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Neelanjan Mukherjee

TitleAsst Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-BioChem&Molecular Genetics

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    1. Mukherjee N, Wessels HH, Lebedeva S, Sajek M, Ghanbari M, Garzia A, Munteanu A, Yusuf D, Farazi T, Hoell JI, Akat KM, Akalin A, Tuschl T, Ohler U. Deciphering human ribonucleoprotein regulatory networks. Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Dec 05. PMID: 30517751.
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    2. Munteanu A, Mukherjee N, Ohler U. SSMART: sequence-structure motif identification for RNA-binding proteins. Bioinformatics. 2018 Dec 01; 34(23):3990-3998. PMID: 29893814.
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    3. Milek M, Imami K, Mukherjee N, Bortoli F, Zinnall U, Hazapis O, Trahan C, Oeffinger M, Heyd F, Ohler U, Selbach M, Landthaler M. DDX54 regulates transcriptome dynamics during DNA damage response. Genome Res. 2017 08; 27(8):1344-1359. PMID: 28596291.
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    4. Mukherjee N, Calviello L, Hirsekorn A, de Pretis S, Pelizzola M, Ohler U. Integrative classification of human coding and noncoding genes through RNA metabolism profiles. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2017 01; 24(1):86-96. PMID: 27870833.
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    5. Huang YH, Peng W, Furuuchi N, Gerhart J, Rhodes K, Mukherjee N, Jimbo M, Gonye GE, Brody JR, Getts RC, Sawicki JA. Delivery of Therapeutics Targeting the mRNA-Binding Protein HuR Using 3DNA Nanocarriers Suppresses Ovarian Tumor Growth. Cancer Res. 2016 Mar 15; 76(6):1549-59. PMID: 26921342.
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    6. Wessels HH, Hirsekorn A, Ohler U, Mukherjee N. Identifying RBP Targets with RIP-seq. Methods Mol Biol. 2016; 1358:141-52. PMID: 26463382.
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    7. Calviello L, Mukherjee N, Wyler E, Zauber H, Hirsekorn A, Selbach M, Landthaler M, Obermayer B, Ohler U. Detecting actively translated open reading frames in ribosome profiling data. Nat Methods. 2016 Feb; 13(2):165-70. PMID: 26657557.
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    8. Farazi TA, Leonhardt CS, Mukherjee N, Mihailovic A, Li S, Max KE, Meyer C, Yamaji M, Cekan P, Jacobs NC, Gerstberger S, Bognanni C, Larsson E, Ohler U, Tuschl T. Identification of the RNA recognition element of the RBPMS family of RNA-binding proteins and their transcriptome-wide mRNA targets. RNA. 2014 Jul; 20(7):1090-102. PMID: 24860013; PMCID: PMC4114688.
    9. Mukherjee N, Jacobs NC, Hafner M, Kennington EA, Nusbaum JD, Tuschl T, Blackshear PJ, Ohler U. Global target mRNA specification and regulation by the RNA-binding protein ZFP36. Genome Biol. 2014 Jan 08; 15(1):R12. PMID: 24401661; PMCID: PMC4053807.
    10. Li S, Liberman LM, Mukherjee N, Benfey PN, Ohler U. Integrated detection of natural antisense transcripts using strand-specific RNA sequencing data. Genome Res. 2013 Oct; 23(10):1730-9. PMID: 23816784; PMCID: PMC3787269.
    11. Majoros WH, Lekprasert P, Mukherjee N, Skalsky RL, Corcoran DL, Cullen BR, Ohler U. MicroRNA target site identification by integrating sequence and binding information. Nat Methods. 2013 Jul; 10(7):630-3. PMID: 23708386; PMCID: PMC3818907.
    12. Ascano M, Mukherjee N, Bandaru P, Miller JB, Nusbaum JD, Corcoran DL, Langlois C, Munschauer M, Dewell S, Hafner M, Williams Z, Ohler U, Tuschl T. FMRP targets distinct mRNA sequence elements to regulate protein expression. Nature. 2012 Dec 20; 492(7429):382-6. PMID: 23235829; PMCID: PMC3528815.
    13. Gottwein E, Corcoran DL, Mukherjee N, Skalsky RL, Hafner M, Nusbaum JD, Shamulailatpam P, Love CL, Dave SS, Tuschl T, Ohler U, Cullen BR. Viral microRNA targetome of KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma cell lines. Cell Host Microbe. 2011 Nov 17; 10(5):515-26. PMID: 22100165; PMCID: PMC3222872.
    14. Corcoran DL, Georgiev S, Mukherjee N, Gottwein E, Skalsky RL, Keene JD, Ohler U. PARalyzer: definition of RNA binding sites from PAR-CLIP short-read sequence data. Genome Biol. 2011 Aug 18; 12(8):R79. PMID: 21851591; PMCID: PMC3302668.
    15. Mukherjee N, Corcoran DL, Nusbaum JD, Reid DW, Georgiev S, Hafner M, Ascano M, Tuschl T, Ohler U, Keene JD. Integrative regulatory mapping indicates that the RNA-binding protein HuR couples pre-mRNA processing and mRNA stability. Mol Cell. 2011 Aug 05; 43(3):327-39. PMID: 21723170; PMCID: PMC3220597.
    16. Neplioueva V, Dobrikova EY, Mukherjee N, Keene JD, Gromeier M. Tissue type-specific expression of the dsRNA-binding protein 76 and genome-wide elucidation of its target mRNAs. PLoS One. 2010 Jul 23; 5(7):e11710. PMID: 20668518.
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    17. Morris AR, Mukherjee N, Keene JD. Systematic analysis of posttranscriptional gene expression. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med. 2010 Mar-Apr; 2(2):162-180. PMID: 20836020.
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    18. Mukherjee N, Lager PJ, Friedersdorf MB, Thompson MA, Keene JD. Coordinated posttranscriptional mRNA population dynamics during T-cell activation. Mol Syst Biol. 2009; 5:288. PMID: 19638969; PMCID: PMC2724974.
    19. Papadaki O, Milatos S, Grammenoudi S, Mukherjee N, Keene JD, Kontoyiannis DL. Control of thymic T cell maturation, deletion and egress by the RNA-binding protein HuR. J Immunol. 2009 Jun 01; 182(11):6779-88. PMID: 19454673.
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    20. Morris AR, Mukherjee N, Keene JD. Ribonomic analysis of human Pum1 reveals cis-trans conservation across species despite evolution of diverse mRNA target sets. Mol Cell Biol. 2008 Jun; 28(12):4093-103. PMID: 18411299; PMCID: PMC2423135.
    21. Gottwein E, Mukherjee N, Sachse C, Frenzel C, Majoros WH, Chi JT, Braich R, Manoharan M, Soutschek J, Ohler U, Cullen BR. A viral microRNA functions as an orthologue of cellular miR-155. Nature. 2007 Dec 13; 450(7172):1096-9. PMID: 18075594; PMCID: PMC2614920.
    22. Alvarez JV, Mukherjee N, Chakravarti A, Robe P, Zhai G, Chakladar A, Loeffler J, Black P, Frank DA. A STAT3 Gene Expression Signature in Gliomas is Associated with a Poor Prognosis. Transl Oncogenomics. 2007; 2:99-105. PMID: 23641147; PMCID: PMC3634710.
    23. Zhai GG, Malhotra R, Delaney M, Latham D, Nestler U, Zhang M, Mukherjee N, Song Q, Robe P, Chakravarti A. Radiation enhances the invasive potential of primary glioblastoma cells via activation of the Rho signaling pathway. J Neurooncol. 2006 Feb; 76(3):227-37. PMID: 16200346.
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    24. Zhang M, Mukherjee N, Bermudez RS, Latham DE, Delaney MA, Zietman AL, Shipley WU, Chakravarti A. Adenovirus-mediated inhibition of survivin expression sensitizes human prostate cancer cells to paclitaxel in vitro and in vivo. Prostate. 2005 Aug 01; 64(3):293-302. PMID: 15754318.
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