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This is a "connection" page, showing publications co-authored by Diego Restrepo and Emily Gibson.

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  1. Welton TA, George NM, Ozbay BN, Gentile Polese A, Osborne G, Futia GL, Kushner JK, Kleinschmidt-DeMasters B, Alexander AL, Abosch A, Ojemann S, Restrepo D, Gibson EA. Two-photon microendoscope for label-free imaging in stereotactic neurosurgery. Biomed Opt Express. 2023 Jul 01; 14(7):3705-3725.
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    Score: 0.236
  2. McCullough CM, Ramirez-Gordillo D, Hall M, Futia GL, Moran AK, Gibson EA, Restrepo D. GRINtrode: a neural implant for simultaneous two-photon imaging and extracellular electrophysiology in freely moving animals. Neurophotonics. 2022 Oct; 9(4):045009.
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    Score: 0.227
  3. Supekar OD, Sias A, Hansen SR, Martinez G, Peet GC, Peng X, Bright VM, Hughes EG, Restrepo D, Shepherd DP, Welle CG, Gopinath JT, Gibson EA. Miniature structured illumination microscope for in vivo 3D imaging of brain structures with optical sectioning. Biomed Opt Express. 2022 Apr 01; 13(4):2530-2541.
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    Score: 0.217
  4. Ma M, Futia GL, de Souza FMS, Ozbay BN, Llano I, Gibson EA, Restrepo D. Molecular layer interneurons in the cerebellum encode for valence in associative learning. Nat Commun. 2020 08 31; 11(1):4217.
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    Score: 0.194
  5. Ozbay BN, Futia GL, Ma M, Bright VM, Gopinath JT, Hughes EG, Restrepo D, Gibson EA. Three dimensional two-photon brain imaging in freely moving mice using a miniature fiber coupled microscope with active axial-scanning. Sci Rep. 2018 05 25; 8(1):8108.
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    Score: 0.166
  6. Meyer SA, Ozbay BN, Potcoava M, Salcedo E, Restrepo D, Gibson EA. Super-resolution imaging of ciliary microdomains in isolated olfactory sensory neurons using a custom two-color stimulated emission depletion microscope. J Biomed Opt. 2016 06 01; 21(6):66017.
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    Score: 0.145
  7. Ozbay BN, Losacco JT, Cormack R, Weir R, Bright VM, Gopinath JT, Restrepo D, Gibson EA. Miniaturized fiber-coupled confocal fluorescence microscope with an electrowetting variable focus lens using no moving parts. Opt Lett. 2015 Jun 01; 40(11):2553-6.
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    Score: 0.135
  8. Thornton MA, Futia GL, Stockton ME, Budoff SA, Ramirez AN, Ozbay B, Tzang O, Kilborn K, Poleg-Polsky A, Restrepo D, Gibson EA, Hughes EG. Long-term in vivo three-photon imaging reveals region-specific differences in healthy and regenerative oligodendrogenesis. bioRxiv. 2023 Nov 01.
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    Score: 0.060
  9. Kumar V, Behrman K, Speed F, Saladrigas CA, Supekar O, Huang Z, Bright VM, Welle CG, Restrepo D, Gopinath JT, Gibson EA, Kymissis I. MicroLED light source for optical sectioning structured illumination microscopy. Opt Express. 2023 May 08; 31(10):16709-16718.
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    Score: 0.058
  10. Thornton MA, Futia GL, Stockton ME, Ozbay BN, Kilborn K, Restrepo D, Gibson EA, Hughes EG. Characterization of red fluorescent reporters for dual-color in vivo three-photon microscopy. Neurophotonics. 2022 Jul; 9(3):031912.
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    Score: 0.054
  11. Fontaine AK, Futia GL, Rajendran PS, Littich SF, Mizoguchi N, Shivkumar K, Ardell JL, Restrepo D, Caldwell JH, Gibson EA, Weir RFF. Optical vagus nerve modulation of heart and respiration via heart-injected retrograde AAV. Sci Rep. 2021 02 11; 11(1):3664.
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    Score: 0.050
  12. Heffernan BM, Meyer SA, Restrepo D, Siemens ME, Gibson EA, Gopinath JT. A Fiber-Coupled Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscope for Bend-Insensitive Through-Fiber Imaging. Sci Rep. 2019 07 31; 9(1):11137.
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    Score: 0.045
  13. Supekar OD, Ozbay BN, Zohrabi M, Nystrom PD, Futia GL, Restrepo D, Gibson EA, Gopinath JT, Bright VM. Two-photon laser scanning microscopy with electrowetting-based prism scanning. Biomed Opt Express. 2017 Dec 01; 8(12):5412-5426.
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    Score: 0.040
  14. Soltys JN, Meyer SA, Schumann H, Gibson EA, Restrepo D, Bennett JL. Determining the Spatial Relationship of?Membrane-Bound Aquaporin-4 Autoantibodies by STED Nanoscopy. Biophys J. 2017 Apr 25; 112(8):1692-1702.
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    Score: 0.038
  15. Gonzalez-Silva C, Vera J, Bono MR, Gonz?lez-Billault C, Baxter B, Hansen A, Lopez R, Gibson EA, Restrepo D, Bacigalupo J. Ca2+-activated Cl- channels of the ClCa family express in the cilia of a subset of rat olfactory sensory neurons. PLoS One. 2013; 8(7):e69295.
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    Score: 0.030
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