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Academic Article Low-dose ketamine vs morphine for acute pain in the ED: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article A 12-month descriptive analysis of emergency intubations at Brooke Army Medical Center: a National Emergency Airway Registry study.
Academic Article Emergency department resuscitation of pediatric trauma patients in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Prehospital Application of Hemostatic Agents in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article An analysis of casualties presenting to military emergency departments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article A Comparison of Prehospital Versus Emergency Department Intubations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Ketamine Versus Etomidate and Peri-intubation Hypotension: A National Emergency Airway Registry Study.
Academic Article Emergency Department Patients Support the Use of Combat Medics in Their Clinical Care.
Academic Article Providers face challenges maintaining deployment-ready skills at Garrison hospitals.
Academic Article Garrison Clinical Setting Inadequate for Maintenance of Procedural Skills for Emergency Medicine Physicians: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Are Patients Discharged on the HEART Pathway Following Up?
Academic Article Airway Management in the Prehospital, Combat Environment: Analysis of After-Action Reviews and Lessons Learned.
Academic Article Development of the Defense Registry for Emergency Airway Management (DREAM).
Academic Article Efficacy of the compensatory reserve measurement in an emergency department trauma population.
Academic Article Assessing Challenges with Access to Care for Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department for Non-Emergent Complaints.
Academic Article Hypothermia in the Combat Trauma Population.
Academic Article Video versus Direct Laryngoscopy for Tracheal Intubation of Critically Ill Adults.
Academic Article Historical Alternans in the Emergency Department (H.A.t.E.D.) for Pain: An Analysis of Patient Pain Descriptors to Attending and Trainee Clinicians.
Academic Article Bamlanivimab infusion experience at one academic emergency department.
Academic Article Non-battle Emergency Department Utilization of the First Modular Army Field Hospital Prototype in Support of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE.
Academic Article An Analysis of Outcomes and Interventions for Female Pediatric Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Management of acute asthma in the emergency department.
Academic Article A Pilot Project Demonstrating that Combat Medics Can Safely Administer Parenteral Medications in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article More sophisticated than a drink cooler or an old sphygmomanometer but still not adequate for prehospital blood: A market review of commercially available equipment for prehospital blood transport and administration.
Academic Article Routine Screening Laboratory Studies for Nonheat Stroke Field Heat Injuries Are Unnecessary: A Retrospective Review.
Academic Article Can Military Role 1 Practitioners Maintain Their Skills Working at Civilian Level 1 Trauma Centers: A Retrospective, Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Procedural Volume Within Military Treatment Facilities-Implications for a Ready Medical Force.
Academic Article Emergency department imaging of pediatric trauma patients during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article A Market Assessment of Introducer Technology to Aid With Endotracheal Intubation.
Academic Article Emergency Department Wounds Managed by Combat Medics: A Case Series.
Academic Article Soft tissue oxygen saturation to predict admission from the emergency department: A prospective observational study.
Academic Article Association of prehospital intubation with decreased survival among pediatric trauma patients in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Clinical Utility of Routine Chest X-Rays During the Initial Stabilization of Trauma Patients.
Academic Article The HEART score as a prognostic tool for revascularization.
Academic Article Changes in Emergency Department Volumes at the Largest U.S. Military Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article The pediatric resuscitative thoracotomy during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan - A retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Analysis of the Effects of COVID-19 Mask Mandates on Hospital Resource Consumption and Mortality at the County Level.
Academic Article The regional whole blood program in San Antonio, TX: A 3-year update on prehospital and in-hospital transfusion practices for traumatic and non-traumatic hemorrhage.
Academic Article Peri-intubation cardiac arrest in the Emergency Department: A National Emergency Airway Registry (NEAR) study.
Academic Article 16 Years of Role 1 Trauma Care: A Descriptive Analysis of Casualties within the Prehospital Trauma Registry.
Academic Article Vital sign thresholds predictive of death in the combat setting.
Academic Article Implementation of the Acute Care Clinic Easy Scheduling System at the Brooke Army Medical Center.
Academic Article Lev's Syndrome: A rare case of progressive cardiac conduction disorder presenting to the emergency department.
Academic Article Extraglottic device use is rare during emergency airway management: A National Emergency Airway Registry (NEAR) study.
Academic Article 'Swab and Go' impact on emergency department left without being seen rates.
Academic Article A Retrospective Review of Emergency Department Visits That May Be Appropriate for Management in Non-Emergency Settings.
Academic Article Massive Transfusion Thresholds Associated with Combat Casualty Mortality during Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq: Implications for Role 1 Logistical Support Chains.
Academic Article Pediatric Prehospital Airway Management by U.S. Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Acute Agitation and the Exception From Informed Consent Requirements.
Academic Article Placement of Antibiotic Powder in Open Fracture Wounds during the Emergency Room (POWDER): Design and Rationale for an Investigation of the Acute Application of Topical Antibiotic Powder in Open Fracture Wounds for Infection Prophylaxis.
Academic Article An analysis of the incidence of hypothermia in casualties presenting to emergency departments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Academic Article Emergency Department Management Of Acute Infective Endocarditis.

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