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Concept Cartilage, Articular
Academic Article An Equilibrium Constitutive Model of Anisotropic Cartilage Damage to Elucidate Mechanisms of Damage Initiation and Progression.
Academic Article An evolutionary model of osteoarthritis including articular cartilage damage, and bone remodeling in a computational study.
Academic Article A poroelastic finite element model of the bone-cartilage unit to determine the effects of changes in permeability with osteoarthritis.
Grant A Hydrogel Model for Interstitial Fluid Flow
Academic Article Indentation mapping revealed poroelastic, but not viscoelastic, properties spanning native zonal articular cartilage.
Academic Article A Stereolithography-Based 3D Printed Hybrid Scaffold for In Situ Cartilage Defect Repair.
Academic Article Assessment and prevention of cartilage degeneration surrounding a focal chondral defect in the porcine model.
Academic Article Human articular cartilage is orthotropic where microstructure, micromechanics, and chemistry vary with depth and split-line orientation.
Academic Article Spaceflight and hind limb unloading induces an arthritic phenotype in knee articular cartilage and menisci of rodents.
Academic Article Exercise does not affect stiffness and mineralisation of third metacarpal condylar subarticular calcified tissues in 2 year old thoroughbred racehorses.
Academic Article Nanomechanical mapping of the osteochondral interface with contact resonance force microscopy and nanoindentation.
Academic Article Nanomechanical properties and mineral concentration in articular calcified cartilage and subchondral bone.
Academic Article Material properties and strain distribution patterns of bovine growth plate cartilage vary with anatomic location and depth.

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