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Tatiana Grigori Kutateladze

InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM - Pharmacology

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    R01CA085716     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Apr 1, 2000 - Mar 31, 2006
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01CA095144     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Apr 1, 2002 - Mar 31, 2006
    Structure and Function of the Phox Domain
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM071424     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Sep 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2011
    Membrane Targeting by PI-binding Domains
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01CA113472     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Sep 6, 2006 - Jul 31, 2012
    Structural basis of signaling by ING2 PHD
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM096863     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Aug 2, 2011 - Apr 30, 2015
    Molecular analysis of CHD4
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM101664     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Aug 1, 2013 - Jul 31, 2017
    Molecular analysis of methylated p53
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM100907     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Feb 1, 2015 - Jan 31, 2019
    Molecular mechanism of chromatin targeting by BRPF1
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM106416     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)May 1, 2015 - Mar 31, 2019
    Epigenetic regulation by PHF1
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01GM125195     (KUTATELADZE, TATIANA G)Sep 1, 2017 - Jun 30, 2021
    Interdomain crosstalk in MORC3
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    2. Vann KR, Kutateladze TG. Architecture of PRC2 Holo Complexes. Trends Biochem Sci. 2018 May 03. PMID: 29731341.
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    9. Tencer AH, Gatchalian J, Klein BJ, Khan A, Zhang Y, Strahl BD, van Wely KHM, Kutateladze TG. A Unique pH-Dependent Recognition of Methylated Histone H3K4 by PPS and DIDO. Structure. 2017 10 03; 25(10):1530-1539.e3. PMID: 28919441.
      View in: PubMed
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    14. Andrews FH, Singh AR, Joshi S, Smith CA, Morales GA, Garlich JR, Durden DL, Kutateladze TG. Dual-activity PI3K-BRD4 inhibitor for the orthogonal inhibition of MYC to block tumor growth and metastasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 02 14; 114(7):E1072-E1080. PMID: 28137841.
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    15. van Wely KH, Mora Gallardo C, Vann KR, Kutateladze TG. Epigenetic countermarks in mitotic chromosome condensation. Nucleus. 2017 Mar 04; 8(2):144-149. PMID: 28045584.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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