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Academic Article Daily versus as-needed corticosteroids for mild persistent asthma.
Academic Article Lack of benefit of methotrexate in severe, steroid-dependent asthma. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study.
Academic Article Sputum eosinophil counts predict asthma control after discontinuation of inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Management of asthma based on exhaled nitric oxide in addition to guideline-based treatment for inner-city adolescents and young adults: a randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Evolving role of theophylline for treatment of chronic childhood asthma.
Academic Article Fluticasone propionate plasma concentration and systemic effect: effect of delivery device and duration of administration.
Academic Article Long-term budesonide or nedocromil treatment, once discontinued, does not alter the course of mild to moderate asthma in children and adolescents.
Concept Bronchodilator Agents
Academic Article Daily or intermittent budesonide in preschool children with recurrent wheezing.
Academic Article Clinical predictors and outcomes of consistent bronchodilator response in the childhood asthma management program.
Academic Article Use of beclomethasone dipropionate as rescue treatment for children with mild persistent asthma (TREXA): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Azithromycin or montelukast as inhaled corticosteroid-sparing agents in moderate-to-severe childhood asthma study.
Academic Article Factors associated with asthma exacerbations during a long-term clinical trial of controller medications in children.
Academic Article Management of chronic asthma.
Academic Article Step-up therapy for children with uncontrolled asthma receiving inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Asthma pathogenesis and the implications for therapy in children.
Academic Article Key observations from the NHLBI Asthma Clinical Research Network.
Academic Article Bronchodilation and bronchoconstriction: predictors of future lung function in childhood asthma.
Academic Article Inhaled glucocorticoid therapy in children: how much is safe?
Academic Article Regular inhaled beta-adrenergic agonists in the treatment of bronchial asthma: beneficial or detrimental?
Academic Article Dose-related efficacy of budesonide administered via a dry powder inhaler in the treatment of children with moderate to severe persistent asthma.
Academic Article Airway remodeling: therapeutic target or not?
Academic Article Most nocturnal asthma symptoms occur outside of exacerbations and associate with morbidity.
Academic Article Adding LABAs to inhaled glucocorticoids for asthma.
Academic Article Nebulized budesonide inhalation suspension compared with cromolyn sodium nebulizer solution for asthma in young children: results of a randomized outcomes trial.
Academic Article Progression of asthma measured by lung function in the childhood asthma management program.
Academic Article Predictors of asthma control and lung function responsiveness to step 3 therapy in children with uncontrolled asthma.
Academic Article Childhood asthma clusters and response to therapy in clinical trials.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of short-acting ß2-agonists. A novel genome-wide significant locus on chromosome 2 near ASB3.
Academic Article Impact of Age and Sex on Response to Asthma Therapy.
Academic Article Patterns of Growth and Decline in Lung Function in Persistent Childhood Asthma.
Academic Article Tiotropium for the treatment of asthma in adolescents.
Academic Article A phase III randomized controlled trial of tiotropium add-on therapy in children with severe symptomatic asthma.
Academic Article Reply to 'Can a better patient phenotyping predict the efficacy of tiotropium in asthmatic adolescents?'
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of tiotropium in children aged 1-5 years with persistent asthmatic symptoms: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Quantifying beta-agonist utilization: Occasions or puffs?
Academic Article Tiotropium Is Efficacious in 6- to 17-Year-Olds with Asthma, Independent of T2 Phenotype.
Academic Article Tiotropium add-on therapy is safe and reduces seasonal worsening in paediatric asthma patients.
Academic Article Mometasone or Tiotropium in Mild Asthma with a Low Sputum Eosinophil Level.
Academic Article Step-Up Therapy in Black Children and Adults with Poorly Controlled Asthma.
Academic Article Assessing asthma control: comparison of electronic-recorded short-acting beta-agonist rescue use and self-reported use utilizing the asthma control test.
Academic Article Paradigm Shift in Asthma Therapy for Adolescents: Should It Apply to Younger Children as Well?
Academic Article Pharmacogenetic studies of long-acting beta agonist and inhaled corticosteroid responsiveness in randomised controlled trials of individuals of African descent with asthma.

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