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Academic Article Superior mesenteric artery syndrome in a young military basic trainee.
Academic Article A comparison of the incidence of cricothyrotomy in the deployed setting to the emergency department at a level 1 military trauma center: a descriptive analysis.
Academic Article Optimizing Military Human Subjects Protection and Research Productivity: The Role of Institutional Memory.
Academic Article Prehospital Interventions During Mass-Casualty Events in Afghanistan: A Case Analysis.
Academic Article A 12-month descriptive analysis of emergency intubations at Brooke Army Medical Center: a National Emergency Airway Registry study.
Academic Article An analysis of casualties presenting to military emergency departments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Trends in Prehospital Analgesia Administration by US Forces From 2007 Through 2016.
Academic Article Prehospital Airway Management in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Descriptive Analysis.
Academic Article Analysis of Injuries and Prehospital Interventions Sustained by Females in the Iraq and Afghanistan Combat Zones.
Academic Article An analysis of US Africa command area of operations military medical transportations, 2008-2018.
Academic Article Emergency Department Patients Support the Use of Combat Medics in Their Clinical Care.
Academic Article Gabapentin overdose in a military beneficiary.
Academic Article Providers face challenges maintaining deployment-ready skills at Garrison hospitals.
Academic Article Garrison Clinical Setting Inadequate for Maintenance of Procedural Skills for Emergency Medicine Physicians: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Airway Management in the Prehospital, Combat Environment: Analysis of After-Action Reviews and Lessons Learned.
Academic Article Prehospital Combat Wound Medication Pack Administration in Iraq and Afghanistan: A Department of Defense Trauma Registry Analysis.
Academic Article Advancing Prehospital Combat Casualty Evacuation: Patients Amenable to Aeromedical Evacuation via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
Academic Article Analysis of U.S. Pacific Command Area of Operations Military Medical Transportations of Adult Patients, 2008 to 2018.
Academic Article Battlefield Vital Sign Monitoring in Role 1 Military Treatment Facilities: A Thematic Analysis of After-Action Reviews from the Prehospital Trauma Registry.
Academic Article An Analysis of 13 Years of Prehospital Combat Casualty Care: Implications for Maintaining a Ready Medical Force.
Academic Article A Sub-Analysis of U.S. Africa Command Area of Operations Transportations for Ophthalmic Concerns, 2008-2018.
Academic Article Warfighter Personal Protective Equipment and Combat Wounds.
Academic Article Defining Combat-Relevant Endpoints for Early Trauma Resuscitation Research in a Resource-Constrained Civilian Setting.
Academic Article A Descriptive Analysis of Battlefield First Responder and Combat Lifesaver Interventions during the Role 1 Phase of Care.
Academic Article A Retrospective Analysis of Combat Injury Patterns and Prehospital Interventions Associated with the Development of Sepsis.
Academic Article An Innovative Civilian Research Model to Inform Combat-Relevant Prolonged Casualty Care.
Academic Article Development of Data-Driven Triage Systems for Identifying Mortally Wounded Casualties-Implications for Future Large-Scale Combat Operations.
Academic Article An Assessment of Nursing Skills Required for Sustaining a Casualty during Prolonged Casualty Care: Implications for Training and Preparing for the Next Major War.
Academic Article Prolonged casualty care: Extrapolating civilian data to the military context.
Academic Article Navy En-Route Care in Future Distributed Maritime Operations: A Review of Clinician Capabilities and Roles of Care.
Academic Article Lessons from the Fallen: An After-Action Review of Prehospital Casualty Data during the Global War on Terror.
Academic Article Feasibility of conducting a military-relevant multicenter cohort study to assess outcomes of early trauma resuscitative interventions in a prolonged care civilian setting.
Academic Article Pediatric trauma surgery in Iraq and Afghanistan: Mortality, indicators, and most common operating room interventions from 2007 to 2016.
Academic Article A Narrative Review of?Existing and?Developing Biomarkers in?Acute Traumatic Brain Injury for?Potential Military Deployed Use.
Academic Article Injuries and Interventions on Transported Military Working Dogs Within the US Central Command.
Academic Article Prehospital Administration of Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Open Combat Wounds in Afghanistan: 2013-2014.
Academic Article An Analysis of Exertional Safety After Blood Donation in Active Duty Military Personnel-A Feasibility Study.
Academic Article Patterns of Palliation: A Review of Casualties That Received Pain Management Before Reaching Role 2 in Afghanistan.
Academic Article Historical Alternans in the Emergency Department (H.A.t.E.D.) for Pain: An Analysis of Patient Pain Descriptors to Attending and Trainee Clinicians.
Academic Article Prehospital airway procedures performed in trauma patients by ground forces in Afghanistan.
Academic Article Battlefield Analgesia: Adherence to Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines.
Academic Article Combat medic testing of a novel monitoring capability for early detection of hemorrhage.
Academic Article Review of Commercially Available Supraglottic Airway Devices for Prehospital Combat Casualty Care.
Academic Article Non-battle Emergency Department Utilization of the First Modular Army Field Hospital Prototype in Support of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE.
Academic Article A prospective assessment of the medic autologous blood transfusion skills for field transfusion preparation.
Academic Article An Analysis of Prehospital Blood Administration in the Indo-Pacific Command.
Academic Article An Analysis of Outcomes and Interventions for Female Pediatric Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article The Battalion Aid Station-The Forgotten Frontier of the Army Health System During the Global War on Terrorism.
Academic Article An Assessment of Combat Medic Supraglottic Airway Device Design Needs Using a Qualitative Methods Approach: A Preliminary Analysis.
Academic Article A Pilot Project Demonstrating that Combat Medics Can Safely Administer Parenteral Medications in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article A Contemporary Analysis of Combat-related Urological Injuries: Data From the Department of Defense Trauma Registry.
Academic Article Treatment of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome in a Deployed Environment.
Academic Article Routine Screening Laboratory Studies for Nonheat Stroke Field Heat Injuries Are Unnecessary: A Retrospective Review.
Academic Article Can Military Role 1 Practitioners Maintain Their Skills Working at Civilian Level 1 Trauma Centers: A Retrospective, Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article A Comparison of Combat Casualty Outcomes after Prehospital Versus Military Treatment Facility Airway Management.
Academic Article Helicopter Crashes in the Deployed Combat Setting: The Department of Defense Trauma Registry Experience.
Academic Article Procedural Volume Within Military Treatment Facilities-Implications for a Ready Medical Force.
Academic Article Expert Consensus Panel Recommendations for Selection of the Optimal Supraglottic Airway Device for Inclusion to the Medic's Aid Bag.
Academic Article A Retrospective Review of Screening Labs for Medical Clearance in a Military Population.
Academic Article Junctional Tourniquet Use During Combat Operations in Afghanistan: The Prehospital Trauma Registry Experience.
Academic Article Battle Injury Patterns Sustained Noncombatant Military Occupational Specialty Service Members.
Academic Article An Analysis of US Africa and Indo-Pacific Commands Military Working Dog Medical Transportation, 2008-2018.
Academic Article Large-Scale Combat Operations and Implications for the Emergency Medicine Community.
Academic Article Emergency department imaging of pediatric trauma patients during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Effectiveness of Mobile Applications for Trauma Care in Combat Casualty Simulations Throughout the Continuum.
Academic Article Descriptive Analysis of Casualties Rapidly Returned to the Fight after Injury: Reverse Triage Implications for Large Scale Combat Operations.
Academic Article Analgesia and Sedation for Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Proposed Change 21-02.
Academic Article A Market Review of Available Airway Suction Technology.
Academic Article Pediatric Trauma Patient Intensive Care Resource Utilization in U.S. Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article A Soldier With an Exertional Heat Injury, Ischemic-Appearing Electrocardiogram, and Elevated Troponins: A Clinical Case Report.
Academic Article An Analysis of Patient Movements during Sustained Combat Operations in the US Central Command: Implications for Remote Support Capabilities.
Academic Article Advise and Assist: A Basic Medical Skills Course for Partner Forces.
Academic Article Changes in Emergency Department Volumes at the Largest U.S. Military Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article A Conceptual Framework for Non-Military Investigators to Understand the Joint Roles of Medical Care in the Setting of Future Large Scale Combat Operations.
Academic Article Airborne Priapism: A Case of Nonischemic Priapism After Military Static-Line Parachute Injury.
Academic Article A descriptive analysis of data from the Department of Defense Joint Trauma System Prehospital Trauma Registry.
Academic Article 16 Years of Role 1 Trauma Care: A Descriptive Analysis of Casualties within the Prehospital Trauma Registry.
Academic Article Vital sign thresholds predictive of death in the combat setting.
Academic Article Trends in Prehospital Blood, Crystalloid, and Colloid Administration in Accordance With Changes in Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines.
Academic Article Associations with Prehospital Antibiotic Receipt among Combat Casualties with Open Wounds: A Department of?Defense Trauma Registry Study.
Academic Article QuikClot? Combat Gauze? Use by Ground Forces in Afghanistan The Prehospital Trauma Registry Experience.
Academic Article Combat lifesaver-trained, first-responder application of junctional tourniquets: a prospective, randomized, crossover trial.
Academic Article The Impact of Military Emergency Medicine Scholarly Activity.
Academic Article Power To The People.
Academic Article THAM Administration to Pediatric Trauma Patients in a Combat Zone.
Academic Article Prehospital Interventions Performed on Pediatric Trauma Patients in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article An Analysis of Conflicts Across Role 1 Guidelines.
Academic Article Improving Outcomes Associated with Prehospital Combat Airway Interventions: An Unrealized Opportunity.
Academic Article An Analysis of Prehospital Trauma Registry After-Action Reviews in Afghanistan.
Academic Article Blood Product Administration During Transport Throughout the US Africa Command Theater of Operation.
Academic Article A Comparison of the iGel Versus Cricothyrotomy by Combat Medics Using a Synthetic Cadaver Model: A Randomized, Controlled Pilot study.
Academic Article An Analysis and Comparison of Prehospital Trauma Care Provided by Medical Officers and Medics on the Battlefield.
Academic Article Airway Management during Large-Scale Combat Operations: A Narrative Review of Capability Requirements.
Academic Article Pediatric Prehospital Airway Management by U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Antarctic Evacuation: A Retrospective Epidemiological Study of Medical Evacuations on US Military Aircraft in Antarctica.
Academic Article Military Standard Testing of Commercially Available Supraglottic Airway Devices for Use in a Military Combat Setting.
Academic Article The US military experience with THAM.
Academic Article A Comparison of Injury Patterns and Interventions among US Military Special Operations Versus Conventional Forces Combatants.
Academic Article Outcomes after Prehospital Cricothyrotomy.
Academic Article Battlefield Analgesia: TCCC Guidelines Are Not Being Followed.
Academic Article An analysis of radial pulse strength to recorded blood pressure in the Department of Defense Trauma Registry.
Academic Article Military Medical Evacuation After the Benghazi Embassy Attack: Implications for Military Support of Diplomatic Missions.
Academic Article U.S. Military Medical Evacuation and Prehospital Care of Pediatric Trauma Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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