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Concept Physicians, Women
Concept Physician Impairment
Concept Physician Assistants
Concept Physician Executives
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Concept Physician's Role
Concept Physicians
Academic Article Attitudes toward cost-conscious care among U.S. physicians and medical students: analysis of national cross-sectional survey data by age and stage of training.
Concept Physicians, Primary Care
Academic Article Notice of Retraction and Replacement. Dyrbye et al. Association of Clinical Specialty With Symptoms of Burnout and Career Choice Regret Among US Resident Physicians. JAMA. 2018;320(11):1114-1130.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Study Exploring Learning Environment Culture and Subsequent Risk of Burnout Among Resident Physicians Overall and by Gender.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Burnout and Help-Seeking Behaviors, Concerns, and Attitudes of Residents.
Academic Article Association of Perceived Electronic Health Record Usability With Patient Interactions and Work-Life Integration Among US Physicians.
Academic Article Resilience and Burnout Among Physicians and the General US Working Population.
Academic Article High-Value, Cost-Conscious Communication Skills in Undergraduate Medical Education: Validity Evidence for Scores Derived from Two Standardized Patient Scenarios.
Academic Article Relationship between burnout and professional conduct and attitudes among US medical students.
Academic Article Physicians' Ratings of their Supervisor's Leadership Behaviors and Their Subsequent Burnout and Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Providing primary care in the United States: the work no one sees.
Academic Article Association of Racial Bias With Burnout Among Resident Physicians.
Academic Article Contact and role modeling predict bias against lesbian and gay individuals among early-career physicians: A longitudinal study.
Academic Article PA job satisfaction and career plans.
Academic Article Ability of a 9-Item Well-Being Index to Identify Distress and Stratify Quality of Life in US Workers.
Academic Article The Value of Interracial Contact for Reducing Anti-Black Bias Among Non-Black Physicians: A Cognitive Habits and Growth Evaluation (CHANGE) Study Report.
Academic Article Self-Valuation Challenges in the Culture and?Practice of Medicine and Physician Well-being.
Academic Article Single item measures of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization are useful for assessing burnout in medical professionals.
Academic Article Physician satisfaction and burnout at different career stages.
Academic Article Effect of a Professional Coaching Intervention on the Well-being and Distress of Physicians: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Burnout and Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Among U.S. Medical Students.
Academic Article Factors influencing medical student self-competence to provide weight management services.
Academic Article Efficacy of the Well-Being Index to identify distress and stratify well-being in nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
Academic Article Improving physician well-being--reply.
Academic Article Interventions to prevent and reduce physician burnout: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Estimating the Attributable Cost of Physician Burnout in the United States.
Academic Article Utility of a brief screening tool to identify physicians in distress.
Academic Article Perceived Electronic Health Record Usability as a Predictor of Task Load and Burnout Among US Physicians: Mediation Analysis.
Academic Article Estimating the Attributable Cost of Physician Burnout in the United States.
Academic Article Physicians married or partnered to physicians: a comparative study in the American College of Surgeons.
Academic Article Physician Burnout, Well-being, and Work Unit Safety Grades in Relationship to Reported Medical Errors.
Academic Article Work-home conflicts have a substantial impact on career decisions that affect the adequacy of the surgical workforce.
Academic Article Work/Home conflict and burnout among academic internal medicine physicians.
Academic Article The art of bedside rounds: a multi-center qualitative study of strategies used by experienced bedside teachers.
Academic Article A qualitative study of physicians' experiences with online learning in a masters degree program: benefits, challenges, and proposed solutions.
Academic Article The Association Between Perceived Electronic Health Record Usability and Professional Burnout Among US Physicians.
Academic Article Association of Clinical Specialty With Symptoms of Burnout and Career Choice Regret Among US Resident Physicians.
Academic Article Physician burnout: contributors, consequences and solutions.
Academic Article A narrative review on burnout experienced by medical students and residents.
Academic Article Research productivity of graduates from 3 physician-scientist training programs.
Academic Article Disparities in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Integration in U.S. Physicians by Gender and Practice Setting.
Academic Article Relationship Between Burnout, Professional Behaviors, and Cost-Conscious Attitudes Among US Physicians.
Academic Article Intervention to promote physician well-being, job satisfaction, and professionalism: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Relationship between work-home conflicts and burnout among American surgeons: a comparison by sex.
Academic Article Brief observation: a national study of burnout among internal medicine clerkship directors.
Academic Article Personal and Professional Factors Associated With Work-Life Integration Among US Physicians.
Academic Article Burnout among U.S. medical students, residents, and early career physicians relative to the general U.S. population.
Academic Article Colleagues Meeting to Promote and Sustain Satisfaction (COMPASS) Groups for Physician Well-Being: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Address Physician Burnout By Restoring Control of Health Care to Physicians-Reply.
Academic Article Development of a Research Agenda to Identify Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Physician Wellness and Reduce Burnout.
Academic Article Physician burnout: a potential threat to successful health care reform.
Academic Article A survey of U.S. physicians and their partners regarding the impact of work-home conflict.
Academic Article Concurrent validity of single-item measures of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization in burnout assessment.
Academic Article Medical Licensure Questions and Physician Reluctance to Seek Care for Mental Health Conditions.
Academic Article Burnout, Depression, Career Satisfaction, and Work-Life Integration by Physician Race/Ethnicity.
Academic Article Health Care Expenditures Attributable to Primary Care Physician Overall and Burnout-Related Turnover: A Cross-sectional Analysis.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Residents' Perceptions of Residency Program Leadership Team Behaviors and Resident Burnout and Satisfaction.
Academic Article A national study of medical students' attitudes toward self-prescribing and responsibility to report impaired colleagues.
Academic Article Ability of the physician well-being index to identify residents in distress.
Academic Article Physicians' Experiences With Mistreatment and Discrimination by Patients, Families, and Visitors and Association With Burnout.
Academic Article Relationships Between EHR-Based Audit Log Data and Physician Burnout and Clinical Practice Process Measures.
Academic Article At-Risk Work Hours Among U.S. Physicians and Other U.S. Workers.
Academic Article Online Well-Being Group Coaching Program for Women Physician Trainees: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Career Plans of US Physicians After the First 2 Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Politicization of Medical Care, Burnout, and Professionally Conflicting Emotions Among Physicians During COVID-19.
Academic Article Assessment of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Adverse Professional Experiences, Depression, and Burnout in US?Physicians.

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