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Monika Dzieciatkowska

TitleSr Research Associate
InstitutionUniversity of Colorado Denver - Anschutz Medical Campus
DepartmentSOM-BioChem&Molecular Genetics

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    1. Huebner BR, Moore EE, Moore HB, Sauaia A, Stettler G, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen K, Banerjee A, Silliman CC. Freeze-dried plasma enhances clot formation and inhibits fibrinolysis in the presence of tissue plasminogen activator similar to pooled liquid plasma. Transfusion. 2017 May 12. PMID: 28500652.
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    2. Kowarik MC, Astling D, Gasperi C, Wemlinger S, Schumann H, Dzieciatkowska M, Ritchie AM, Hemmer B, Owens GP, Bennett JL. CNS Aquaporin-4-specific B cells connect with multiple B-cell compartments in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. Ann Clin Transl Neurol. 2017 Jun; 4(6):369-380. PMID: 28589164.
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    3. Heischmann S, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen K, Leibfritz D, Christians U. The Immunosuppressant Mycophenolic Acid Alters Nucleotide and Lipid Metabolism in an Intestinal Cell Model. Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 22; 7:45088. PMID: 28327659.
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    4. D'alessandro A, Nemkov T, Reisz J, Dzieciatkowska M, Wither MJ, Hansen KC. Omics markers of the red cell storage lesion and metabolic linkage. Blood Transfus. 2017 Mar; 15(2):137-144. PMID: 28263171.
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    5. D'alessandro A, Dzieciatkowska M, Nemkov T, Hansen KC. Red blood cell proteomics update: is there more to discover? Blood Transfus. 2017 Mar; 15(2):182-187. PMID: 28263177.
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    6. Kendrick AA, Schafer J, Dzieciatkowska M, Nemkov T, D'Alessandro A, Neelakantan D, Ford HL, Pearson CG, Weekes CD, Hansen KC, Eisenmesser EZ. CD147: a small molecule transporter ancillary protein at the crossroad of multiple hallmarks of cancer and metabolic reprogramming. Oncotarget. 2017 Jan 24; 8(4):6742-6762. PMID: 28039486.
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    7. Reisz JA, Chessler KM, Dzieciatkowska M, D'Alessandro A, Hansen KC. Blood and Plasma Proteomics: Targeted Quantitation and Posttranslational Redox Modifications. Methods Mol Biol. 2017; 1619:353-371. PMID: 28674896.
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    8. Gamboni F, Anderson C, Mitra S, Reisz JA, Nemkov T, Dzieciatkowska M, Jones KL, Hansen KC, D'Alessandro A, Banerjee A. Hypertonic Saline Primes Activation of the p53-p21 Signaling Axis in Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells That Prevents Inflammation Induced by Pro-inflammatory Cytokines. J Proteome Res. 2016 Oct 07; 15(10):3813-3826. PMID: 27529569.
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    9. Monks J, Dzieciatkowska M, Bales ES, Orlicky DJ, Wright RM, McManaman JL. Xanthine oxidoreductase mediates membrane docking of milk-fat droplets but is not essential for apocrine lipid secretion. J Physiol. 2016 Oct 15; 594(20):5899-5921. PMID: 27357166.
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    10. Reisz JA, Wither MJ, Dzieciatkowska M, Nemkov T, Issaian A, Yoshida T, Dunham AJ, Hill RC, Hansen KC, D'Alessandro A. Oxidative modifications of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase regulate metabolic reprogramming of stored red blood cells. Blood. 2016 Sep 22; 128(12):e32-42. PMID: 27405778.
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    11. Tzounakas VL, Kriebardis AG, Georgatzakou HT, Foudoulaki-Paparizos LE, Dzieciatkowska M, Wither MJ, Nemkov T, Hansen KC, Papassideri IS, D'Alessandro A, Antonelou MH. Data on how several physiological parameters of stored red blood cells are similar in glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient and sufficient donors. Data Brief. 2016 Sep; 8:618-27. PMID: 27437434; PMCID: PMC4939423.
    12. Tzounakas VL, Kriebardis AG, Georgatzakou HT, Foudoulaki-Paparizos LE, Dzieciatkowska M, Wither MJ, Nemkov T, Hansen KC, Papassideri IS, D'Alessandro A, Antonelou MH. Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient subjects may be better "storers" than donors of red blood cells. Free Radic Biol Med. 2016 Jul; 96:152-65. PMID: 27094493.
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    13. Han KJ, Foster D, Harhaj EW, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen K, Liu CW. Monoubiquitination of survival motor neuron regulates its cellular localization and Cajal body integrity. Hum Mol Genet. 2016 Apr 01; 25(7):1392-405. PMID: 26908624; PMCID: PMC4787908 [Available on 04/01/17].
    14. D'Alessandro A, Dzieciatkowska M, Hill RC, Hansen KC. Supernatant protein biomarkers of red blood cell storage hemolysis as determined through an absolute quantification proteomics technology. Transfusion. 2016 Jun; 56(6):1329-39. PMID: 26813021.
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    15. Ungerleider JL, Johnson TD, Hernandez MJ, Elhag DI, Braden RL, Dzieciatkowska M, Osborn KG, Hansen KC, Mahmud E, Christman KL. Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel Promotes Tissue Remodeling, Arteriogenesis, and Perfusion in a Rat Hindlimb Ischemia Model. JACC Basic Transl Sci. 2016 Jan-Feb; 1(1-2):32-44. PMID: 27104218.
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    16. Moore HB, Moore EE, Morton AP, Gonzalez E, Fragoso M, Chapman MP, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen KC, Banerjee A, Sauaia A, Silliman CC. Shock-induced systemic hyperfibrinolysis is attenuated by plasma-first resuscitation. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2015 Dec; 79(6):897-903; discussion 903-4. PMID: 26680132; PMCID: PMC4686159 [Available on 12/01/16].
    17. Wither M, Dzieciatkowska M, Nemkov T, Strop P, D'Alessandro A, Hansen KC. Hemoglobin oxidation at functional amino acid residues during routine storage of red blood cells. Transfusion. 2016 Feb; 56(2):421-6. PMID: 26426339.
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    18. Woodman J, Hoffman M, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen KC, Megee PC. Phosphorylation of the Scc2 cohesin deposition complex subunit regulates chromosome condensation through cohesin integrity. Mol Biol Cell. 2015 Nov 01; 26(21):3754-67. PMID: 26354421; PMCID: PMC4626061.
    19. Bock A, Tucker N, Kelher MR, Khan SY, Gonzalez E, Wohlauer M, Hansen K, Dzieciatkowska M, Sauaia A, Banerjee A, Moore EE, Silliman CC. a-Enolase Causes Proinflammatory Activation of Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells and Primes Neutrophils Through Plasmin Activation of Protease-Activated Receptor 2. Shock. 2015 Aug; 44(2):137-42. PMID: 25944790; PMCID: PMC4506257.
    20. Hill RC, Wither MJ, Nemkov T, Barrett A, D'Alessandro A, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen KC. Preserved Proteins from Extinct Bison latifrons Identified by Tandem Mass Spectrometry; Hydroxylysine Glycosides are a Common Feature of Ancient Collagen. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015 Jul; 14(7):1946-58. PMID: 25948757; PMCID: PMC4587324.
    21. Yang M, Yang SL, Herrlinger S, Liang C, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen KC, Desai R, Nagy A, Niswander L, Moss EG, Chen JF. Lin28 promotes the proliferative capacity of neural progenitor cells in brain development. Development. 2015 May 01; 142(9):1616-27. PMID: 25922525; PMCID: PMC4419280.
    22. Moore HB, Moore EE, Gonzalez E, Wiener G, Chapman MP, Dzieciatkowska M, Sauaia A, Banerjee A, Hansen KC, Silliman C. Plasma is the physiologic buffer of tissue plasminogen activator-mediated fibrinolysis: rationale for plasma-first resuscitation after life-threatening hemorrhage. J Am Coll Surg. 2015 May; 220(5):872-9. PMID: 25840538; PMCID: PMC4409505.
    23. Dzieciatkowska M, D'Alessandro A, Hill RC, Hansen KC. Plasma QconCATs reveal a gender-specific proteomic signature in apheresis platelet plasma supernatants. J Proteomics. 2015 Apr 29; 120:1-6. PMID: 25743772.
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    24. Hill RC, Calle EA, Dzieciatkowska M, Niklason LE, Hansen KC. Quantification of extracellular matrix proteins from a rat lung scaffold to provide a molecular readout for tissue engineering. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015 Apr; 14(4):961-73. PMID: 25660013; PMCID: PMC4390273.
    25. Kowarik MC, Dzieciatkowska M, Wemlinger S, Ritchie AM, Hemmer B, Owens GP, Bennett JL. The cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin transcriptome and proteome in neuromyelitis optica reveals central nervous system-specific B cell populations. J Neuroinflammation. 2015 Jan 28; 12:19. PMID: 25626447; PMCID: PMC4323273.
    26. Moore HB, Moore EE, Gonzalez E, Hansen KC, Dzieciatkowska M, Chapman MP, Sauaia A, West B, Banerjee A, Silliman CC. Hemolysis exacerbates hyperfibrinolysis, whereas platelolysis shuts down fibrinolysis: evolving concepts of the spectrum of fibrinolysis in response to severe injury. Shock. 2015 Jan; 43(1):39-46. PMID: 25072794; PMCID: PMC4373619.
    27. D'Alessandro A, Dzieciatkowska M, Peltz ED, Moore EE, Jordan JR, Silliman CC, Banerjee A, Hansen KC. Dynamic changes in rat mesenteric lymph proteins following trauma using label-free mass spectrometry. Shock. 2014 Dec; 42(6):509-17. PMID: 25243424; PMCID: PMC4236249.
    28. Dzieciatkowska M, D'Alessandro A, Burke TA, Kelher MR, Moore EE, Banerjee A, Silliman CC, West BF, Hansen KC. Proteomics of apheresis platelet supernatants during routine storage: Gender-related differences. J Proteomics. 2015 Jan 01; 112:190-209. PMID: 25201077.
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    29. Gamboni F, Escobar GA, Moore EE, Dzieciatkowska M, Hansen KC, Mitra S, Nydam TA, Silliman CC, Banerjee A. Clathrin complexes with the inhibitor kappa B kinase signalosome: imaging the interactome. Physiol Rep. 2014 Jul 01; 2(7). PMID: 24994893; PMCID: PMC4187570.
    30. McReynolds S, Dzieciatkowska M, Stevens J, Hansen KC, Schoolcraft WB, Katz-Jaffe MG. Toward the identification of a subset of unexplained infertility: a sperm proteomic approach. Fertil Steril. 2014 Sep; 102(3):692-9. PMID: 24934493.
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    31. Woodman J, Fara T, Dzieciatkowska M, Trejo M, Luong N, Hansen KC, Megee PC. Cell cycle-specific cleavage of Scc2 regulates its cohesin deposition activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 May 13; 111(19):7060-5. PMID: 24778232; PMCID: PMC4024903.
    32. Dzieciatkowska M, Hill R, Hansen KC. GeLC-MS/MS analysis of complex protein mixtures. Methods Mol Biol. 2014; 1156:53-66. PMID: 24791981; PMCID: PMC4416643.
    33. Li J, Hansen KC, Zhang Y, Dong C, Dinu CZ, Dzieciatkowska M, Pei M. Rejuvenation of chondrogenic potential in a young stem cell microenvironment. Biomaterials. 2014 Jan; 35(2):642-53. PMID: 24148243.
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    34. Dzieciatkowska M, Silliman CC, Moore EE, Kelher MR, Banerjee A, Land KJ, Ellison M, West FB, Ambruso DR, Hansen KC. Proteomic analysis of the supernatant of red blood cell units: the effects of storage and leucoreduction. Vox Sang. 2013 Oct; 105(3):210-8. PMID: 23663258; PMCID: PMC3744597.
    35. Han KJ, Foster DG, Zhang NY, Kanisha K, Dzieciatkowska M, Sclafani RA, Hansen KC, Peng J, Liu CW. Ubiquitin-specific protease 9x deubiquitinates and stabilizes the spinal muscular atrophy protein-survival motor neuron. J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 21; 287(52):43741-52. PMID: 23112048; PMCID: PMC3527959.
    36. McReynolds S, Dzieciatkowska M, McCallie BR, Mitchell SD, Stevens J, Hansen K, Schoolcraft WB, Katz-Jaffe MG. Impact of maternal aging on the molecular signature of human cumulus cells. Fertil Steril. 2012 Dec; 98(6):1574-80.e5. PMID: 22968048.
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    37. Silliman CC, Dzieciatkowska M, Moore EE, Kelher MR, Banerjee A, Liang X, Land KJ, Hansen KC. Proteomic analyses of human plasma: Venus versus Mars. Transfusion. 2012 Feb; 52(2):417-24. PMID: 21880043; PMCID: PMC3235251.
    38. Dzieciatkowska M, Qi G, You J, Bemis KG, Sahm H, Lederman HM, Crawford TO, Gelbert LM, Rothblum-Oviatt C, Wang M. Proteomic Characterization of Cerebrospinal Fluid from Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T) Patients Using a LC/MS-Based Label-Free Protein Quantification Technology. Int J Proteomics. 2011; 2011:578903. PMID: 22084690; PMCID: PMC3200215.
    39. Dzieciatkowska M, Wohlauer MV, Moore EE, Damle S, Peltz E, Campsen J, Kelher M, Silliman C, Banerjee A, Hansen KC. Proteomic analysis of human mesenteric lymph. Shock. 2011 Apr; 35(4):331-8. PMID: 21192285; PMCID: PMC3059368.
    40. Houliston RS, Vinogradov E, Dzieciatkowska M, Li J, St Michael F, Karwaski MF, Brochu D, Jarrell HC, Parker CT, Yuki N, Mandrell RE, Gilbert M. Lipooligosaccharide of Campylobacter jejuni: similarity with multiple types of mammalian glycans beyond gangliosides. J Biol Chem. 2011 Apr 08; 286(14):12361-70. PMID: 21257763; PMCID: PMC3069439.
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    42. Geurtsen J, Dzieciatkowska M, Steeghs L, Hamstra HJ, Boleij J, Broen K, Akkerman G, El Hassan H, Li J, Richards JC, Tommassen J, van der Ley P. Identification of a novel lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis gene cluster in Bordetella pertussis, and influence of core structure and lipid A glucosamine substitution on endotoxic activity. Infect Immun. 2009 Jul; 77(7):2602-11. PMID: 19364841; PMCID: PMC2708539.
    43. Dzieciatkowska M, Liu X, Heikema AP, Houliston RS, van Belkum A, Schweda EK, Gilbert M, Richards JC, Li J. Rapid method for sensitive screening of oligosaccharide epitopes in the lipooligosaccharide from Campylobacter jejuni strains isolated from Guillain-Barré syndrome and Miller Fisher syndrome patients. J Clin Microbiol. 2008 Oct; 46(10):3429-36. PMID: 18753342; PMCID: PMC2566077.
    44. Dzieciatkowska M, Schweda EK, Moxon ER, Richards JC, Li J. Characterization of intact lipopolysaccharides from the Haemophilus influenzae strain RM 118 using electrophoresis-assisted open-tubular liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Electrophoresis. 2008 May; 29(10):2171-81. PMID: 18425751.
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    45. Palusiak A, Dzieciatkowska M, Sidorczyk Z. Application of two different kinds of sera against the Proteus penneri lipopolysaccharide core region in search of epitopes determining cross-reactions with antibodies. Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2008 Mar-Apr; 56(2):135-40. PMID: 18373243; PMCID: PMC2766494.
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    47. Li J, Dzieciatkowska M, Hood DW, Cox AD, Schweda EK, Moxon ER, Richards JC. Structural characterization of sialylated glycoforms of H. influenzae by electrospray mass spectrometry: fragmentation of protonated and sodiated O-deacylated lipopolysaccharides. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2007; 21(6):952-60. PMID: 17310472.
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    48. Niedziela T, Dag S, Lukasiewicz J, Dzieciatkowska M, Jachymek W, Lugowski C, Kenne L. Complete lipopolysaccharide of Plesiomonas shigelloides O74:H5 (strain CNCTC 144/92). 1. Structural analysis of the highly hydrophobic lipopolysaccharide, including the O-antigen, its biological repeating unit, the core oligosaccharide, and the linkage between them. Biochemistry. 2006 Sep 05; 45(35):10422-33. PMID: 16939195.
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    49. Lukasiewicz J, Dzieciatkowska M, Niedziela T, Jachymek W, Augustyniuk A, Kenne L, Lugowski C. Complete lipopolysaccharide of Plesiomonas shigelloides O74:H5 (strain CNCTC 144/92). 2. Lipid A, its structural variability, the linkage to the core oligosaccharide, and the biological activity of the lipopolysaccharide. Biochemistry. 2006 Sep 05; 45(35):10434-47. PMID: 16939196.
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    50. Dag S, Niedziela T, Dzieciatkowska M, Lukasiewicz J, Jachymek W, Lugowski C, Kenne L. The O-acetylation patterns in the O-antigens of Hafnia alvei strains PCM 1200 and 1203, serologically closely related to PCM 1205. Carbohydr Res. 2004 Oct 20; 339(15):2521-7. PMID: 15476713.
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    51. Lukasiewicz J, Jachymek W, Niedziela T, Dzieciatkowska M, Lakomska J, Miedzybrodzki R, Fortuna W, Szymaniec S, Misiuk-Hojlo M, Lugowski C. Serological characterization of anti-endotoxin serum directed against the conjugate of oligosaccharide core of Escherichia coli type R4 with tetanus toxoid. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2003 Jun 10; 37(1):59-67. PMID: 12770761.
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    52. Niedziela T, Lukasiewicz J, Jachymek W, Dzieciatkowska M, Lugowski C, Kenne L. Core oligosaccharides of Plesiomonas shigelloides O54:H2 (strain CNCTC 113/92): structural and serological analysis of the lipopolysaccharide core region, the O-antigen biological repeating unit, and the linkage between them. J Biol Chem. 2002 Apr 05; 277(14):11653-63. PMID: 11796731.
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    53. Lukasiewicz J, Jachymek W, Niedziela T, Malik-Gebicka M, Dzieciatkowska M, Lugowski C. Comparison of serological specificity of anti-endotoxin sera directed against whole bacterial cells and core oligosaccharide of Escherichia coli J5-tetanus toxoid conjugate. Acta Biochim Pol. 2002; 49(3):721-34. PMID: 12422242.
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