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Concept Kidney Failure, Chronic
Academic Article Integrating APOL1 Gene Variants Into Renal Transplantation: Considerations Arising From the American Society of Transplantation Expert Conference.
Academic Article Editorial Comment.
Academic Article The association of candidate mortality rates with kidney transplant outcomes and center performance evaluations.
Academic Article The overlapping risk profile between dialysis patients listed and not listed for renal transplantation.
Academic Article Outcomes of palliative care consultation in?patients with ESRD who received cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Academic Article Predonation Direct and Indirect Costs Incurred by Adults Who Donated a Kidney: Findings From the KDOC Study.
Academic Article Residential Area Life Expectancy: Association With Outcomes and Processes of Care for Patients With ESRD in the United States.
Academic Article Outcomes and survival analysis of old-to-old simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Outcomes of infected cardiovascular implantable devices in dialysis patients.
Academic Article Acute kidney injury and long-term outcomes: more to learn.
Academic Article Diabetes Control and the Risks of ESRD and Mortality in?Patients?With CKD.
Academic Article A "weight-listing" paradox for candidates of renal transplantation?
Academic Article Access to quality: evaluation of the allocation of deceased donor kidneys for transplantation.
Academic Article A Second Chance at Transplant First: Preemptive Repeat Kidney Transplantation.
Academic Article The effects of renal transplantation on peripheral blood dendritic cells.
Academic Article Prominent impact of community risk factors on kidney transplant candidate processes and outcomes.
Academic Article Association of Candidate Removals From the Kidney Transplant Waiting List and Center Performance Oversight.
Academic Article Direct and Indirect Costs Following Living Kidney Donation: Findings From the KDOC Study.
Academic Article Marked variation of the association of ESRD duration before and after wait listing on kidney transplant outcomes.
Academic Article Barriers to evaluation and wait listing for kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Preemptive renal transplant candidate survival, access to care, and renal function at listing.
Academic Article Underutilization of Timely Kidney Transplants in Those With Living Donors.
Academic Article What are the Risk Factors for One-Year Mortality in Older Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease? An Analysis of the Cleveland Clinic CKD Registry.
Academic Article Synthesizing Absolute and Relative Risks and the Many Unknowns to Inform Living Kidney Donors.
Academic Article Building an Ideal Quality Metric for ESRD Health Care Delivery.
Academic Article Long-term mortality associated with acute kidney injury requiring dialysis.
Academic Article Understanding Risks and Our Responsibility to Living Donors.
Academic Article Transplantation: strength in numbers-predicting long-term transplant outcomes.
Academic Article Prognostic importance of serum alkaline phosphatase in CKD stages 3-4 in a clinical population.
Academic Article Increasing the pool of deceased donor organs for kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Effects of High-Risk Kidneys on Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Program Quality Reports.
Academic Article Vitamin D supplementation in chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies and randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Metabolic syndrome, ESRD, and death in CKD.
Academic Article Association between kidney transplant center performance and the survival benefit of transplantation versus dialysis.
Academic Article Kidney transplantation halts cardiovascular disease progression in patients with end-stage renal disease.
Academic Article An emerging population: kidney transplant candidates who are placed on the waiting list after liver, heart, and lung transplantation.
Academic Article Factors Associated With Residual Kidney Function and Proteinuria After Living Kidney Donation in the United States.
Academic Article An opt-out model for kidney transplant referral: The time has come.
Academic Article Chronic kidney disease in an electronic health record problem list: quality of care, ESRD, and mortality.
Academic Article Half of kidney transplant candidates who are older than 60 years now placed on the waiting list will die before receiving a deceased-donor transplant.
Academic Article The effects of renal transplantation on circulating precursor dendritic cells.
Academic Article The pivotal impact of center characteristics on survival of candidates listed for deceased donor kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Outcomes of In-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Maintenance Dialysis Patients.
Academic Article Response: Old-to-old pancreas transplantation, what's old in the USA may be young in Europe.
Academic Article Evaluating Glomerular Filtration Rate Slope as a Surrogate End Point for ESKD in Clinical Trials: An Individual Participant Meta-Analysis of Observational Data.
Academic Article Comparable barriers to access to kidney transplantation across national lines.
Academic Article National Impact of Maintenance Dialysis or Renal Transplantation on Outcomes Following ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction.
Academic Article Recurrence of IgA Nephropathy after Kidney Transplantation in Adults.
Academic Article Effect of different immunosuppressive regimens on the evolution of distinct metabolic parameters: evidence from the Symphony study.
Academic Article Intra-Arterial versus Intravenous Contrast and Renal Injury in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Propensity-Matched Analysis.
Academic Article Travel distance and home dialysis rates in the United States.
Academic Article If you're not fit, you mustn't quit: observational studies and weighing the evidence.
Academic Article Proton-pump inhibitor vs. H2-receptor blocker use and overall risk of CKD progression.
Academic Article Serum Potassium, End-Stage Renal Disease and Mortality in Chronic Kidney Disease.
Academic Article Major Variation across Local Transplant Centers in Probability of Kidney Transplant for Wait-Listed Patients.
Academic Article Obesity, anthropometric measures and chronic kidney disease complications.
Academic Article Predonation Prescription Opioid Use: A Novel Risk Factor for Readmission After Living Kidney Donation.
Academic Article Making house calls increases living donor inquiries and evaluations for blacks on the kidney transplant waiting list.
Academic Article The impact of pretransplant dialysis on outcomes in renal transplantation.
Academic Article Significantly Lower Rates of Kidney Transplantation among Candidates Listed with the Veterans Administration: A National and Local Comparison.
Academic Article Geographic hot spots of kidney transplant candidates wait-listed post-dialysis.
Academic Article The Organ Shortage Continues to Be a Crisis for Patients With End-stage Kidney Disease.
Academic Article Lithium and the living kidney donor: Science or stigma?

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