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Academic Article Expression of recombinant bovine gamma B-, gamma C- and gamma D-crystallins and correlation with native proteins.
Academic Article Cloning, expression, and chaperone-like activity of human alphaA-crystallin.
Academic Article Temperature-dependent chaperone activity and structural properties of human alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins.
Academic Article Characterization of alpha-crystallin-plasma membrane binding.
Academic Article Insight into the secondary structure of non-native proteins bound to a molecular chaperone alpha-crystallin. An isotope-edited infrared spectroscopic study.
Academic Article Conformational properties of substrate proteins bound to a molecular chaperone alpha-crystallin.
Academic Article alpha-Crystallin chaperone-like activity and membrane binding in age-related cataracts.
Academic Article Factors influencing alpha-crystallin association with phospholipid vesicles.
Academic Article Assignment of the mouse alpha A-crystallin structural gene to chromosome 17.
Academic Article Emblica officinalis and its enriched tannoids delay streptozotocin-induced diabetic cataract in rats.
Academic Article Interactions between small heat shock protein alpha-crystallin and galectin-related interfiber protein (GRIFIN) in the ocular lens.
Academic Article A novel mutation (F71L) in alphaA-crystallin with defective chaperone-like function associated with age-related cataract.
Academic Article Importance of eye lens a-crystallin heteropolymer with 3:1 aA to aB ratio: stability, aggregation, and modifications.
Academic Article Structural and functional changes in the alpha A-crystallin R116C mutant in hereditary cataracts.
Academic Article cDNA clones encoding bovine gamma-crystallins.
Academic Article A transgenic mouse model for human autosomal dominant cataract.
Academic Article Mechanisms involved in the protection of UV-induced protein inactivation by the corneal crystallin ALDH3A1.
Academic Article Regional assignment of the mouse alpha A2-crystallin gene (Crya-1) to chromosome 17A3----B by in situ hybridization.
Academic Article Temperature-dependent structural and functional properties of a mutant (F71L) aA-crystallin: molecular basis for early onset of age-related cataract.
Academic Article Nucleotide sequence of a bovine lens alpha A-crystallin cDNA.
Academic Article Cell penetration peptides for enhanced entry of aB-crystallin into lens cells.
Concept alpha-Crystallin A Chain
Concept alpha-Crystallins
Concept Crystallins
Concept alpha-Crystallin B Chain
Academic Article Alpha-crystallin-mediated protection of lens cells against heat and oxidative stress-induced cell death.
Academic Article Impact of Subunit Composition on the Uptake of a-Crystallin by Lens and Retina.
Academic Article Therapeutic potential of a-crystallin.
Grant Development of Small Heat Shock Proteins as Therapeutic Agents in the Eye
Grant Molecular Interactions of Crystallins in the Eye

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