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Concept Adipose Tissue, White
Concept Adipose Tissue
Concept Adipose Tissue, Brown
Academic Article Techniques and Applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Studying Brown Adipose Tissue Morphometry and Function.
Academic Article Quantification of Human Central Adipose Tissue Depots: An Anatomically Matched Comparison Between DXA and MRI.
Academic Article Inverse association between brown adipose tissue activation and white adipose tissue accumulation in successfully treated pediatric malignancy.
Academic Article Accelerated water-fat imaging using restricted subspace field map estimation and compressed sensing.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of muscle fat infiltration in children with spina bifida.
Academic Article MRI detection of brown adipose tissue with low fat content in newborns with hypothermia.
Academic Article Proton density fat-fraction: a standardized MR-based biomarker of tissue fat concentration.
Academic Article Brown adipose tissue and its relationship to bone structure in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Functional brown adipose tissue is related to muscle volume in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Human BAT possesses molecular signatures that resemble beige/brite cells.
Academic Article Unequivocal identification of brown adipose tissue in a human infant.
Academic Article Chemical shift encoded water-fat separation using parallel imaging and compressed sensing.
Academic Article Segmentation and quantification of adipose tissue by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Measuring bone mineral density with fat-water MRI: comparison with computed tomography.
Academic Article Brown Adipose Tissue: Multimodality Evaluation by PET, MRI, Infrared Thermography, and Whole-Body Calorimetry (TACTICAL-II).
Academic Article Repeatability of chemical-shift-encoded water-fat MRI and diffusion-tensor imaging in lower extremity muscles in children.
Academic Article Practical application of in vivo MRI-based brown adipose tissue measurements in infants.
Academic Article Measurement of interscapular brown adipose tissue of mice in differentially housed temperatures by chemical-shift-encoded water-fat MRI.
Academic Article MR properties of brown and white adipose tissues.
Academic Article Bone marrow adipose tissue content in Latino adolescents with prediabetes and obesity.
Academic Article Differential computed tomographic attenuation of metabolically active and inactive adipose tissues: preliminary findings.
Academic Article Variations in T(2)* and fat content of murine brown and white adipose tissues by chemical-shift MRI.
Academic Article Emerging Technologies and their Applications in Lipid Compartment Measurement.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging of obesity and metabolic disorders: Summary from the 2019 ISMRM Workshop.
Academic Article Characterization of human brown adipose tissue by chemical-shift water-fat MRI.
Academic Article Comparison of fat-water MRI and single-voxel MRS in the assessment of hepatic and pancreatic fat fractions in humans.
Academic Article Quantification of absolute fat mass using an adipose tissue reference signal model.
Academic Article Linearity, Bias, and Precision of Hepatic Proton Density Fat Fraction Measurements by Using MR Imaging: A Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Identification of brown adipose tissue in mice with fat-water IDEAL-MRI.
Academic Article Relevance of brown adipose tissue in infancy and adolescence.
Academic Article Magnetic Resonance of Brown Adipose Tissue: A Review of Current Techniques.
Academic Article Improved fat-suppression homogeneity with mDIXON turbo spin echo (TSE) in pediatric spine imaging at 3.0?T.
Academic Article Changes in brown adipose tissue in boys and girls during childhood and puberty.
Academic Article Accelerated T2*-compensated fat fraction quantification using a joint parallel imaging and compressed sensing framework.
Academic Article Developments in the imaging of brown adipose tissue and its associations with muscle, puberty, and health in children.
Academic Article The depiction of brown adipose tissue is related to disease status in pediatric patients with lymphoma.
Academic Article Presence of brown adipose tissue in an adolescent with severe primary hypothyroidism.
Academic Article Correction of phase errors in quantitative water-fat imaging using a monopolar time-interleaved multi-echo gradient echo sequence.
Academic Article Brown Adipose Tissue, Adiposity, and Metabolic Profile in Preschool Children.
Academic Article Comparison of brown and white adipose tissues in infants and children with chemical-shift-encoded water-fat MRI.
Academic Article ISMRM workshop on fat-water separation: insights, applications and progress in MRI.
Academic Article Measurement of vertebral bone marrow proton density fat fraction in children using quantitative water-fat MRI.
Academic Article On the relevance of brown adipose tissue in children.
Academic Article Brown Adipose Reporting Criteria in Imaging STudies (BARCIST 1.0): Recommendations for Standardized FDG-PET/CT Experiments in Humans.

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