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Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article Accelerated water-fat imaging using restricted subspace field map estimation and compressed sensing.
Academic Article Three dimensional first-pass myocardial perfusion imaging at 3T: feasibility study.
Academic Article High-spatial-resolution contrast-enhanced MR angiography of the intracranial venous system with fourfold accelerated two-dimensional sensitivity encoding.
Academic Article Time-resolved 3D contrast-enhanced MRA of an extended FOV using continuous table motion.
Academic Article Chemical shift encoded water-fat separation using parallel imaging and compressed sensing.
Academic Article Segmentation and quantification of adipose tissue by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Continuously moving table MRI with SENSE: application in peripheral contrast enhanced MR angiography.
Academic Article Repeatability of chemical-shift-encoded water-fat MRI and diffusion-tensor imaging in lower extremity muscles in children.
Academic Article Non-gadolinium dynamic angiography of the neurovasculature using arterial spin labeling MRI: preliminary experience in children.
Academic Article Undersampled elliptical centric view-order for improved spatial resolution in contrast-enhanced MR angiography.
Academic Article Combination of 2D sensitivity encoding and 2D partial fourier techniques for improved acceleration in 3D contrast-enhanced MR angiography.
Academic Article Effectiveness of diffusion tensor imaging in assessing disease severity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: preliminary study.
Academic Article Measurement of interscapular brown adipose tissue of mice in differentially housed temperatures by chemical-shift-encoded water-fat MRI.
Academic Article MR properties of brown and white adipose tissues.
Academic Article Automatic intra-subject registration-based segmentation of abdominal fat from water-fat MRI.
Academic Article 2-D magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of the pediatric brain using compressed sensing.
Academic Article Recovery of phase inconsistencies in continuously moving table extended field of view magnetic resonance imaging acquisitions.
Academic Article Identification of brown adipose tissue in mice with fat-water IDEAL-MRI.
Academic Article Improved blood suppression in three-dimensional (3D) fast spin-echo (FSE) vessel wall imaging using a combination of double inversion-recovery (DIR) and diffusion sensitizing gradient (DSG) preparations.
Academic Article Improved fat-suppression homogeneity with mDIXON turbo spin echo (TSE) in pediatric spine imaging at 3.0?T.
Academic Article Accelerated T2*-compensated fat fraction quantification using a joint parallel imaging and compressed sensing framework.
Academic Article Linearity and Bias of Proton Density Fat Fraction as a Quantitative Imaging Biomarker: A Multicenter, Multiplatform, Multivendor Phantom Study.
Academic Article Prediction of myocardial signal during CINE balanced SSFP imaging.
Academic Article Newly Developed Methods for Reducing Motion Artifacts in Pediatric Abdominal MRI: Tips and Pearls.
Academic Article Variable field of view for spatial resolution improvement in continuously moving table magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Correction of phase errors in quantitative water-fat imaging using a monopolar time-interleaved multi-echo gradient echo sequence.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced MR angiography of the peripheral vasculature with a continuously moving table and modified elliptical centric acquisition.
Academic Article Dual-velocity continuously moving table acquisition for contrast-enhanced peripheral magnetic resonance angiography.

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