitt LR, Wade KJ, Born A, Nichols PJ, Vögeli B. The Disordered Spindly C-terminus Interacts with RZZ Subunits ROD-1 and ZWL-1 in the Kinetochore through the Same Sites in C. Elegans. J Mol Biol. 2021 02 19; 433(4):166812. PMID: 33450249.
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    10. Wang RX, Henen MA, Lee JS, Vögeli B, Colgan SP. Microbiota-derived butyrate is an endogenous HIF prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor. Gut Microbes. 2021 Jan-Dec; 13(1):1938380. PMID: 34190032.
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    11. El-Khouly OA, Henen MA, El-Sayed MA, Shabaan MI, El-Messery SM. Synthesis, anticancer and antimicrobial evaluation of new benzofuran based derivatives: PI3K inhibition, quorum sensing and molecular modeling study. Bioorg Med Chem. 2021 02 01; 31:115976. PMID: 33388654.
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    12. Nichols PJ, Born A, Henen MA, Strotz D, Jones DN, Delaglio F, Vögeli B. Reducing the measurement time of exact NOEs by non-uniform sampling. J Biomol NMR. 2020 Dec; 74(12):717-739. PMID: 32880802.
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    13. Nashaat S, Henen MA, El-Messery SM, Eisa H. Synthesis, state-of-the-art NMR-binding and molecular modeling study of new benzimidazole core derivatives as Pin1 inhibitors: Targeting breast cancer. Bioorg Med Chem. 2020 06 01; 28(11):115495. PMID: 32307260.
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    14. Born A, Henen MA, Vögeli B. Activity and Affinity of Pin1 Variants. Molecules. 2019 Dec 20; 25(1). PMID: 31861908.
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    15. Kim SK, Henen MA, Hinck AP. Structural biology of betaglycan and endoglin, membrane-bound co-receptors of the TGF-beta family. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2019 12; 244(17):1547-1558. PMID: 31601110.
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    16. Issaian A, Schmitt L, Born A, Nichols PJ, Sikela J, Hansen K, Vögeli B, Henen MA. Solution NMR backbone assignment reveals interaction-free tumbling of human lineage-specific Olduvai protein domains. Biomol NMR Assign. 2019 10; 13(2):339-343. PMID: 31264103.
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    17. Celestino R, Henen MA, Gama JB, Carvalho C, McCabe M, Barbosa DJ, Born A, Nichols PJ, Carvalho AX, Gassmann R, Vögeli B. A transient helix in the disordered region of dynein light intermediate chain links the motor to structurally diverse adaptors for cargo transport. PLoS Biol. 2019 01; 17(1):e3000100. PMID: 30615611.
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    18. Henen MA, Mahlawat P, Zwieb C, Kodali RB, Hinck CS, Hanna RD, Krzysiak TC, Ilangovan U, Cano KE, Hinck G, Vonberg M, McCabe M, Hinck AP. TGF-ß2 uses the concave surface of its extended finger region to bind betaglycan's ZP domain via three residues specific to TGF-ß and inhibin-a. J Biol Chem. 2019 03 01; 294(9):3065-3080. PMID: 30598510.
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    19. Born A, Nichols PJ, Henen MA, Chi CN, Strotz D, Bayer P, Tate SI, Peng JW, Vögeli B. Backbone and side-chain chemical shift assignments of full-length, apo, human Pin1, a phosphoprotein regulator with interdomain allostery. Biomol NMR Assign. 2019 04; 13(1):85-89. PMID: 30353504.
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    20. Nichols PJ, Born A, Henen MA, Strotz D, Celestine CN, Güntert P, Vögeli B. Extending the Applicability of Exact Nuclear Overhauser Enhancements to Large Proteins and RNA. Chembiochem. 2018 Jun 08. PMID: 29883016.
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    21. Nichols PJ, Henen MA, Born A, Strotz D, Güntert P, Vögeli B. High-resolution small RNA structures from exact nuclear Overhauser enhancement measurements without additional restraints. Commun Biol. 2018; 1:61. PMID: 30271943.
      View in: PubMed
    22. Alexandra Born , Morkos A. Henen, Parker Nichols, Jing Wang, David N. Jones and Beat Vögeli. Efficient Stereospecific Hß2/3 NMR Assignment Strategy for Mid-Size Proteins. Magnetochemistry. 2018; 2(4):25.
    23. Born A, Henen MA, Nichols P, Wang J, Jones DN, Vögeli B. Efficient Stereospecific Hß2/3 NMR Assignment Strategy for Mid-Size Proteins. Magnetochemistry. 2018 Jun; 4(2). PMID: 31093488.
      View in: PubMed
    24. Morkos A. Henen et al. Understanding Chemistry and Unique NMR Characters of Novel Amide and Ester Leflunomide Analogues. Magnetochemistry. 2017; 4(3):41.
    25. Nichols PJ, Born A, Henen MA, Strotz D, Orts J, Olsson S, Güntert P, Chi CN, Vögeli B. The Exact Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement: Recent Advances. Molecules. 2017 Jul 14; 22(7). PMID: 28708092.
      View in: PubMed
    26. Villarreal MM, Kim SK, Barron L, Kodali R, Baardsnes J, Hinck CS, Krzysiak TC, Henen MA, Pakhomova O, Mendoza V, O'Connor-McCourt MD, Lafer EM, López-Casillas F, Hinck AP. Correction to Binding Properties of the Transforming Growth Factor-ß Coreceptor Betaglycan: Proposed Mechanism for Potentiation of Receptor Complex Assembly and Signaling. Biochemistry. 2017 07 18; 56(28):3689. PMID: 28677957.
      View in: PubMed
    27. Hinck, Andrew Henen, Morkos A. Zwieb, Christian Kodali, Ravindra Hinck, Cynthia S. Methyl-Labeling Assisted NMR Structure Determination of a 66 KDA Growth Factor-Receptor Complex. Biophysical Journal. 2017; 112(3):487a-488a.
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      View in: PubMed
    29. Byrne C, Henen MA, Belnou M, Cantrelle FX, Kamah A, Qi H, Giustiniani J, Chambraud B, Baulieu EE, Lippens G, Landrieu I, Jacquot Y. A ß-Turn Motif in the Steroid Hormone Receptor's Ligand-Binding Domains Interacts with the Peptidyl-prolyl Isomerase (PPIase) Catalytic Site of the Immunophilin FKBP52. Biochemistry. 2016 09 27; 55(38):5366-76. PMID: 27641460.
      View in: PubMed
    30. Milroy LG, Bartel M, Henen MA, Leysen S, Adriaans JM, Brunsveld L, Landrieu I, Ottmann C. Stabilizer-Guided Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2015 Dec 21; 54(52):15720-4. PMID: 26537010.
      View in: PubMed
    31. Geist L, Henen MA, Haiderer S, Schwarz TC, Kurzbach D, Zawadzka-Kazimierczuk A, Saxena S, Zerko S, Kozminski W, Hinderberger D, Konrat R. Protonation-dependent conformational variability of intrinsically disordered proteins. Protein Sci. 2013 Sep; 22(9):1196-205. PMID: 23821606.
      View in: PubMed
    32. Kurzbach D, Platzer G, Schwarz TC, Henen MA, Konrat R, Hinderberger D. Cooperative unfolding of compact conformations of the intrinsically disordered protein osteopontin. Biochemistry. 2013 Aug 06; 52(31):5167-75. PMID: 23848319.
      View in: PubMed
    33. Dennis Kurzbach, Gerald Platzer, Thomas Schwarz, Morkos Henen, Robert Konrat, Dariush Hinderberger . Cooperatively Folded Conformational Sub-States in Intrinsically Disordered Proteins as Revealed by EPR Spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal. 2013; 104(2):P190a.
    34. Orbán-Németh Z, Henen MA, Geist L, Zerko S, Saxena S, Stanek J, Kozminski W, Propst F, Konrat R. Backbone and partial side chain assignment of the microtubule binding domain of the MAP1B light chain. Biomol NMR Assign. 2014 Apr; 8(1):123-7. PMID: 23339032.
      View in: PubMed
    35. Henen MA, Coudevylle N, Geist L, Konrat R. Toward rational fragment-based lead design without 3D structures. J Med Chem. 2012 Sep 13; 55(17):7909-19. PMID: 22889313.
      View in: PubMed
    36. Henen, Morkos A. El Bialy, Serry A A Goda, Fatma E. Nasr, Magda N A Eisa, Hassan M. [1,2,4]Triazolo[4,3-a]quinoxaline: Synthesis, antiviral, and antimicrobial activities. Medicinal Chemistry Research. 2012; 21(9):2368-2378.
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