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Academic Article The teleost anatomy ontology: anatomical representation for the genomics age.
Academic Article Identifiers for the 21st century: How to design, provision, and reuse persistent identifiers to maximize utility and impact of life science data.
Academic Article The Resource Identification Initiative: a cultural shift in publishing.
Academic Article The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations.
Academic Article The Human Phenotype Ontology project: linking molecular biology and disease through phenotype data.
Academic Article An analysis and metric of reusable data licensing practices for biomedical resources.
Academic Article Uberon, an integrative multi-species anatomy ontology.
Academic Article The Resource Identification Initiative: A Cultural Shift in Publishing.
Academic Article Dealing with data: a case study on information and data management literacy.
Academic Article Phenotype ontologies: the bridge between genomics and evolution.
Academic Article Finding our way through phenotypes.
Academic Article The Human Phenotype Ontology in 2021.
Academic Article Clinical Characterization and Prediction of Clinical Severity of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among US Adults Using Data From the US National COVID Cohort Collaborative.
Academic Article OBO Foundry in 2021: operationalizing open data principles to evaluate ontologies.
Academic Article A Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings (SSSOM).
Academic Article The Environmental Conditions, Treatments, and Exposures Ontology (ECTO): connecting toxicology and exposure to human health and beyond.
Academic Article Ontology Development Kit: a toolkit for building, maintaining and standardizing biomedical ontologies.
Academic Article Phenopacket-tools: Building and validating GA4GH Phenopackets.
Academic Article The Monarch Initiative in 2024: an analytic platform integrating phenotypes, genes?and diseases across species.

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