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Philippa Marrack

TitlePrincipal Investigator
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-Immunology Microbiology

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    R37AI018785     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)May 1, 1982 - Apr 30, 2002
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R56AI018785     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)May 1, 1982 - Aug 31, 2014
    Characteristics of T Cell Receptors
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01AI018785     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)May 1, 1982 - May 31, 2019
    Characteristics of T Cell Receptors
    Role: Principal Investigator

    P01AI022295     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)Jul 1, 1985 - Jul 31, 2014
    Antigen Recognition by Lymphocytes
    Role: Principal Investigator

    T32AI007405     (TORRES, RAUL M)Sep 30, 1991 - Jul 31, 2021
    Training Program in Immunology
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator

    R01AI052225     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)Aug 1, 2002 - Jul 31, 2008
    Control of Chemokine Production by Memory T Cells
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01CA108771     (MARRACK, PHILIPPA C.)Jul 14, 2004 - Jul 31, 2010
    AMID in Apoptosis and p53-Mediated Downstream Effects
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Liu H, Wang C, Lee S, Ning F, Wang Y, Zhang Q, Chen Z, Zang J, Nix J, Dai S, Marrack P, Hagman J, Kappler J, Zhang G. Specific Recognition of Arginine Methylated Histone Tails by JMJD5 and JMJD7. Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 19; 8(1):3275. PMID: 29459673.
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    2. Antonioli AH, White J, Crawford F, Renner B, Marchbank KJ, Hannan JP, Thurman JM, Marrack P, Holers VM. Modulation of the Alternative Pathway of Complement by Murine Factor H-Related Proteins. J Immunol. 2018 01 01; 200(1):316-326. PMID: 29187587.
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    3. Marrack P, Krovi SH, Silberman D, White J, Kushnir E, Nakayama M, Crooks J, Danhorn T, Leach S, Anselment R, Scott-Browne J, Gapin L, Kappler J. The somatically generated portion of T cell receptor CDR3a contributes to the MHC allele specificity of the T cell receptor. Elife. 2017 Nov 17; 6. PMID: 29148973.
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    4. Bai X, Stitzel JA, Bai A, Zambrano CA, Phillips M, Marrack P, Chan ED. Nicotine Impairs Macrophage Control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2017 09; 57(3):324-333. PMID: 28398760.
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    5. Liu H, Wang C, Lee S, Deng Y, Wither M, Oh S, Ning F, Dege C, Zhang Q, Liu X, Johnson AM, Zang J, Chen Z, Janknecht R, Hansen K, Marrack P, Li CY, Kappler JW, Hagman J, Zhang G. Clipping of arginine-methylated histone tails by JMJD5 and JMJD7. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Sep 12; 114(37):E7717-E7726. PMID: 28847961.
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    6. McKee AS, Marrack P. Old and new adjuvants. Curr Opin Immunol. 2017 Aug; 47:44-51. PMID: 28734174.
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    7. Rubtsov AV, Marrack P, Rubtsova K. T-bet expressing B cells - Novel target for autoimmune therapies? Cell Immunol. 2017 Nov; 321:35-39. PMID: 28641866.
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    8. Munks MW, Montoya AM, Pywell CM, Talmage G, Forssen A, Campbell TL, Dodge DD, Kappler JW, Marrack P. The domestic cat antibody response to feline herpesvirus-1 increases with age. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2017 Jun; 188:65-70. PMID: 28615129.
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    9. Rubtsova K, Rubtsov AV, Thurman JM, Mennona JM, Kappler JW, Marrack P. B cells expressing the transcription factor T-bet drive lupus-like autoimmunity. J Clin Invest. 2017 Apr 03; 127(4):1392-1404. PMID: 28240602.
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    10. Kubo RT, Born W, Kappler JW, Marrack P, Pigeon M. Pillars Article: Characterization of a Monoclonal Antibody Which Detects All Murine aß T Cell Receptors. J. Immunol. 1989. 142: 2736-2742. J Immunol. 2016 11 01; 197(9):3437-3443. PMID: 27824590.
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    11. Noges LE, White J, Cambier JC, Kappler JW, Marrack P. Contamination of DNase Preparations Confounds Analysis of the Role of DNA in Alum-Adjuvanted Vaccines. J Immunol. 2016 08 15; 197(4):1221-30. PMID: 27357147; PMCID: PMC4974487.
    12. Jin N, Wang Y, Crawford F, White J, Marrack P, Dai S, Kappler JW. N-terminal additions to the WE14 peptide of chromogranin A create strong autoantigen agonists in type 1 diabetes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 Oct 27; 112(43):13318-23. PMID: 26453556; PMCID: PMC4629350.
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