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Concept Virulence
Concept Virulence Factors
Academic Article Shigella flexneri regulation of ARF6 activation during bacterial entry via an IpgD-mediated positive feedback loop.
Academic Article A Francisella tularensis locus required for spermine responsiveness is necessary for virulence.
Academic Article A predicted Francisella tularensis DXD-motif glycosyltransferase blocks immune activation.
Academic Article A Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain that improves stimulation of antigen-presenting cells does not enhance vaccine efficacy.
Academic Article The contribution of the glycine cleavage system to the pathogenesis of Francisella tularensis.
Academic Article Topological Analysis of the Type 3 Secretion System Translocon Pore Protein IpaC following Its Native Delivery to the Plasma Membrane during Infection.
Academic Article Intermediate filaments enable pathogen docking to trigger type 3 effector translocation.
Academic Article Activation of Shigella flexneri type 3 secretion requires a host-induced conformational change to the translocon pore.
Academic Article MyD88-dependent signaling prolongs survival and reduces bacterial burden during pulmonary infection with virulent Francisella tularensis.
Grant The Type 3 Secretion System Translocon Pore in Bacterial Pathogenesis
Grant Role of host factors during effector translocation by type III secretion
Academic Article The type 3 secretion system requires actin polymerization to open translocon pores.

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