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Academic Article Staff perceptions of the emergency department working environment: An international cross-sectional survey.
Academic Article Predicting emergency department admissions.
Academic Article The impact of a multimodal education strategy (the DeTER program) on nurses' recognition and response to deteriorating patients.
Academic Article A structure, process and outcome evaluation of the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention model of care: a study protocol.
Academic Article Performance of the Faces Anxiety Scale in patients transferred from the ICU.
Academic Article The demoralisation of nurses and medical doctors working in the emergency department: A qualitative descriptive study.
Academic Article Illness representations predict health-related quality of life 6 months after hospital discharge in individuals with injury: a predictive survey.
Academic Article Patients' Perceptions of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Care Bundle in Hospital: A Qualitative Descriptive Study to Guide Evidence-Based Practice.
Academic Article Clinical handover of patients arriving by ambulance to the emergency department - a literature review.
Academic Article Key occupational stressors in the ED: an international comparison.
Academic Article The use of functional and cognitive assessment in the emergency department to inform decision making: A scoping review.
Academic Article Improving the nursing management of patients in a hematology/oncology day unit: an action research project.
Academic Article Core components of a staff wellness strategy in emergency departments: A clinician-informed nominal group study.
Academic Article Effect of the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention on outcomes of care for residents of aged care facilities: A non-randomised trial.
Academic Article Improving emergency department transfer for patients arriving by ambulance: A retrospective observational study.
Academic Article Regression forecasting of patient admission data.
Academic Article Linking ambulance, emergency department and hospital admissions data: understanding the emergency journey.
Academic Article Bladder Reconstruction Rates Differ among Centers Participating in National Spina Bifida Patient Registry.
Academic Article The Implementation and Evaluation of the Patient Admission Prediction Tool: Assessing Its Impact on Decision-Making Strategies and Patient Flow Outcomes in 2 Australian Hospitals.
Academic Article The Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention model of care: a pragmatic trial.
Academic Article Angiotensin II for the emergency physician.
Academic Article A structure and process evaluation of an Australian hospital admission avoidance programme for aged care facility residents.
Academic Article Risk factors for peripheral intravenous catheter failure: a multivariate analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article The development of a modified comprehensive geriatric assessment for use in the emergency department using a RAND/UCLA appropriateness method.
Academic Article Implementing an emergency department patient admission predictive tool: insights from practice.
Academic Article Users' experiences of an emergency department patient admission predictive tool: A qualitative evaluation.
Academic Article Phlebitis Signs and Symptoms With Peripheral Intravenous Catheters: Incidence and Correlation Study.
Academic Article Improved outcomes for emergency department patients whose ambulance off-stretcher time is not delayed.
Academic Article A descriptive study of peripheral intravenous catheters in patients admitted to a pediatric unit in one Australian hospital.
Academic Article An outcomes evaluation of an Australian Hospital in the Nursing Home admission avoidance programme.
Academic Article Review article: Staff perception of the emergency department working environment: Integrative review of the literature.
Academic Article Blood management in hip fractures; are we leaving it too late? A retrospective observational study.
Academic Article Operating theater culture: implications for nurse retention.
Academic Article Morale, stress and coping strategies of staff working in the emergency department: A comparison of two different-sized departments.
Academic Article Impact of influenza across 27 public emergency departments in Australia: a 5-year descriptive study.
Academic Article The impact of organisational and individual factors on team communication in surgery: a qualitative study.
Academic Article A structure and process evaluation of the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention model.
Academic Article Development of a revised Jalowiec Coping Scale for use by emergency clinicians: a cross-sectional scale development study.
Academic Article Emergency clinician perceptions of occupational stressors and coping strategies: A multi-site study.
Academic Article Work-based strategies/interventions to ameliorate stressors and foster coping for clinical staff working in emergency departments: a scoping review of the literature.
Academic Article Registered nurses' and midwives' knowledge of epidural analgesia.
Academic Article Bedside nursing handover: a case study.
Academic Article The predictive validity of the interRAI ED screener for predicting re-presentation within 28 days for older adults at a regional hospital emergency department.
Academic Article Review article: Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patient presentations to the emergency department via police: A scoping review.
Academic Article Expanding emergency department capacity: a multisite study.
Academic Article Nurse-led multidisciplinary initiatives to improve outcomes and reduce hospital admissions for older adults: The Care coordination through Emergency Department, Residential Aged Care and Primary Health Collaboration project.
Academic Article Stressors and coping strategies of emergency department nurses and doctors: A cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Surgeons' perspectives on surgical wound infection rate data in Queensland, Australia.
Academic Article Bedside handover: quality improvement strategy to "transform care at the bedside".
Academic Article A comparison of activities undertaken by enrolled and registered nurses on medical wards in Australia: an observational study.
Academic Article Review article: Interventions for people presenting to emergency departments with a mental health problem: A systematic scoping review.
Academic Article Pilot process and outcome evaluation of the introduction of a clinical nutrition pathway in the care of in-hospital renal patients.
Academic Article The impact of automated medicine dispensing units on nursing workflow: A cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Clinical Outcomes of Pregnant and Postpartum Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Patients.
Academic Article Implementation of distributed automated medication dispensing units in a new hospital: Nursing and pharmacy experience.
Academic Article Barriers-enablers-ownership approach: a mixed methods analysis of a social intervention to improve surgical antibiotic prescribing in hospitals.
Academic Article Urgent care in the community: an observational study.
Academic Article Optimising emergency department and acute care for people experiencing mental health problems: a nominal group study.
Academic Article Translation of the geriatric emergency department intervention into other emergency departments: a post implementation evaluation of outcomes for older adults.
Academic Article Factors associated with choice of health service delivery for after-hours, urgent, non-life-threatening conditions: a patient survey.
Academic Article Establishing the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention in Queensland emergency departments: a qualitative implementation study using the i-PARIHS model.
Academic Article Impact of COVID-19 state-wide lockdown on older adult presentations to Queensland emergency departments.

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