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Tamara Basta

TitleResearch Associate
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Boulder
DepartmentBiology-MCD Instruction

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    1. Pichard-Kostuch A, Zhang W, Liger D, Daugeron MC, Létoquart J, Li de la Sierra-Gallay I, Forterre P, Collinet B, van Tilbeurgh H, Basta T. Structure-function analysis of Sua5 protein reveals novel functional motifs required for the biosynthesis of the universal t6A tRNA modification. RNA. 2018 07; 24(7):926-938. PMID: 29650678.
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    2. Braun DA, Rao J, Mollet G, Schapiro D, Daugeron MC, Tan W, Gribouval O, Boyer O, Revy P, Jobst-Schwan T, Schmidt JM, Lawson JA, Schanze D, Ashraf S, Ullmann JFP, Hoogstraten CA, Boddaert N, Collinet B, Martin G, Liger D, Lovric S, Furlano M, Guerrera IC, Sanchez-Ferras O, Hu JF, Boschat AC, Sanquer S, Menten B, Vergult S, De Rocker N, Airik M, Hermle T, Shril S, Widmeier E, Gee HY, Choi WI, Sadowski CE, Pabst WL, Warejko JK, Daga A, Basta T, Matejas V, Scharmann K, Kienast SD, Behnam B, Beeson B, Begtrup A, Bruce M, Ch'ng GS, Lin SP, Chang JH, Chen CH, Cho MT, Gaffney PM, Gipson PE, Hsu CH, Kari JA, Ke YY, Kiraly-Borri C, Lai WM, Lemyre E, Littlejohn RO, Masri A, Moghtaderi M, Nakamura K, Ozaltin F, Praet M, Prasad C, Prytula A, Roeder ER, Rump P, Schnur RE, Shiihara T, Sinha MD, Soliman NA, Soulami K, Sweetser DA, Tsai WH, Tsai JD, Topaloglu R, Vester U, Viskochil DH, Vatanavicharn N, Waxler JL, Wierenga KJ, Wolf MTF, Wong SN, Leidel SA, Truglio G, Dedon PC, Poduri A, Mane S, Lifton RP, Bouchard M, Kannu P, Chitayat D, Magen D, Callewaert B, van Tilbeurgh H, Zenker M, Antignac C, Hildebrandt F. Mutations in KEOPS-complex genes cause nephrotic syndrome with primary microcephaly. Nat Genet. 2017 Oct; 49(10):1529-1538. PMID: 28805828.
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    3. Thiaville PC, El Yacoubi B, Perrochia L, Hecker A, Prigent M, Thiaville JJ, Forterre P, Namy O, Basta T, de Crécy-Lagard V. Cross kingdom functional conservation of the core universally conserved threonylcarbamoyladenosine tRNA synthesis enzymes. Eukaryot Cell. 2014 Sep; 13(9):1222-31. PMID: 25038083; PMCID: PMC4187629.
    4. Pina M, Basta T, Quax TE, Joubert A, Baconnais S, Cortez D, Lambert S, Le Cam E, Bell SD, Forterre P, Prangishvili D. Unique genome replication mechanism of the archaeal virus AFV1. Mol Microbiol. 2014 Jun; 92(6):1313-25. PMID: 24779456.
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    5. Basta T, Wu HJ, Morphew MK, Lee J, Ghosh N, Lai J, Heumann JM, Wang K, Lee YC, Rees DC, Stowell MH. Self-assembled lipid and membrane protein polyhedral nanoparticles. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jan 14; 111(2):670-4. PMID: 24379376; PMCID: PMC3896197.
    6. Perrochia L, Guetta D, Hecker A, Forterre P, Basta T. Functional assignment of KEOPS/EKC complex subunits in the biosynthesis of the universal t6A tRNA modification. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Nov; 41(20):9484-99. PMID: 23945934; PMCID: PMC3814370.
    7. Perrochia L, Crozat E, Hecker A, Zhang W, Bareille J, Collinet B, van Tilbeurgh H, Forterre P, Basta T. In vitro biosynthesis of a universal t6A tRNA modification in Archaea and Eukarya. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Feb 01; 41(3):1953-64. PMID: 23258706; PMCID: PMC3561968.
    8. Basta T, Boum Y, Briffotaux J, Becker HF, Lamarre-Jouenne I, Lambry JC, Skouloubris S, Liebl U, Graille M, van Tilbeurgh H, Myllykallio H. Mechanistic and structural basis for inhibition of thymidylate synthase ThyX. Open Biol. 2012 Oct; 2(10):120120. PMID: 23155486; PMCID: PMC3498832.
    9. Goulet A, Spinelli S, Blangy S, van Tilbeurgh H, Leulliot N, Basta T, Prangishvili D, Cambillau C, Campanacci V. The crystal structure of ORF14 from Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus. Proteins. 2009 Sep; 76(4):1020-2. PMID: 19452552.
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    10. Goulet A, Spinelli S, Blangy S, van Tilbeurgh H, Leulliot N, Basta T, Prangishvili D, Cambillau C, Campanacci V. The thermo- and acido-stable ORF-99 from the archaeal virus AFV1. Protein Sci. 2009 Jun; 18(6):1316-20. PMID: 19472363; PMCID: PMC2774441.
    11. Basta T, Smyth J, Forterre P, Prangishvili D, Peng X. Novel archaeal plasmid pAH1 and its interactions with the lipothrixvirus AFV1. Mol Microbiol. 2009 Jan; 71(1):23-34. PMID: 19007417.
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    12. Vestergaard G, Aramayo R, Basta T, Häring M, Peng X, Brügger K, Chen L, Rachel R, Boisset N, Garrett RA, Prangishvili D. Structure of the acidianus filamentous virus 3 and comparative genomics of related archaeal lipothrixviruses. J Virol. 2008 Jan; 82(1):371-81. PMID: 17942536; PMCID: PMC2224351.
    13. Halak S, Basta T, Bürger S, Contzen M, Wray V, Pieper DH, Stolz A. 4-sulfomuconolactone hydrolases from Hydrogenophaga intermedia S1 and Agrobacterium radiobacter S2. J Bacteriol. 2007 Oct; 189(19):6998-7006. PMID: 17660282; PMCID: PMC2045233.
    14. Peng X, Basta T, Häring M, Garrett RA, Prangishvili D. Genome of the Acidianus bottle-shaped virus and insights into the replication and packaging mechanisms. Virology. 2007 Jul 20; 364(1):237-43. PMID: 17412384.
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    15. Halak S, Basta T, Bürger S, Contzen M, Stolz A. Characterization of the genes encoding the 3-carboxy-cis,cis-muconate-lactonizing enzymes from the 4-sulfocatechol degradative pathways of Hydrogenophaga intermedia S1 and Agrobacterium radiobacter S2. Microbiology. 2006 Nov; 152(Pt 11):3207-16. PMID: 17074892.
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    16. Halak S, Lehtiö L, Basta T, Bürger S, Contzen M, Stolz A, Goldman A. Structure and function of the 3-carboxy-cis,cis-muconate lactonizing enzyme from the protocatechuate degradative pathway of Agrobacterium radiobacter S2. FEBS J. 2006 Nov; 273(22):5169-82. PMID: 17054713.
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    17. Goulet A, Spinelli S, Campanacci V, Porciero S, Blangy S, Garrett RA, van Tilbeurgh H, Leulliot N, Basta T, Prangishvili D, Cambillau C. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of protein 14 from Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus (SIFV). Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun. 2006 Sep 01; 62(Pt 9):884-6. PMID: 16946470; PMCID: PMC2242861.
    18. Prangishvili D, Vestergaard G, Häring M, Aramayo R, Basta T, Rachel R, Garrett RA. Structural and genomic properties of the hyperthermophilic archaeal virus ATV with an extracellular stage of the reproductive cycle. J Mol Biol. 2006 Jun 23; 359(5):1203-16. PMID: 16677670.
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    19. Zhang C, Basta T, Klymkowsky MW. SOX7 and SOX18 are essential for cardiogenesis in Xenopus. Dev Dyn. 2005 Dec; 234(4):878-91. PMID: 16193513; PMCID: PMC1473172.
    20. Basta T, Buerger S, Stolz A. Structural and replicative diversity of large plasmids from sphingomonads that degrade polycyclic aromatic compounds and xenobiotics. Microbiology. 2005 Jun; 151(Pt 6):2025-37. PMID: 15942009.
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    21. Zhang C, Basta T, Fawcett SR, Klymkowsky MW. SOX7 is an immediate-early target of VegT and regulates Nodal-related gene expression in Xenopus. Dev Biol. 2005 Feb 15; 278(2):526-41. PMID: 15680368.
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    22. Zhang C, Basta T, Hernandez-Lagunas L, Simpson P, Stemple DL, Artinger KB, Klymkowsky MW. Repression of nodal expression by maternal B1-type SOXs regulates germ layer formation in Xenopus and zebrafish. Dev Biol. 2004 Sep 01; 273(1):23-37. PMID: 15302595.
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    23. Basta T, Keck A, Klein J, Stolz A. Detection and characterization of conjugative degradative plasmids in xenobiotic-degrading Sphingomonas strains. J Bacteriol. 2004 Jun; 186(12):3862-72. PMID: 15175300.
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    24. Zhang C, Basta T, Jensen ED, Klymkowsky MW. The beta-catenin/VegT-regulated early zygotic gene Xnr5 is a direct target of SOX3 regulation. Development. 2003 Dec; 130(23):5609-24. PMID: 14522872.
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