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Concept Polymers
Academic Article Tuning the properties of polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells by adjusting fullerene size to control intercalation.
Academic Article Liquid-crystalline semiconducting polymers with high charge-carrier mobility.
Academic Article Use of X-ray diffraction, molecular simulations, and spectroscopy to determine the molecular packing in a polymer-fullerene bimolecular crystal.
Academic Article Molecular packing and solar cell performance in blends of polymers with a bisadduct fullerene.
Academic Article Solution-processed nanostructured benzoporphyrin with polycarbonate binder for photovoltaics.
Academic Article Solution-Phase Conformation and Dynamics of Conjugated Isoindigo-Based Donor-Acceptor Polymer Single Chains.
Academic Article Unconventional face-on texture and exceptional in-plane order of a high mobility n-type polymer.
Academic Article Scalable and selective dispersion of semiconducting arc-discharged carbon nanotubes by dithiafulvalene/thiophene copolymers for thin film transistors.
Academic Article Molecular characterization of organic electronic films.
Academic Article Molecular packing of high-mobility diketo pyrrolo-pyrrole polymer semiconductors with branched alkyl side chains.
Academic Article Dependence of crystallite formation and preferential backbone orientations on the side chain pattern in PBDTTPD polymers.
Academic Article Impact of the Crystallite Orientation Distribution on Exciton Transport in Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers.
Academic Article Ordering effects in benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']difuran-thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione polymers with >7% solar cell efficiency.
Academic Article Square grains in asymmetric rod-coil block copolymers.
Academic Article Enhanced solid-state order and field-effect hole mobility through control of nanoscale polymer aggregation.
Academic Article Effects of thermal annealing upon the nanomorphology of poly(3-hexylselenophene)-PCBM blends.
Academic Article A highly stretchable, transparent, and conductive polymer.
Academic Article X-ray scattering study of thin films of poly(2,5-bis(3-alkylthiophen-2-yl)thieno[3,2-b]thiophene).
Academic Article 5,11-Conjugation-extended low-bandgap anthradithiophene-containing polymer exhibiting enhanced thin-film order and field-effect mobility.
Academic Article Correlating the scattered intensities of P3HT and PCBM to the current densities of polymer solar cells.
Academic Article Molecular order in high-efficiency polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells.
Academic Article Zone-refinement effect in small molecule-polymer blend semiconductors for organic thin-film transistors.
Academic Article The meniscus-guided deposition of semiconducting polymers.
Academic Article Direct Uniaxial Alignment of a Donor-Acceptor Semiconducting Polymer Using Single-Step Solution Shearing.
Academic Article Siloxane-terminated solubilizing side chains: bringing conjugated polymer backbones closer and boosting hole mobilities in thin-film transistors.
Academic Article Fine-Tuning Semiconducting Polymer Self-Aggregation and Crystallinity Enables Optimal Morphology and High-Performance Printed All-Polymer Solar Cells.
Academic Article Side-chain tunability of furan-containing low-band-gap polymers provides control of structural order in efficient solar cells.
Academic Article A general relationship between disorder, aggregation and charge transport in conjugated polymers.
Academic Article Flow-enhanced solution printing of all-polymer solar cells.
Academic Article Morphological, Chemical, and Electronic Changes of the Conjugated Polymer PTB7 with Thermal Annealing.
Academic Article Structural order in bulk heterojunction films prepared with solvent additives.
Academic Article Bridging the thermodynamics and kinetics of temperature-induced morphology evolution in polymer/fullerene organic solar cell bulk heterojunction.
Academic Article Unraveling the Unconventional Order of a High-Mobility Indacenodithiophene-Benzothiadiazole Copolymer.
Academic Article Use of a Multiple Hydride Donor To Achieve an n-Doped Polymer with High Solvent Resistance.

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