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Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Intracranial Pressure
Concept Lower Body Negative Pressure
Concept Partial Pressure
Concept Blood Pressure Determination
Concept Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid
Concept Arterial Pressure
Academic Article Multivariate dynamic analysis of cerebral blood flow regulation in humans.
Academic Article Estimating normal and pathological dynamic responses in cerebral blood flow velocity to step changes in end-tidal pCO2.
Academic Article Brain morphometric correlates of metabolic variables in HIV: the CHARTER study.
Academic Article Heart-rate and blood-pressure variability during psychophysiological tasks involving speech: influence of respiration.
Academic Article High spontaneous fluctuation in arterial blood pressure improves the assessment of cerebral autoregulation.
Academic Article Darunavir is predominantly unbound to protein in cerebrospinal fluid and concentrations exceed the wild-type HIV-1 median 90% inhibitory concentration.
Academic Article Etravirine in CSF is highly protein bound.
Academic Article Detection of impaired cerebral autoregulation improves by increasing arterial blood pressure variability.
Academic Article Objective selection of signals for assessment of cerebral blood flow autoregulation in neonates.
Academic Article Therapeutic amprenavir concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid.
Academic Article Rebuttal from David Simpson and Jurgen Claassen.
Academic Article Spectral analysis of heart rate indicates reduced baroreceptor-related heart rate variability in elderly persons.
Academic Article Reproducibility of dynamic cerebral autoregulation parameters: a multi-centre, multi-method study.
Academic Article Adaptive feedback analysis and control of programmable stimuli for assessment of cerebrovascular function.
Academic Article Optimising the assessment of cerebral autoregulation from black box models.
Academic Article Random perturbations of arterial blood pressure for the assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.
Academic Article Increased blood pressure variability upon standing up improves reproducibility of cerebral autoregulation indices.
Academic Article Tracking instantaneous pressure-to-flow dynamics of cerebral autoregulation induced by CO2 reactivity.
Academic Article CrossTalk opposing view: dynamic cerebral autoregulation should be quantified using induced (rather than spontaneous) blood pressure fluctuations.
Academic Article Quantifying the contribution of intracranial pressure and arterial blood pressure to spontaneous tympanic membrane displacement.
Academic Article Comparison of assays for measuring plasma paracetamol. Possibility of calibration error needs evaluation.
Academic Article Size at birth and autonomic function during psychological stress.
Academic Article Assessing cerebral blood flow control from variability in blood pressure and arterial CO2 levels.
Academic Article Changes in cerebral autoregulation and blood biomarkers after remote ischemic preconditioning.
Academic Article Cerebrovascular Regulation in Neurological Disorders.
Academic Article Estimating confidence intervals for cerebral autoregulation: a parametric bootstrap approach.
Academic Article A Data-Driven Approach to Transfer Function Analysis for Superior Discriminative Power: Optimized Assessment of Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation.
Academic Article Assessing blood flow control through a bootstrap method.
Academic Article Nonlinear, multiple-input modeling of cerebral autoregulation using Volterra Kernel estimation.
Academic Article Between-centre variability in transfer function analysis, a widely used method for linear quantification of the dynamic pressure-flow relation: the CARNet study.
Academic Article Efavirenz concentrations in CSF exceed IC50 for wild-type HIV.
Academic Article Transfer function analysis of dynamic cerebral autoregulation: A white paper from the International Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network.
Academic Article Coherent averaging of pseudorandom binary stimuli: is the dynamic cerebral autoregulatory response symmetrical?
Academic Article Rapid pressure-to-flow dynamics of cerebral autoregulation induced by instantaneous changes of arterial CO2.
Academic Article Revisiting the frequency domain: the multiple and partial coherence of cerebral blood flow velocity in the assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation.
Academic Article Assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation in humans: Is reproducibility dependent on blood pressure variability?
Academic Article Point-Counterpoint: Transfer function analysis of dynamic cerebral autoregulation: To band or not to band?
Academic Article Point/counterpoint: We should not take the direction of blood pressure change into consideration for dynamic cerebral autoregulation quantification.

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