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Concept Health Literacy
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Urban Health Services
Concept Health Care Sector
Concept Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Concept Occupational Health
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Public Health Practice
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Environmental Health
Concept Quality Indicators, Health Care
Concept Public Health
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Health Status
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Occupations
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Students, Health Occupations
Concept Minority Health
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Public Health Administration
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Peer Review, Health Care
Concept Rural Health Services
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Global Health
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Health Records, Personal
Concept Health Planning
Concept Health Policy
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept Health Care Rationing
Concept Health Services
Academic Article Physicians in retainer ("concierge") practice. A national survey of physician, patient, and practice characteristics.
Academic Article Ethical challenges in preparing for bioterrorism: barriers within the health care system.
Academic Article The oversupply of specialists and graduates of foreign medical schools.
Academic Article Electronic personal health records: should doctors worry?
Academic Article Health care workplace discrimination and physician turnover.
Academic Article Physician manipulation of reimbursement rules for patients: between a rock and a hard place.
Academic Article Performance measures for ethics quality.
Academic Article The intractable and the novel: looking ahead in bioethics.
Academic Article Economic analyses, the medical commons, and patients' dilemmas: what is the physician's role?
Academic Article Gaps, conflicts, and consensus in the ethics statements of professional associations, medical groups, and health plans.
Academic Article Risk and trust in public health: a cautionary tale.
Academic Article Medicare coverage for technological innovations.
Academic Article Breaching confidentiality to protect the public: evolving standards of medical confidentiality for military detainees.
Academic Article Should health care professionals Google patients or family members?
Academic Article Physicians' preparedness for bioterrorism and other public health priorities.
Academic Article Is ethics for sale?... Juggling law and ethics in managed care.
Academic Article Falling into line: the impact of utilization review hassles on physicians' adherence to insurance contracts.
Academic Article Advocacy and community: the social roles of physicians in the last 1000 years. Part III.
Academic Article Advocacy and community: the social roles of physicians in the last 1000 years. Part II.
Academic Article Advocacy and community: the social roles of physicians in the last 1000 years. Part I.
Academic Article Some distinctive features of the impact of managed care on psychiatry.
Academic Article Markets and public health: pushing and pulling vaccines into production.
Academic Article Validation of an organizational communication climate assessment toolkit.
Academic Article Dreams and nightmares: practical and ethical issues for patients and physicians using personal health records.
Academic Article Improving access to health care: a consensus ethical framework to guide proposals for reform.
Academic Article Recommendations for teaching about racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care.
Academic Article Effects of different monetary incentives on the return rate of a national mail survey of physicians.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness analysis in the United States.
Academic Article Shared expectations for protection of identifiable health care information: report of a national consensus process.
Academic Article Mandating vaccination: what counts as a "mandate" in public health and when should they be used?
Academic Article Balancing evidence-based medicine and cultural competence in the quest to end healthcare disparities.
Academic Article The risks of rewards in health care: how pay-for-performance could threaten, or bolster, medical professionalism.
Academic Article Personal responsibility, public policy, and the economic stimulus plan.
Academic Article Fairness and the public's role in defining decent benefits.
Academic Article Ensuring fairness in coverage decisions: applying the American Medical Association Ethical Force Program's consensus report to managed care pharmacy.
Academic Article Do physicians not offer useful services because of coverage restrictions?
Academic Article Should I call an interpreter?-How do physicians with second language skills decide?
Academic Article A qualitative study of physicians' engagement in reducing healthcare disparities.
Academic Article Analysis of life-long strategies to prevent Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in patients with variable HIV progression rates.
Academic Article Using a risk assessment approach to determine which factors influence whether partially bilingual physicians rely on their non-English language skills or call an interpreter.
Academic Article Health information, the HIPAA privacy rule, and health care: what do physicians think?
Academic Article Ethics and public health emergencies: rationing vaccines.
Academic Article Ready and willing? Physicians' sense of preparedness for bioterrorism.
Academic Article Development of a measure of physician engagement in addressing racial and ethnic health care disparities.
Academic Article Health literacy and communication quality in health care organizations.
Academic Article Segregation, civil rights, and health disparities: the legacy of African American physicians and organized medicine, 1910-1968.
Academic Article Profit-seeking, corporate control, and the trustworthiness of health care organizations: assessments of health plan performance by their affiliated physicians.
Academic Article Views of US physicians about controlling health care costs.
Academic Article Reconceptualizing the informed consent process at eight innovative hospitals.
Academic Article Barriers to collecting patient race, ethnicity, and primary language data in physician practices: an exploratory study.
Academic Article Public health principlism: the precautionary principle and beyond.
Academic Article Consequentialism and harsh interrogations.
Academic Article Science, faith and AIDS: the battle over harm reduction.
Academic Article Physicians' views on capitated payment for medical care: does familiarity foster acceptance?
Academic Article U.S. physician knowledge of the FDA-approved indications and evidence base for commonly prescribed drugs: results of a national survey.
Academic Article Oversimplifications I: physicians don't do public health.
Academic Article Patient protection and risk selection: do primary care physicians encourage their patients to join or avoid capitated health plans according to the patient's health status?
Academic Article Who gets a teach-back? Patient-reported incidence of experiencing a teach-back.
Academic Article Challenges at the intersection of team-based and patient-centered health care: insights from an IOM working group.
Academic Article Ethical challenges come home.
Academic Article Oversimplifications II: Public health ethics ignores individual rights.
Academic Article Improving fairness in coverage decisions: performance expectations for quality improvement.
Academic Article Mercy coming under strain.
Academic Article Ethics and public health emergencies: restrictions on liberty.
Academic Article Civil disobedience: the devil is in the details.
Academic Article Health care cost control and views of physicians--reply.
Academic Article Medicine. The bioterrorist threat and access to health care.
Academic Article What can doctors do about health literacy?
Academic Article Improving ambulatory patient safety: learning from the last decade, moving ahead in the next.
Academic Article Judging public health research: epistemology, public health and the law.
Academic Article The ethics of using quality improvement methods in health care.
Academic Article Medical professionalism in society.
Academic Article Ethics and public health emergencies: encouraging responsibility.
Academic Article Physicians as citizens.
Academic Article Response to open peer commentaries on "'Doctor, would you prescribe a pill to help me ? ?' a national survey of physicians on using medicine for human enhancement".
Academic Article "Doctor, would you prescribe a pill to help me ? ?" a national survey of physicians on using medicine for human enhancement.
Academic Article Assessing quality of care: process measures vs outcomes measures.
Academic Article Many physicians are willing to use patients' electronic personal health records, but doctors differ by location, gender, and practice.
Academic Article Public health, public trust and lobbying.
Academic Article The elephant in the room: collaboration and competition among relief organizations during high-profile disasters.
Academic Article Shared decision-making as a cost-containment strategy: US physician reactions from a cross-sectional survey.
Academic Article A unified code of ethics for health professionals: insights from an IOM workshop.
Academic Article More than a list of values and desired behaviors: a foundational understanding of medical professionalism.
Academic Article In reply to Barnhoorn and Youngson and to Jones and Thaxton.
Academic Article Hypertension Control Cascade: A Framework to Improve Hypertension Awareness, Treatment, and Control.
Academic Article Domains of quality for clinical ethics case consultation: a mixed-method systematic review.
Academic Article Development and Initial Validation of a New Practice Context Assessment Tool for Ambulatory Practices Engaged in Quality Improvement.
Academic Article Measure accurately, Act rapidly, and Partner with patients: An intuitive and practical three-part framework to guide efforts to improve hypertension control.
Academic Article Ideologically Motivated Violence: A Public Health Approach to Prevention.
Academic Article Should Health Professionals Speak Up to Reduce the Health Risks of Climate Change?
Academic Article Why It Is Important to Promote Clinical Independence Among Health Professionals Working in Prisons, Jails, and Other Detention Settings.
Academic Article Primary care physicians' perceptions of practice improvement as a professional responsibility: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Clinicians' Perspectives on Providing Emergency-Only Hemodialysis to Undocumented Immigrants: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article The Phillip Morris Foundation for a Smoke-Free World. A Cause for Concern.
Academic Article Attitudes toward cost-conscious care among U.S. physicians and medical students: analysis of national cross-sectional survey data by age and stage of training.
Academic Article US Physicians' Reactions To ACA Implementation, 2012-17.
Academic Article Ventilator Triage Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic at U.S. Hospitals Associated With Members of the Association of Bioethics Program Directors.
Academic Article Forced Choices: Ethical Challenges in Cardiology During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Responsibilities, Strategies, and Practice Factors in Clinical Cost Conversations: a US Physician Survey.
Academic Article Covid-19 Crisis Triage - Optimizing Health Outcomes and Disability Rights.
Academic Article Ethical Challenges Arising in the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Overview from the Association of Bioethics Program Directors (ABPD) Task Force.
Academic Article Comments Confirm That Student Health Surveillance Needs Ethics Guidelines to Act on Risk-Cluster Findings.
Academic Article Duties When an Anonymous Student Health Survey Finds a Hot Spot of Suicidality.
Academic Article Real-Time Electronic Health Record Mortality Prediction During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Prospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article How Should Clinicians' Involvement in the Holocaust Inform Contemporary Responsibilities to Protect Public Safety?
Academic Article Teaching Health Professions Students About the Holocaust.
Academic Article A Call to Commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27, in All Health Science Schools.
Academic Article COVID-19 vaccine exclusion based on legal residence is unwise and unethical.
Academic Article Real-time electronic health record mortality prediction during the COVID-19 pandemic: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Emerging Science, Personal Protective Equipment Guidance, and Resource Scarcity: Inaction and Inequity for Workers in Essential Industries.
Academic Article Duty to Plan: Health Care, Crisis Standards of Care, and Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
Academic Article Crisis Standards of Care-More Than Just a Thought Experiment?
Academic Article A National Framework to Improve Mortality, Morbidity, and Disparities Data for COVID-19 and Other Large-Scale Disasters.
Academic Article Treating Workers as Essential Too: An Ethical Framework for Public Health Interventions to Prevent and Control COVID-19 Infections among Meat-processing Facility Workers and Their Communities?in the United States.
Academic Article "All of the things to everyone everywhere": A mixed methods analysis of community perspectives on equitable access to monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19.
Academic Article Sources of Clinician Burnout in Providing Care for Underserved Patients in a Safety-Net Healthcare System.
Academic Article Uncertainty, scarcity and transparency: Public health ethics and risk communication in a pandemic.

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