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Concept Nucleus Accumbens
Academic Article Neural correlates of Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer in the nucleus accumbens shell are selectively potentiated following cocaine self-administration.
Academic Article Cocaine self-administration abolishes associative neural encoding in the nucleus accumbens necessary for higher-order learning.
Academic Article Nucleus accumbens neurons track behavioral preferences and reward outcomes during risky decision making.
Academic Article Differential dopamine release dynamics in the nucleus accumbens core and shell track distinct aspects of goal-directed behavior for sucrose.
Academic Article Rapid dopamine dynamics in the accumbens core and shell: learning and action.
Academic Article Nucleus accumbens core neurons encode value-independent associations necessary for sensory preconditioning.
Academic Article Mesolimbic dopamine dynamically tracks, and is causally linked to, discrete aspects of value-based decision making.
Academic Article Differential Dopamine Release Dynamics in the Nucleus Accumbens Core and Shell Reveal Complementary Signals for Error Prediction and Incentive Motivation.
Academic Article Cocaine Self-Administration Experience Induces Pathological Phasic Accumbens Dopamine Signals and Abnormal Incentive Behaviors in Drug-Abstinent Rats.
Academic Article Terminal Dopamine Release Kinetics in the Accumbens Core and Shell Are Distinctly Altered after Withdrawal from Cocaine Self-Administration.
Academic Article Prior Cocaine Experience Impairs Normal Phasic Dopamine Signals of Reward Value in Accumbens Shell.
Grant Mechanisms of Higher-Order Learning in the NAc Impaired by Cocaine Exposure
Grant Mechanisms of Higher-Order Learning in the NAc Impaired by Cocaine Exposure
Grant Rapid dopamine release in nucleus accumbens in Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer
Academic Article Nucleus Accumbens Shell Dopamine Preferentially Tracks Information Related to Outcome Value of Reward.
Grant Monitoring real-time adenosine release in the NAc with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry

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