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Concept Air Pollution, Indoor
Concept Air Pollutants
Concept Air Pollution
Concept Air
Concept Air Movements
Academic Article Chemical analysis of diesel engine nanoparticles using a nano-DMA/thermal desorption particle beam mass spectrometer.
Academic Article Contributions of organic peroxides to secondary aerosol formed from reactions of monoterpenes with O3.
Academic Article Size-dependent mixing characteristics of volatile and nonvolatile components in diesel exhaust aerosols.
Academic Article Aerosol products, mechanisms, and kinetics of heterogeneous reactions of ozone with oleic acid in pure and mixed particles.
Academic Article Response of an aerosol mass spectrometer to organonitrates and organosulfates and implications for atmospheric chemistry.
Academic Article Quantification of Gas-Wall Partitioning in Teflon Environmental Chambers Using Rapid Bursts of Low-Volatility Oxidized Species Generated in Situ.
Academic Article Contribution of human-related sources to indoor volatile organic compounds in a university classroom.
Academic Article The Essential Role for Laboratory Studies in Atmospheric Chemistry.
Academic Article Gas-Phase Carboxylic Acids in a University Classroom: Abundance, Variability, and Sources.
Academic Article Direct Measurements of Gas/Particle Partitioning and Mass Accommodation Coefficients in Environmental Chambers.
Academic Article Identification and Quantification of 4-Nitrocatechol Formed from OH and NO3 Radical-Initiated Reactions of Catechol in Air in the Presence of NOx: Implications for Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Biomass Burning.
Academic Article Time-Resolved Measurements of Indoor Chemical Emissions, Deposition, and Reactions in a University Art Museum.
Academic Article Budgets of Organic Carbon Composition and Oxidation in Indoor Air.
Academic Article Measurements and modeling of absorptive partitioning of volatile organic compounds to painted surfaces.
Academic Article Quantification of alkenes on indoor surfaces and implications for chemical sources and sinks.
Academic Article Quantification and source characterization of volatile organic compounds from exercising and application of chlorine-based cleaning products in a university athletic center.

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