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Concept Biological Transport
Concept Biological Transport, Active
Academic Article Review: Adiponectin--the missing link between maternal adiposity, placental transport and fetal growth?
Academic Article Placental glucose transport in gestational diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Oleic acid stimulates system A amino acid transport in primary human trophoblast cells mediated by toll-like receptor 4.
Academic Article Regulation of nutrient transport across the placenta.
Academic Article Chloride transport across syncytiotrophoblast microvillous membrane of first trimester human placenta.
Academic Article Intrauterine growth restriction is associated with a reduced activity of placental taurine transporters.
Academic Article Down-regulation of placental transport of amino acids precedes the development of intrauterine growth restriction in rats fed a low protein diet.
Academic Article Gestational and hormonal regulation of human placental lipoprotein lipase.
Academic Article Placental transport of leucine and lysine is reduced in intrauterine growth restriction.
Academic Article [Pregnancy complications can impair placental transport systems. Aberrant fetal growth, for example in diabetes, is only now beginning to be understood].
Academic Article Adiponectin inhibits insulin function in primary trophoblasts by PPARa-mediated ceramide synthesis.
Academic Article Placental glucose transport and GLUT 1 expression in insulin-dependent diabetes.
Academic Article Regulation of placental transfer: the Na(+)/H(+) exchanger--a review.
Academic Article Interleukin-1ß inhibits insulin signaling and prevents insulin-stimulated system A amino acid transport in primary human trophoblasts.
Academic Article Role of the placenta in fetal programming: underlying mechanisms and potential interventional approaches.
Academic Article IFPA 2005 Award in Placentology Lecture. Human placental transport in altered fetal growth: does the placenta function as a nutrient sensor? -- a review.
Academic Article ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport is up-regulated during third trimester in human syncytiotrophoblast basal membranes.
Academic Article High-fat diet before and during pregnancy causes marked up-regulation of placental nutrient transport and fetal overgrowth in C57/BL6 mice.
Academic Article Placental transport and metabolism in fetal overgrowth -- a workshop report.
Academic Article Full-length adiponectin attenuates insulin signaling and inhibits insulin-stimulated amino Acid transport in human primary trophoblast cells.
Academic Article The role of placental nutrient sensing in maternal-fetal resource allocation.
Academic Article Differential regulation of placental amino acid transport by saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.
Academic Article Reduced placental amino acid transport in response to maternal nutrient restriction in the baboon.
Academic Article Parathyroid hormone-related peptide (38-94) amide stimulates ATP-dependent calcium transport in the Basal plasma membrane of the human syncytiotrophoblast.
Academic Article Glucose metabolism in the human preterm and term placenta of IUGR fetuses.
Academic Article IFPA meeting 2015 workshop report I: placental mitochondrial function, transport systems and epigenetics.
Academic Article Down-Regulation of Placental Transport of Amino Acids Precedes the Development of Intrauterine Growth Restriction in Maternal Nutrient Restricted Baboons.
Academic Article Regulation of Placental Amino Acid Transport and Fetal Growth.
Academic Article Alterations in placental long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism in human intrauterine growth restriction.
Academic Article A potential role for lysophosphatidylcholine in the delivery of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids to the fetal circulation.
Academic Article Glucocorticoid regulation of amino acid transport in primary human trophoblast cells.
Academic Article Effect of high altitude on human placental amino acid transport.
Academic Article Small molecule inhibitors provide insights into the relevance of LAT1 and LAT2 in materno-foetal amino acid transport.
Academic Article Reduction of In Vivo Placental Amino Acid Transport Precedes the Development of Intrauterine Growth Restriction in the Non-Human Primate.

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