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Concept Plague
Academic Article Stature and frailty during the Black Death: the effect of stature on risks of epidemic mortality in London, A.D. 1348-1350.
Academic Article Yersinia pestis and the plague of Justinian 541-543 AD: a genomic analysis.
Academic Article Medieval menarche: Changes in pubertal timing before and after the Black Death.
Academic Article Age Patterns of Mortality During the Black Death in London, A.D. 1349-1350.
Academic Article Selectivity of black death mortality with respect to preexisting health.
Academic Article Setting the stage for medieval plague: Pre-black death trends in survival and mortality.
Academic Article Reply to Barton et al: signatures of natural selection during the Black Death.
Academic Article Genetic resiliency and the Black Death: No apparent loss of mitogenomic diversity due to the Black Death in medieval London and Denmark.
Academic Article Mortality risk and survival in the aftermath of the medieval Black Death.
Academic Article Sexual stature difference fluctuations in pre- and post-Black Death London as an indicator of living standards.
Academic Article Yersinia pestis: new evidence for an old infection.
Academic Article Health in post-Black Death London (1350-1538): age patterns of periosteal new bone formation in a post-epidemic population.
Academic Article Emergence, continuity, and evolution of Yersinia pestis throughout medieval and early modern Denmark.
Academic Article Targeted enrichment of ancient pathogens yielding the pPCP1 plasmid of Yersinia pestis from victims of the Black Death.
Academic Article A draft genome of Yersinia pestis from victims of the Black Death.
Academic Article Sex differentials in frailty in medieval England.
Academic Article Frailty and famine: Patterns of mortality and physiological stress among victims of famine in medieval London.
Academic Article Stress, sex, and plague: Patterns of developmental stress and survival in pre- and post-Black Death London.
Academic Article Evolution of immune genes is associated with the Black Death.
Academic Article Disease epidemics: lessons for resilience in an increasingly connected world.
Academic Article The effect of sex on risk of mortality during the Black Death in London, A.D. 1349-1350.
Academic Article Sex differences in adult famine mortality in medieval London.

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