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Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Attitude
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Attitude to Health
Academic Article Attitudes toward cost-conscious care among U.S. physicians and medical students: analysis of national cross-sectional survey data by age and stage of training.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Burnout and Help-Seeking Behaviors, Concerns, and Attitudes of Residents.
Academic Article Association of Perceived Electronic Health Record Usability With Patient Interactions and Work-Life Integration Among US Physicians.
Academic Article Relationship between burnout and professional conduct and attitudes among US medical students.
Academic Article The Effects of Racism in Medical Education on Students' Decisions to Practice in Underserved or Minority Communities.
Academic Article Identifying and overcoming the barriers to bedside rounds: a multicenter qualitative study.
Academic Article Role Modeling and Regional Health Care Intensity: U.S. Medical Student Attitudes Toward and Experiences With Cost-Conscious Care.
Academic Article Contact and role modeling predict bias against lesbian and gay individuals among early-career physicians: A longitudinal study.
Academic Article Value-Added Activities in Medical Education: A Multisite Survey of First- and Second-Year Medical Students' Perceptions and Factors Influencing Their Potential Engagement.
Academic Article The value of bedside rounds: a multicenter qualitative study.
Academic Article Clinician educators' experiences with institutional review boards: results of a national survey.
Academic Article Imprinting on Clinical Rotations: Multisite Survey of High- and Low-Value Medical Student Behaviors and Relationship with Healthcare Intensity.
Academic Article Content and timing of feedback and reflection: a multi-center qualitative study of experienced bedside teachers.
Academic Article Original Research: Suicidal Ideation and Attitudes Toward Help Seeking in U.S. Nurses Relative to the General Working Population.
Academic Article Disparities in Burnout and Satisfaction With Work-Life Integration in U.S. Physicians by Gender and Practice Setting.
Academic Article Relationship Between Burnout, Professional Behaviors, and Cost-Conscious Attitudes Among US Physicians.
Academic Article A model for integration of formal knowledge and clinical experience: the advanced doctoring course at Mayo Medical School.
Academic Article An MD-PhD re-entry curriculum.
Academic Article Medical Licensure Questions and Physician Reluctance to Seek Care for Mental Health Conditions.
Academic Article Characterization of Nonphysician Health Care Workers' Burnout and Subsequent Changes in Work Effort.
Academic Article A national study of medical students' attitudes toward self-prescribing and responsibility to report impaired colleagues.

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