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Janet Marie Wenzlau

TitleResearch Instructor
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-Immunology Microbiology

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    1. Lahner E, Marzinotto I, Brigatti C, Davidson H, Wenzlau J, Piemonti L, Annibale B, Lampasona V. Measurement of Autoantibodies to Gastric H+,K+-ATPase (ATP4A/B) Using a Luciferase Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS). Methods Mol Biol. 2019; 1901:113-131. PMID: 30539573.
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    2. Kozhakhmetova A, Wyatt RC, Caygill C, Williams C, Long AE, Chandler K, Aitken RJ, Wenzlau JM, Davidson HW, Gillespie KM, Williams AJK. A quarter of patients with type 1 diabetes have co-existing non-islet autoimmunity: the findings of a UK population-based family study. Clin Exp Immunol. 2018 Jun; 192(3):251-258. PMID: 29431870.
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    3. Chobot A, Rusak E, Wenzlau J, Davidson H, Adamczyk P, Krzywicka A, Mazur B, Polanska J, Rewers M. ATP4A autoimmunity in pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes and its relationship to blood count, iron metabolism, and vitamin B12. Pediatr Diabetes. 2018 02; 19(1):80-84. PMID: 28401620.
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    4. Lahner E, Brigatti C, Marzinotto I, Carabotti M, Scalese G, Davidson HW, Wenzlau JM, Bosi E, Piemonti L, Annibale B, Lampasona V. Luminescent Immunoprecipitation System (LIPS) for Detection of Autoantibodies Against ATP4A and ATP4B Subunits of Gastric Proton Pump H+,K+-ATPase in Atrophic Body Gastritis Patients. Clin Transl Gastroenterol. 2017 Jan 19; 8(1):e215. PMID: 28102858.
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    5. Rusak E, Chobot A, Krzywicka A, Wenzlau J. Anti-parietal cell antibodies - diagnostic significance. Adv Med Sci. 2016 Sep; 61(2):175-179. PMID: 26918709.
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    6. Wenzlau JM, Frisch LM, Hutton JC, Fain PR, Davidson HW. Changes in Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibodies Following Type 1 Diabetes Onset: The Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium Autoantibody Workshop. Diabetes Care. 2015 Oct; 38 Suppl 2:S14-20. PMID: 26405067; PMCID: PMC4582909 [Available on 10/01/16].
    7. Wenzlau JM, Fain PR, Gardner TJ, Frisch LM, Annibale B, Hutton JC. ATPase4A Autoreactivity and Its Association With Autoimmune Phenotypes in the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium Study. Diabetes Care. 2015 Oct; 38 Suppl 2:S29-36. PMID: 26405069; PMCID: PMC4582907 [Available on 10/01/16].
    8. Brorsson CA, Onengut S, Chen WM, Wenzlau J, Yu L, Baker P, Williams AJ, Bingley PJ, Hutton JC, Eisenbarth GS, Concannon P, Rich SS, Pociot F. Novel Association Between Immune-Mediated Susceptibility Loci and Persistent Autoantibody Positivity in Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes. 2015 Aug; 64(8):3017-27. PMID: 25829454; PMCID: PMC4512221.
    9. Demeester S, Keymeulen B, Kaufman L, Van Dalem A, Balti EV, Van de Velde U, Goubert P, Verhaeghen K, Davidson HW, Wenzlau JM, Weets I, Pipeleers DG, Gorus FK. Preexisting insulin autoantibodies predict efficacy of otelixizumab in preserving residual ß-cell function in recent-onset type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Care. 2015 Apr; 38(4):644-51. PMID: 25583753; PMCID: PMC4370324.
    10. Chobot A, Wenzlau J, Bak-Drabik K, Kwiecien J, Polanska J, Rewers M. ATP4A autoimmunity and Helicobacter pylori infection in children with type 1 diabetes. Clin Exp Immunol. 2014 Sep; 177(3):598-602. PMID: 24773566; PMCID: PMC4137843.
    11. Davidson HW, Wenzlau JM, O'Brien RM. Zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8) and ß cell function. Trends Endocrinol Metab. 2014 Aug; 25(8):415-24. PMID: 24751356; PMCID: PMC4112161.
    12. Asanghanwa M, Gorus FK, Weets I, der Auwera BV, Aminkeng F, Mbunwe E, Goubert P, Verhaeghen K, Sobngwi E, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Pipeleers DG, Keymeulen B, Mbanya JC, van Schravendijk C. Clinical and biological characteristics of diabetic patients under age 40 in Cameroon: relation to autoantibody status and comparison with Belgian patients. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2014 Jan; 103(1):97-105. PMID: 24332797; PMCID: PMC4120294.
    13. Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC. Novel diabetes autoantibodies and prediction of type 1 diabetes. Curr Diab Rep. 2013 Oct; 13(5):608-15. PMID: 23900975; PMCID: PMC3887556.
    14. Mbunwe E, Van der Auwera BJ, Weets I, Van Crombrugge P, Crenier L, Coeckelberghs M, Seret N, Decochez K, Vandemeulebroucke E, Gillard P, Keymeulen B, van Schravendijk C, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Pipeleers DG, Gorus FK. In antibody-positive first-degree relatives of patients with type 1 diabetes, HLA-A*24 and HLA-B*18, but not HLA-B*39, are predictors of impending diabetes with distinct HLA-DQ interactions. Diabetologia. 2013 Sep; 56(9):1964-70. PMID: 23712485; PMCID: PMC3918938.
    15. Yu L, Dong F, Miao D, Fouts AR, Wenzlau JM, Steck AK. Proinsulin/Insulin autoantibodies measured with electrochemiluminescent assay are the earliest indicator of prediabetic islet autoimmunity. Diabetes Care. 2013 Aug; 36(8):2266-70. PMID: 23423694.
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    16. Gorus FK, Balti EV, Vermeulen I, Demeester S, Van Dalem A, Costa O, Dorchy H, Tenoutasse S, Mouraux T, De Block C, Gillard P, Decochez K, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Pipeleers DG, Weets I. Screening for insulinoma antigen 2 and zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies: a cost-effective and age-independent strategy to identify rapid progressors to clinical onset among relatives of type 1 diabetic patients. Clin Exp Immunol. 2013 Jan; 171(1):82-90. PMID: 23199327; PMCID: PMC3530099.
    17. Mbunwe E, Van der Auwera BJ, Vermeulen I, Demeester S, Van Dalem A, Balti EV, Van Aken S, Derdelinckx L, Dorchy H, De Schepper J, van Schravendijk C, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Pipeleers D, Weets I, Gorus FK. HLA-A*24 is an independent predictor of 5-year progression to diabetes in autoantibody-positive first-degree relatives of type 1 diabetic patients. Diabetes. 2013 Apr; 62(4):1345-50. PMID: 23160529; PMCID: PMC3609594.
    18. Burbelo PD, Lebovitz EE, Bren KE, Bayat A, Paviol S, Wenzlau JM, Barriga KJ, Rewers M, Harlan DM, Iadarola MJ. Extrapancreatic autoantibody profiles in type I diabetes. PLoS One. 2012; 7(9):e45216. PMID: 23028856; PMCID: PMC3448600.
    19. Gottlieb PA, Yu L, Babu S, Wenzlau J, Bellin M, Frohnert BI, Moran A. No relation between cystic fibrosis-related diabetes and type 1 diabetes autoimmunity. Diabetes Care. 2012 Aug; 35(8):e57. PMID: 22826450; PMCID: PMC3402258.
    20. Baker P, Fain P, Kahles H, Yu L, Hutton J, Wenzlau J, Rewers M, Badenhoop K, Eisenbarth G. Genetic determinants of 21-hydroxylase autoantibodies amongst patients of the Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2012 Aug; 97(8):E1573-8. PMID: 22723331; PMCID: PMC3410257.
    21. Howson JM, Krause S, Stevens H, Smyth DJ, Wenzlau JM, Bonifacio E, Hutton J, Ziegler AG, Todd JA, Achenbach P. Genetic association of zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8) autoantibodies in type 1 diabetes cases. Diabetologia. 2012 Jul; 55(7):1978-84. PMID: 22526605.
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    22. Yu L, Boulware DC, Beam CA, Hutton JC, Wenzlau JM, Greenbaum CJ, Bingley PJ, Krischer JP, Sosenko JM, Skyler JS, Eisenbarth GS, Mahon JL. Zinc transporter-8 autoantibodies improve prediction of type 1 diabetes in relatives positive for the standard biochemical autoantibodies. Diabetes Care. 2012 Jun; 35(6):1213-8. PMID: 22446173.
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    23. Vermeulen I, Weets I, Costa O, Asanghanwa M, Verhaeghen K, Decochez K, Ruige J, Casteels K, Wenzlau J, Hutton JC, Pipeleers DG, Gorus FK. An important minority of prediabetic first-degree relatives of type 1 diabetic patients derives from seroconversion to persistent autoantibody positivity after 10 years of age. Diabetologia. 2012 Feb; 55(2):413-20. PMID: 22095238; PMCID: PMC3810367.
    24. Wenzlau JM, Frisch LM, Hutton JC, Davidson HW. Mapping of conformational autoantibody epitopes in ZNT8. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2011 Nov; 27(8):883-6. PMID: 22069278; PMCID: PMC3664522.
    25. Wenzlau JM, Gardner TJ, Frisch LM, Davidson HW, Hutton JC. Development of a novel autoantibody assay for autoimmune gastritis in type 1 diabetic individuals. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2011 Nov; 27(8):887-90. PMID: 22069279; PMCID: PMC3812798.
    26. Lampasona V, Schlosser M, Mueller PW, Williams AJ, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Achenbach P. Diabetes antibody standardization program: first proficiency evaluation of assays for autoantibodies to zinc transporter 8. Clin Chem. 2011 Dec; 57(12):1693-702. PMID: 21980171.
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    27. Vermeulen I, Weets I, Asanghanwa M, Ruige J, Van Gaal L, Mathieu C, Keymeulen B, Lampasona V, Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Pipeleers DG, Gorus FK. Contribution of antibodies against IA-2ß and zinc transporter 8 to classification of diabetes diagnosed under 40 years of age. Diabetes Care. 2011 Aug; 34(8):1760-5. PMID: 21715527.
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    28. Dang M, Rockell J, Wagner R, Wenzlau JM, Yu L, Hutton JC, Gottlieb PA, Davidson HW. Human type 1 diabetes is associated with T cell autoimmunity to zinc transporter 8. J Immunol. 2011 May 15; 186(10):6056-63. PMID: 21471440; PMCID: PMC3088514.
    29. Yang L, Luo S, Huang G, Peng J, Li X, Yan X, Lin J, Wenzlau JM, Davidson HW, Hutton JC, Zhou Z. The diagnostic value of zinc transporter 8 autoantibody (ZnT8A) for type 1 diabetes in Chinese. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2010 Oct; 26(7):579-84. PMID: 20842762; PMCID: PMC2962924.
    30. YANG L, LUO SM, HUANG G, PENG J, YAN X, WENZLAU J, DAVIDSON HW, HUTTON JC, ZHOU ZG. [Value of zinc transporter 8 autoantibody in the diagnostic classification of acute-onset diabetics]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2010 Sep 28; 90(36):2536-40. PMID: 21092458.
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    31. Wenzlau JM, Walter M, Gardner TJ, Frisch LM, Yu L, Eisenbarth GS, Ziegler AG, Davidson HW, Hutton JC. Kinetics of the post-onset decline in zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies in type 1 diabetic human subjects. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010 Oct; 95(10):4712-9. PMID: 20610599; PMCID: PMC3050104.
    32. Yu L, Liu Y, Miao D, Wenzlau J, Davidson H, Hutton J, Eisenbarth GS. Triple chimeric islet autoantigen IA2-ZnT8WR to facilitate islet autoantibody determination. J Immunol Methods. 2010 Feb 28; 353(1-2):20-3. PMID: 20035758.
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    34. Wenzlau JM, Frisch LM, Gardner TJ, Sarkar S, Hutton JC, Davidson HW. Novel antigens in type 1 diabetes: the importance of ZnT8. Curr Diab Rep. 2009 Apr; 9(2):105-12. PMID: 19323954.
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    35. Wenzlau JM, Moua O, Liu Y, Eisenbarth GS, Hutton JC, Davidson HW. Identification of a major humoral epitope in Slc30A8 (ZnT8). Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2008 Dec; 1150:252-5. PMID: 19120306.
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    36. Liu Y, Wenzlau JM, Yu L, Patel C, Eisenbarth GS, Hutton JC, Davidson HW. Conserved epitopes in the protein tyrosine phosphatase family of diabetes autoantigens. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2008 Dec; 1150:245-7. PMID: 19120304.
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    37. Wenzlau JM, Moua O, Sarkar SA, Yu L, Rewers M, Eisenbarth GS, Davidson HW, Hutton JC. SlC30A8 is a major target of humoral autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes and a predictive marker in prediabetes. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2008 Dec; 1150:256-9. PMID: 19120307.
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    38. Kawasaki E, Uga M, Nakamura K, Kuriya G, Satoh T, Fujishima K, Ozaki M, Abiru N, Yamasaki H, Wenzlau JM, Davidson HW, Hutton JC, Eguchi K. Association between anti-ZnT8 autoantibody specificities and SLC30A8 Arg325Trp variant in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia. 2008 Dec; 51(12):2299-302. PMID: 18850084.
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    39. Wenzlau JM, Hutton JC, Davidson HW. New antigenic targets in type 1 diabetes. Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes. 2008 Aug; 15(4):315-20. PMID: 18594270.
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    40. Wenzlau JM, Liu Y, Yu L, Moua O, Fowler KT, Rangasamy S, Walters J, Eisenbarth GS, Davidson HW, Hutton JC. A common nonsynonymous single nucleotide polymorphism in the SLC30A8 gene determines ZnT8 autoantibody specificity in type 1 diabetes. Diabetes. 2008 Oct; 57(10):2693-7. PMID: 18591387; PMCID: PMC2551679.
    41. Wenzlau JM, Juhl K, Yu L, Moua O, Sarkar SA, Gottlieb P, Rewers M, Eisenbarth GS, Jensen J, Davidson HW, Hutton JC. The cation efflux transporter ZnT8 (Slc30A8) is a major autoantigen in human type 1 diabetes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007 Oct 23; 104(43):17040-5. PMID: 17942684; PMCID: PMC2040407.
    42. Wenzlau JM, Garl PJ, Simpson P, Stenmark KR, West J, Artinger KB, Nemenoff RA, Weiser-Evans MC. Embryonic growth-associated protein is one subunit of a novel N-terminal acetyltransferase complex essential for embryonic vascular development. Circ Res. 2006 Mar 31; 98(6):846-55. PMID: 16484612.
      View in: PubMed
    43. Gerasimovskaya EV, Tucker DA, Weiser-Evans M, Wenzlau JM, Klemm DJ, Banks M, Stenmark KR. Extracellular ATP-induced proliferation of adventitial fibroblasts requires phosphoinositide 3-kinase, Akt, mammalian target of rapamycin, and p70 S6 kinase signaling pathways. J Biol Chem. 2005 Jan 21; 280(3):1838-48. PMID: 15522879.
      View in: PubMed
    44. Mourani PM, Garl PJ, Wenzlau JM, Carpenter TC, Stenmark KR, Weiser-Evans MC. Unique, highly proliferative growth phenotype expressed by embryonic and neointimal smooth muscle cells is driven by constitutive Akt, mTOR, and p70S6K signaling and is actively repressed by PTEN. Circulation. 2004 Mar 16; 109(10):1299-306. PMID: 14993145.
      View in: PubMed
    45. Garl PJ, Wenzlau JM, Walker HA, Whitelock JM, Costell M, Weiser-Evans MC. Perlecan-induced suppression of smooth muscle cell proliferation is mediated through increased activity of the tumor suppressor PTEN. Circ Res. 2004 Feb 06; 94(2):175-83. PMID: 14656929.
      View in: PubMed
    46. Andres DA, Milatovich A, Ozçelik T, Wenzlau JM, Brown MS, Goldstein JL, Francke U. cDNA cloning of the two subunits of human CAAX farnesyltransferase and chromosomal mapping of FNTA and FNTB loci and related sequences. Genomics. 1993 Oct; 18(1):105-12. PMID: 8276393.
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    47. Wenzlau JM, Perlman PS. Mobility of two optional G + C-rich clusters of the var1 gene of yeast mitochondrial DNA. Genetics. 1990 Sep; 126(1):53-62. PMID: 2227389; PMCID: PMC1204136.
    48. Wenzlau JM, Saldanha RJ, Butow RA, Perlman PS. A latent intron-encoded maturase is also an endonuclease needed for intron mobility. Cell. 1989 Feb 10; 56(3):421-30. PMID: 2536592.
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