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Karl Ulrich Bayer

InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM - Pharmacology

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    R03NS050120     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Jul 15, 2005 - Jun 30, 2007
    Cell-permeable inibitors specific for CaMKII
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R21DK070735     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Feb 1, 2006 - Jan 31, 2009
    CaMKII signaling in insulin secretion and response
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01NS052644     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Jan 30, 2007 - Nov 30, 2012
    Structural and Catalytic Functions of CaMKII in Neurons
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R01NS080851     (HERSON, PACO S)May 1, 2013 - Apr 30, 2018
    CaMKII in global cerebral ischemia
    Role: Co-Investigator

    R01NS081248     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Jul 1, 2013 - Mar 31, 2021
    CaMKII autophosphorylation in opposing directions of synaptic plasticity
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R21DA036300     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Aug 1, 2013 - Jul 31, 2015
    Persistent reversal of addiction behavior by a transient treatment
    Role: Principal Investigator

    R21NS095760     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Sep 1, 2016 - Aug 31, 2018
    Restoring synaptic function in Down Syndrome mice
    Role: Principal Investigator

    U01NS094261     (BAYER, K. ULRICH)Mar 1, 2017 - Feb 29, 2020
    A strategy for pharmacological treatment of global cerebral ischemia
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Opazo P, Viana da Silva S, Carta M, Breillat C, Coultrap SJ, Grillo-Bosch D, Sainlos M, Coussen F, Bayer KU, Mulle C, Choquet D. CaMKII Metaplasticity Drives Aß Oligomer-Mediated Synaptotoxicity. Cell Rep. 2018 Jun 12; 23(11):3137-3145. PMID: 29898386.
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    2. Cook SG, Bourke AM, O'Leary H, Zaegel V, Lasda E, Mize-Berge J, Quillinan N, Tucker CL, Coultrap SJ, Herson PS, Bayer KU. Analysis of the CaMKIIa and ß splice-variant distribution among brain regions reveals isoform-specific differences in holoenzyme formation. Sci Rep. 2018 Apr 03; 8(1):5448. PMID: 29615706.
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    3. Woolfrey KM, O'Leary H, Goodell DJ, Robertson HR, Horne EA, Coultrap SJ, Dell'Acqua ML, Bayer KU. CaMKII regulates the depalmitoylation and synaptic removal of the scaffold protein AKAP79/150 to mediate structural long-term depression. J Biol Chem. 2018 02 02; 293(5):1551-1567. PMID: 29196604.
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    4. Goodell DJ, Zaegel V, Coultrap SJ, Hell JW, Bayer KU. DAPK1 Mediates LTD by Making CaMKII/GluN2B Binding LTP Specific. Cell Rep. 2017 06 13; 19(11):2231-2243. PMID: 28614711.
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    5. Myers JB, Zaegel V, Coultrap SJ, Miller AP, Bayer KU, Reichow SL. The CaMKII holoenzyme structure in activation-competent conformations. Nat Commun. 2017 06 07; 8:15742. PMID: 28589927.
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    6. Deng G, Orfila JE, Dietz RM, Moreno-Garcia M, Rodgers KM, Coultrap SJ, Quillinan N, Traystman RJ, Bayer KU, Herson PS. Autonomous CaMKII Activity as a Drug Target for Histological and Functional Neuroprotection after Resuscitation from Cardiac Arrest. Cell Rep. 2017 01 31; 18(5):1109-1117. PMID: 28147268.
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    7. Dosemeci A, Toy D, Burch A, Bayer KU, Tao-Cheng JH. CaMKII-mediated displacement of AIDA-1 out of the postsynaptic density core. FEBS Lett. 2016 09; 590(17):2934-9. PMID: 27477489.
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    8. Goodell DJ, Benke TA, Bayer KU. Developmental restoration of LTP deficits in heterozygous CaMKIIa KO mice. J Neurophysiol. 2016 11 01; 116(5):2140-2151. PMID: 27535377.
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    9. Khan S, Conte I, Carter T, Bayer KU, Molloy JE. Multiple CaMKII Binding Modes to the Actin Cytoskeleton Revealed by Single-Molecule Imaging. Biophys J. 2016 Jul 26; 111(2):395-408. PMID: 27463141; PMCID: PMC4968397 [Available on 07/26/17].
    10. Barcomb K, Hell JW, Benke TA, Bayer KU. The CaMKII/GluN2B Protein Interaction Maintains Synaptic Strength. J Biol Chem. 2016 07 29; 291(31):16082-9. PMID: 27246855; PMCID: PMC4965558 [Available on 07/29/17].
    11. Barcomb K, Goodell DJ, Arnold DB, Bayer KU. Live imaging of endogenous Ca²?/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in neurons reveals that ischemia-related aggregation does not require kinase activity. J Neurochem. 2015 Nov; 135(4):666-73. PMID: 26212614; PMCID: PMC4636925 [Available on 11/01/16].
    12. Coultrap SJ, Zaegel V, Bayer KU. CaMKII isoforms differ in their specific requirements for regulation by nitric oxide. FEBS Lett. 2014 Dec 20; 588(24):4672-6. PMID: 25447522; PMCID: PMC4312479.
    13. Tao-Cheng JH, Yang Y, Bayer KU, Reese TS, Dosemeci A. NMDA-induced accumulation of Shank at the postsynaptic density is mediated by CaMKII. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014 Jul 18; 450(1):808-11. PMID: 24952157.
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    14. Thein S, Pham A, Bayer KU, Tao-Cheng JH, Dosemeci A. IKK regulates the deubiquitinase CYLD at the postsynaptic density. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014 Jul 18; 450(1):550-4. PMID: 24928390.
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    15. Coultrap SJ, Bayer KU. Nitric oxide induces Ca2+-independent activity of the Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII). J Biol Chem. 2014 Jul 11; 289(28):19458-65. PMID: 24855644; PMCID: PMC4094056.
    16. Barcomb K, Buard I, Coultrap SJ, Kulbe JR, O'Leary H, Benke TA, Bayer KU. Autonomous CaMKII requires further stimulation by Ca2+/calmodulin for enhancing synaptic strength. FASEB J. 2014 Aug; 28(8):3810-9. PMID: 24843070; PMCID: PMC4101658.
    17. Goodell DJ, Eliseeva TA, Coultrap SJ, Bayer KU. CaMKII binding to GluN2B is differentially affected by macromolecular crowding reagents. PLoS One. 2014; 9(5):e96522. PMID: 24796865; PMCID: PMC4010494.
    18. Bernard PB, Castano AM, Bayer KU, Benke TA. Necessary, but not sufficient: insights into the mechanisms of mGluR mediated long-term depression from a rat model of early life seizures. Neuropharmacology. 2014 Sep; 84:1-12. PMID: 24780380; PMCID: PMC4086946.
    19. Turecek J, Yuen GS, Han VZ, Zeng XH, Bayer KU, Welsh JP. NMDA receptor activation strengthens weak electrical coupling in mammalian brain. Neuron. 2014 Mar 19; 81(6):1375-1388. PMID: 24656255; PMCID: PMC4266555.
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    23. Liu X, Liu Y, Zhong P, Wilkinson B, Qi J, Olsen CM, Bayer KU, Liu QS. CaMKII activity in the ventral tegmental area gates cocaine-induced synaptic plasticity in the nucleus accumbens. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2014 Mar; 39(4):989-99. PMID: 24154664; PMCID: PMC3924533.
    24. Barcomb K, Coultrap SJ, Bayer KU. Enzymatic activity of CaMKII is not required for its interaction with the glutamate receptor subunit GluN2B. Mol Pharmacol. 2013 Dec; 84(6):834-43. PMID: 24056996; PMCID: PMC3834147.
    25. Yang Y, Tao-Cheng JH, Bayer KU, Reese TS, Dosemeci A. Camkii-mediated phosphorylation regulates distributions of Syngap-a1 and -a2 at the postsynaptic density. PLoS One. 2013; 8(8):e71795. PMID: 23967245; PMCID: PMC3742523.
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    27. Loweth JA, Li D, Cortright JJ, Wilke G, Jeyifous O, Neve RL, Bayer KU, Vezina P. Persistent reversal of enhanced amphetamine intake by transient CaMKII inhibition. J Neurosci. 2013 Jan 23; 33(4):1411-6. PMID: 23345217; PMCID: PMC3710147.
    28. Boguslavsky S, Chiu T, Foley KP, Osorio-Fuentealba C, Antonescu CN, Bayer KU, Bilan PJ, Klip A. Myo1c binding to submembrane actin mediates insulin-induced tethering of GLUT4 vesicles. Mol Biol Cell. 2012 Oct; 23(20):4065-78. PMID: 22918957; PMCID: PMC3469521.
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    37. Vest RS, O'Leary H, Coultrap SJ, Kindy MS, Bayer KU. Effective post-insult neuroprotection by a novel Ca(2+)/ calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) inhibitor. J Biol Chem. 2010 Jul 02; 285(27):20675-82. PMID: 20424167; PMCID: PMC2898334.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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