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Academic Article Promoting worksite smoking control policies and actions: the Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT) experience. The COMMIT Research Group.
Academic Article Smoking cessation interventions among hospitalized patients: what have we learned?
Academic Article Worksite smoking control activities: prevalence and related worksite characteristics from the COMMIT Study, 1990.
Academic Article Compliance with worksite nonsmoking policies: baseline results from the COMMIT study of worksites.
Academic Article Do behavioral smoking reduction approaches reach more or different smokers? Two studies; similar answers.
Academic Article Correlates of household smoking bans in low-income families of children with and without asthma.
Academic Article Evaluating initial reach and robustness of a practical randomized trial of smoking reduction.
Academic Article Behavior change intervention research in healthcare settings: a review of recent reports with emphasis on external validity.
Academic Article Tailored behavioral support for smoking reduction: development and pilot results of an innovative intervention.
Academic Article Long-term results of a smoking reduction program.
Concept Smoking Cessation
Academic Article Smoking cessation: what have we learned over the past decade?
Academic Article Relationship of worksite smoking policy to changes in employee tobacco use: findings from COMMIT. Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of a hospital-based smoking cessation intervention.
Academic Article Defining and understanding success at smoking reduction: a mixed-methods study.
Academic Article Modifying dietary and tobacco use patterns in the worksite: the Take Heart Project.
Academic Article Results of a year-long incentives-based worksite smoking-cessation program.
Academic Article Motivation to quit using cigarettes: a review.
Academic Article Biochemical validation of smoking status: pros, cons, and data from four low-intensity intervention trials.
Academic Article Worksite smoking control, discouragement, and cessation.
Academic Article Reaching those most in need: participation in a Planned Parenthood smoking cessation program.
Academic Article A smoking-cessation intervention for hospital patients.
Academic Article A stop-smoking telephone help line that nobody called.
Academic Article Implementing a year-long, worksite-based incentive program for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Changes in smoking associated with hospitalization: quit rates, predictive variables, and intervention implications.
Academic Article Providing an integrated program of low intensity tobacco cessation services in a health maintenance organization.
Academic Article Telephone counseling for smoking cessation: rationales and meta-analytic review of evidence.
Academic Article Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT): changes in community attitudes toward cigarette smoking.
Academic Article The medical care system and prevention: the need for a new paradigm.
Academic Article Does the chronic care model serve also as a template for improving prevention?
Academic Article Employee and organizational factors associated with participation in an incentive-based worksite smoking cessation program.
Academic Article Work site smoking cessation: a meta-analysis of long-term quit rates from controlled studies.
Academic Article Using radon risk to motivate smoking reduction II: randomized evaluation of brief telephone counseling and a targeted video.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes: readiness for change and provider advice.
Academic Article Radon-smoking synergy: A population-based behavioral risk reduction approach.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes.
Academic Article Natural language processing in the electronic medical record: assessing clinician adherence to tobacco treatment guidelines.
Academic Article Concern about weight gain associated with quitting smoking: prevalence and association with outcome in a sample of young female smokers.
Academic Article Tobacco cessation interventions in health care settings: rationale, model, outcomes.
Academic Article Adoption, reach, and implementation of a novel smoking control program: analysis of a public utility-research organization partnership.
Academic Article A brief smoking cessation intervention for women in low-income planned parenthood clinics.
Academic Article Implementation and effectiveness of a brief smoking-cessation intervention for hospital patients.
Academic Article Using theory and technology to design a practical and generalizable smoking reduction intervention.
Academic Article Physiologic and related behavioral outcomes from the Women's Lifestyle Heart Trial.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes.
Academic Article Using radon risk to motivate smoking reduction: evaluation of written materials and brief telephone counselling.
Academic Article Giving smoking cessation the attention that it deserves.
Academic Article Smoking-specific weight gain concerns and smoking cessation in a working population.
Academic Article Reporting of validity from school health promotion studies published in 12 leading journals, 1996-2000.
Academic Article Costing behavioral interventions: a practical guide to enhance translation.
Academic Article Exemplary report and missed opportunities: the influence of worldview and the difficulty of overcoming our training.
Academic Article Worksite smoking cessation: current progress and future directions.
Academic Article Take heart: results from the initial phase of a work-site wellness program.
Grant RE-AIM Evaluation of Tailored Smoking Harm Reduction
Academic Article Smoking control and smoking rate: implications for worksite smoking cessation.
Grant Pragmatic Implementation Science Approaches to Assess and Enhance Value of Cancer Prevention and Control in Rural Primary Care
Academic Article Closed-Loop Electronic Referral From Primary Care Clinics to a State Tobacco Cessation Quitline: Effects Using Real-World Implementation Training.

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