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Concept Myocytes, Smooth Muscle
Concept Myocytes, Cardiac
Academic Article Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta regulates post-myocardial infarction remodeling and stress-induced cardiomyocyte proliferation in vivo.
Academic Article Sunitinib-induced cardiotoxicity is mediated by off-target inhibition of AMP-activated protein kinase.
Academic Article c-kit+ cells minimally contribute cardiomyocytes to the heart.
Academic Article Protein Kinase Signaling at the Crossroads of Myocyte Life and Death in Ischemic Heart Disease.
Academic Article An acute immune response underlies the benefit of cardiac stem?cell therapy.
Academic Article Acute Catecholamine Exposure Causes Reversible Myocyte Injury Without Cardiac Regeneration.
Academic Article New Myocyte Formation in the Adult Heart: Endogenous Sources and Therapeutic Implications.
Academic Article Cardiac Cell Therapy Rejuvenates the Infarcted Rodent Heart via Direct Injection but Not by Vascular Infusion.
Academic Article Genetic Lineage Tracing of Sca-1+ Cells Reveals Endothelial but Not Myogenic Contribution to the Murine Heart.
Academic Article The Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter Selectively Matches Metabolic Output to Acute Contractile Stress in the Heart.
Academic Article Cardiomyocyte-specific deletion of Gsk3a mitigates post-myocardial infarction remodeling, contractile dysfunction, and heart failure.
Academic Article Identity Crisis for Regenerative Cardiac cKit+ Cells.
Academic Article DUSP8 Regulates Cardiac Ventricular Remodeling by Altering ERK1/2 Signaling.
Academic Article Fibroblast-specific TGF-?-Smad2/3 signaling underlies cardiac fibrosis.
Academic Article Inhibition of the cardiomyocyte-specific kinase TNNI3K limits oxidative stress, injury, and adverse remodeling in the ischemic heart.
Academic Article A specialized population of Periostin-expressing cardiac fibroblasts contributes to postnatal cardiomyocyte maturation and innervation.
Academic Article Deletion of Periostin Protects Against Atherosclerosis in Mice by Altering Inflammation and Extracellular Matrix Remodeling.
Academic Article Cell-specific ablation of Hsp47 defines the collagen-producing cells in the injured heart
Academic Article Sorafenib cardiotoxicity increases mortality after myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Glycogen synthase kinase-3a limits ischemic injury, cardiac rupture, post-myocardial infarction remodeling and death.
Grant The Role of Sca-1+ and ABCG2+ Cardiac Progenitor Cells in Endogenous Heart Regeneration
Academic Article Frataxin Deacetylation in Macrophages: Avoiding SIRTain Myocyte Death.
Academic Article Palmitoylation-dependent regulation of cardiomyocyte Rac1 signaling activity and minor effects on cardiac hypertrophy.

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