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Academic Article Effective Henry's law partitioning and the salting constant of glyoxal in aerosols containing sulfate.
Concept Aerosols
Academic Article O/C and OM/OC ratios of primary, secondary, and ambient organic aerosols with high-resolution time-of-flight aerosol mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Molecular Composition and Volatility of Nucleated Particles from a-Pinene Oxidation between -50 ?C and +25 ?C.
Academic Article Photo-oxidation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Produces Low-Volatility Organic Compounds.
Academic Article Reduced anthropogenic aerosol radiative forcing caused by biogenic new particle formation.
Academic Article Ion-induced nucleation of pure biogenic particles.
Academic Article Molecular Understanding of the Enhancement in Organic Aerosol Mass at High Relative Humidity.
Academic Article NO at low concentration can enhance the formation of highly oxygenated biogenic molecules in the atmosphere.
Academic Article Real-Time Detection of Aerosol Metals Using Online Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry.
Academic Article Source identification and characterization of organic nitrogen in atmospheric aerosols at a suburban site in China.
Academic Article Chemical complexity of the urban atmosphere and its consequences: general discussion.
Academic Article Determination of stable carbon isotopes of organic acids and carbonaceous aerosols in the atmosphere.
Academic Article Spatial Variation of Aerosol Chemical Composition and Organic Components Identified by Positive Matrix Factorization in the Barcelona Region.
Academic Article Organic aerosol sources in Krakow, Poland, before implementation of a solid fuel residential heating ban.
Academic Article Spiers Memorial Lecture.?Introductory lecture: chemistry in the urban atmosphere.
Academic Article Identification of the mass spectral signature of organic aerosols from wood burning emissions.
Academic Article Size-Resolved Identification, Characterization, and Quantification of Primary Biological Organic Aerosol at a European Rural Site.
Academic Article Inorganic Salt Interference on CO2+ in Aerodyne AMS and ACSM Organic Aerosol Composition Studies.
Academic Article Aging of biogenic secondary organic aerosol via gas-phase OH radical reactions.
Academic Article Ultrahigh mass resolution and accurate mass measurements as a tool to characterize oligomers in secondary organic aerosols.
Academic Article Real-Time Source Apportionment of Organic Aerosols in Three European Cities.
Academic Article Quantification of the impact of cooking processes on indoor concentrations of volatile organic species and primary and secondary organic aerosols.
Academic Article Hygroscopicity of aerosol particles at low temperatures. 1. New low-temperature H-TDMA instrument: setup and first applications.
Academic Article Chemical analysis of atmospheric aerosols.
Academic Article Atmospheric science. Aerosols in clearer focus.
Academic Article Oxidative stress-induced inflammation in susceptible airways by anthropogenic aerosol.
Academic Article Combined determination of the chemical composition and of health effects of secondary organic aerosols: the POLYSOA project.
Academic Article Identification of polymers as major components of atmospheric organic aerosols.
Academic Article Insight into acid-base nucleation experiments by comparison of the chemical composition of positive, negative, and neutral clusters.
Academic Article The influence of small aerosol particles on the properties of water and ice clouds.
Academic Article Evaluation of the particle measurement programme (PMP) protocol to remove the vehicles' exhaust aerosol volatile phase.
Academic Article Evidence for the role of organics in aerosol particle formation under atmospheric conditions.
Academic Article Equal abundance of summertime natural and wintertime anthropogenic Arctic organic aerosols.
Academic Article Identification of significant precursor gases of secondary organic aerosols from residential wood combustion.
Academic Article Urban case studies: general discussion.
Academic Article Oxidation products of biogenic emissions contribute to nucleation of atmospheric particles.
Academic Article Recent developments in the mass spectrometry of atmospheric aerosols.
Academic Article Numerical modelling strategies for the urban atmosphere: general discussion.
Academic Article Online Aerosol Chemical Characterization by Extractive Electrospray Ionization-Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (EESI-Orbitrap).
Academic Article Secondary organic aerosols from anthropogenic and biogenic precursors.
Academic Article Growth and structural change of combustion aerosols at high relative humidity.
Academic Article Source attribution of submicron organic aerosols during wintertime inversions by advanced factor analysis of aerosol mass spectra.
Academic Article Mitigation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Log Wood Burning Emissions by Catalytic Removal of Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
Academic Article Photodegradation of a-Pinene Secondary Organic Aerosol Dominated by Moderately Oxidized Molecules.
Academic Article Using aerosol light absorption measurements for the quantitative determination of wood burning and traffic emission contributions to particulate matter.
Academic Article Cellular responses after exposure of lung cell cultures to secondary organic aerosol particles.
Academic Article Toxicity of aged gasoline exhaust particles to normal and diseased airway epithelia.
Academic Article High secondary aerosol contribution to particulate pollution during haze events in China.
Academic Article A Comprehensive Nontarget Analysis for the Molecular Reconstruction of Organic Aerosol Composition from Glacier Ice Cores.
Academic Article Hygroscopicity of aerosol particles at low temperatures. 2. Theoretical and experimental hygroscopic properties of laboratory generated aerosols.
Academic Article Influence of gas-to-particle partitioning on the hygroscopic and droplet activation behaviour of alpha-pinene secondary organic aerosol.
Academic Article Brown Carbon in Primary and Aged Coal Combustion Emission.
Academic Article Using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry for online analysis of secondary organic aerosols.
Academic Article Molecular understanding of atmospheric particle formation from sulfuric acid and large oxidized organic molecules.
Academic Article Time-Resolved Molecular Characterization of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formed from OH and NO3 Radical Initiated Oxidation of a Mixture of Aromatic Precursors.
Academic Article Effect of Stove Technology and Combustion Conditions on Gas and Particulate Emissions from Residential Biomass Combustion.
Academic Article Water uptake of clay and desert dust aerosol particles at sub- and supersaturated water vapor conditions.
Academic Article Determination of the aerosol yield of isoprene in the presence of an organic seed with carbon isotope analysis.
Academic Article Online monitoring of volatile organic compounds emitted from human bronchial epithelial cells as markers for oxidative stress.
Academic Article Trace metals in ambient air: Hourly size-segregated mass concentrations determined by synchrotron-XRF.
Academic Article Two-stroke scooters are a dominant source of air pollution in many cities.
Academic Article Real-world emission factors of fine and ultrafine aerosol particles for different traffic situations in Switzerland.
Academic Article Indoor terpene emissions from cooking with herbs and pepper and their secondary organic aerosol production potential.
Academic Article Characterization of ice-nucleating bacteria using on-line electron impact ionization aerosol mass spectrometry.
Academic Article Secondary organic aerosol formation by irradiation of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene-NOx-H2O in a new reaction chamber for atmospheric chemistry and physics.
Academic Article A compact and portable deposition chamber to study nanoparticles in air-exposed tissue.
Academic Article Nitrate Radicals Suppress Biogenic New Particle Formation from Monoterpene Oxidation.

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