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Concept Retroviridae Infections
Concept Endogenous Retroviruses
Concept Retroviridae
Concept Retroviridae Proteins
Academic Article Retroviral restriction and dependency factors in primates and carnivores.
Academic Article Chromatin tethering and retroviral integration: recent discoveries and parallels with DNA viruses.
Academic Article Molecular biology of HIV: challenges for the second decade.
Academic Article Construction and testing of orfA +/- FIV reporter viruses.
Academic Article Comparative requirements for the restriction of retrovirus infection by TRIM5alpha and TRIMCyp.
Academic Article LEDGF/p75 determines cellular trafficking of diverse lentiviral but not murine oncoretroviral integrase proteins and is a component of functional lentiviral preintegration complexes.
Academic Article Development of HIV vectors for anti-HIV gene therapy.
Academic Article Directed evolution of retrovirus envelope protein cytoplasmic tails guided by functional incorporation into lentivirus particles.
Academic Article Progress towards gene therapy for HIV infection.
Grant Introducing restriction factors into the genome of an AIDS virus host species
Academic Article Lupus-associated endogenous retroviral LTR polymorphism and epigenetic imprinting promote HRES-1/RAB4 expression and mTOR activation.
Academic Article Systemic Expression of a Viral RdRP Protects against Retrovirus Infection and Disease.

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