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Concept RNA, Viral
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo characterization of a second functional hairpin ribozyme against HIV-1.
Academic Article The HIV-1 central polypurine tract functions as a second line of defense against APOBEC3G/F.
Academic Article Identification of a central DNA flap in feline immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Restriction of feline immunodeficiency virus by Ref1, Lv1, and primate TRIM5alpha proteins.
Academic Article The critical role of proximal gag sequences in feline immunodeficiency virus genome encapsidation.
Academic Article The importance of becoming double-stranded: Innate immunity and the kinetic model of HIV-1 central plus strand synthesis.
Academic Article Live-cell coimaging of the genomic RNAs and Gag proteins of two lentiviruses.
Academic Article Progress towards gene therapy for HIV infection.
Academic Article Human CRM1 augments production of infectious human and feline immunodeficiency viruses from murine cells.
Academic Article Mapping the encapsidation determinants of feline immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article dsRNA-Seq: Identification of Viral Infection by Purifying and Sequencing dsRNA.
Academic Article Development of IFN-Stimulated Gene Expression from Embryogenesis through Adulthood, with and without Constitutive MDA5 Pathway Activation.
Academic Article COVID-19 Serosurveillance May Facilitate Return-to-Work Decisions.

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