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Academic Article Promoting worksite smoking control policies and actions: the Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT) experience. The COMMIT Research Group.
Academic Article Reaching those most in need: a review of diabetes self-management interventions in disadvantaged populations.
Academic Article Worksite smoking control activities: prevalence and related worksite characteristics from the COMMIT Study, 1990.
Academic Article Compliance with worksite nonsmoking policies: baseline results from the COMMIT study of worksites.
Academic Article The future of health behavior change research: what is needed to improve translation of research into health promotion practice?
Academic Article Why don't we see more translation of health promotion research to practice? Rethinking the efficacy-to-effectiveness transition.
Academic Article Work site health promotion research: to what extent can we generalize the results and what is needed to translate research to practice?
Academic Article Interactive behavior change technology. A partial solution to the competing demands of primary care.
Academic Article Disseminating effective cancer screening interventions.
Academic Article Individualised treatment improves depression in people with depression and diabetes.
Academic Article The frequency and behavioral outcomes of goal choices in the self-management of diabetes.
Academic Article Beginning with the application in mind: designing and planning health behavior change interventions to enhance dissemination.
Academic Article Practical and relevant self-report measures of patient health behaviors for primary care research.
Academic Article Do behavioral smoking reduction approaches reach more or different smokers? Two studies; similar answers.
Academic Article Putting it together: finding success in behavior change through integration of services.
Academic Article Common measures, better outcomes (COMBO): a field test of brief health behavior measures in primary care.
Academic Article Evaluating initial reach and robustness of a practical randomized trial of smoking reduction.
Academic Article Use of RE-AIM to develop a multi-media facilitation tool for the patient-centered medical home.
Academic Article Response from the Behavior Change Consortium Representatives and Translation Work Group: the issue is one of impact, not of world view or preferred approach.
Academic Article Use of chronic care model elements is associated with higher-quality care for diabetes.
Academic Article Behavior change intervention research in healthcare settings: a review of recent reports with emphasis on external validity.
Academic Article Behavior change intervention research in community settings: how generalizable are the results?
Academic Article Tailored behavioral support for smoking reduction: development and pilot results of an innovative intervention.
Academic Article Outcomes of a multifaceted physical activity regimen as part of a diabetes self-management intervention.
Academic Article Redesigning primary care practice to incorporate health behavior change: prescription for health round-2 results.
Academic Article The chronic care model and relationships to patient health status and health-related quality of life.
Academic Article Long-term results of a smoking reduction program.
Academic Article Improving multiple health risk behaviors in primary care: lessons from the Prescription for Health Common Measures, Better Outcomes (COMBO) study.
Academic Article Use of a website to accomplish health behavior change: if you build it, will they come? And will it work if they do?
Academic Article Do patient preferences for health information vary by health literacy or numeracy? A qualitative assessment.
Concept Health Literacy
Concept Regional Health Planning
Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Education
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Health Status Indicators
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Mental Health Services
Concept Urban Health
Concept Health Care Sector
Concept Family Health
Concept Consumer Health Information
Concept Occupational Health
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Public Health Practice
Concept Insurance, Health
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Health Resources
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Health Behavior
Concept National Health Programs
Concept Health Benefit Plans, Employee
Concept Health Maintenance Organizations
Concept Health Care Coalitions
Concept Quality Indicators, Health Care
Concept Public Health
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Health Planning Guidelines
Concept Health Status
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Oral Health
Concept Mental Health
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Women's Health
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept Community Health Workers
Concept Health Facilities
Concept Rural Health
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Concept Health Education, Dental
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Community Health Planning
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Health Planning
Concept Health Policy
Concept Women's Health Services
Concept Health Expenditures
Concept Voluntary Health Agencies
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept Health Services
Concept School Health Services
Academic Article A systematic approach to diabetes management in the post-DCCT era.
Academic Article How generalizable are the effects of smoking prevention programs? Refusal skills training and parent messages in a teacher-administered program.
Academic Article Feasibility and use of an Internet support service for diabetes self-management.
Academic Article Physical activity promotion through primary care.
Academic Article Evaluating the impact of health promotion programs: using the RE-AIM framework to form summary measures for decision making involving complex issues.
Academic Article A brief intervention designed to increase breast cancer self-screening.
Academic Article Relationship of worksite smoking policy to changes in employee tobacco use: findings from COMMIT. Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of a hospital-based smoking cessation intervention.
Academic Article Interventions to prevent relapse.
Academic Article The problem of creating habits: establishing health-protective dental behaviors.
Academic Article Methodologic challenges in disseminating evidence-based interventions to promote physical activity.
Academic Article Translating effective clinic-based physical activity interventions into practice.
Academic Article Using Implementation and Dissemination Concepts to Spread 21st-century Well-Child Care at a Health Maintenance Organization.
Academic Article Variation in perceived competence, glycemic control, and patient satisfaction: relationship to autonomy support from physicians.
Academic Article Translating research to practice: lessons learned, areas for improvement, and future directions.
Academic Article Twelve-month outcomes of an Internet-based diabetes self-management support program.
Academic Article Who participates in internet-based worksite weight loss programs?
Academic Article Development and validation of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC).
Academic Article Reaiming RE-AIM: using the model to plan, implement, and evaluate the effects of environmental change approaches to enhancing population health.
Academic Article Predicting levels of preventive dental behaviors.
Academic Article Lifestyle change in women with coronary heart disease: what do we know?
Academic Article Modifying dietary and tobacco use patterns in the worksite: the Take Heart Project.
Academic Article What types of evidence are most needed to advance behavioral medicine?
Academic Article Results of a year-long incentives-based worksite smoking-cessation program.
Academic Article Effect of a multimodal reminder program on repeat mammogram screening.
Academic Article Lessons learned: patient recruitment strategies for a type 2 diabetes intervention in a primary care setting [corrected].
Academic Article A worksite smoking modification competition: potential for public health impact.
Academic Article The Patients' Perspective on the Self-management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
Academic Article Motivation to quit using cigarettes: a review.
Academic Article Participation in outpatient diabetes education programs: how many patients take part and how representative are they?
Academic Article Preventing adolescent smoking: what have we learned about treatment construct validity?
Academic Article Participation in worksite health promotion: a critique of the literature and recommendations for future practice.
Academic Article Physician advice and support for physical activity: results from a national survey.
Academic Article Resources for Health: A Social-Ecological Intervention for Supporting Self-management of Chronic Conditions.
Academic Article How can we increase translation of research into practice? Types of evidence needed.
Academic Article Where is the patient in diabetes performance measures? The case for including patient-centered and self-management measures.
Academic Article Worksite smoking control, discouragement, and cessation.
Academic Article Screening rarely screened women: time-to-service and 24-month outcomes of tailored interventions.
Academic Article A practical, robust implementation and sustainability model (PRISM) for integrating research findings into practice.
Academic Article Applying the PRECIS criteria to describe three effectiveness trials of weight loss in obese patients with comorbid conditions.
Academic Article Behavioral and psychosocial effects of intensive lifestyle management for women with coronary heart disease.
Academic Article The safety net: a cost-effective approach to improving breast and cervical cancer screening.
Academic Article Advancing collaborative research with 2-1-1 to reduce health disparities: challenges, opportunities, and recommendations.
Academic Article Reaching those most in need: participation in a Planned Parenthood smoking cessation program.
Academic Article Implementing practical interventions to support chronic illness self-management.
Academic Article A smoking-cessation intervention for hospital patients.
Academic Article A stop-smoking telephone help line that nobody called.
Academic Article Translation of an effective tai chi intervention into a community-based falls-prevention program.
Academic Article Screening HMO women overdue for both mammograms and pap tests.
Academic Article Ecological approaches to self-management: the case of diabetes.
Academic Article Automated telephone calls to enhance colorectal cancer screening: economic analysis.
Academic Article The social unit: an important facet in the design of cancer control research.
Academic Article Starting the conversation performance of a brief dietary assessment and intervention tool for health professionals.
Academic Article Implementing a year-long, worksite-based incentive program for smoking cessation.
Academic Article Changes in smoking associated with hospitalization: quit rates, predictive variables, and intervention implications.
Academic Article Providing an integrated program of low intensity tobacco cessation services in a health maintenance organization.
Academic Article A brief office-based intervention to facilitate diabetes dietary self-management.
Academic Article Behavior change at the worksite: does social support make a difference?
Academic Article Telephone counseling for smoking cessation: rationales and meta-analytic review of evidence.
Academic Article Steering Committee enhancements on health promotion program delivery.
Academic Article Recruitment of managed care Medicare patients for a physical activity study.
Academic Article Community Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (COMMIT): changes in community attitudes toward cigarette smoking.
Academic Article The medical care system and prevention: the need for a new paradigm.
Academic Article Does the chronic care model serve also as a template for improving prevention?
Academic Article Randomized trial of a brief dietary intervention to decrease consumption of fat and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Academic Article Smoking behavior and attitudes of employees of a large HMO before and after a work site ban on cigarette smoking.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes.
Academic Article The tribal tobacco policy project: working with Northwest Indian tribes on smoking policies.
Academic Article Interactive media for diabetes self-management: issues in maximizing public health impact.
Academic Article Outcomes from a multiple risk factor diabetes self-management trial for Latinas: ?Viva Bien!
Academic Article Applying chronic illness care, implementation science, and self-management support to HIV.
Academic Article The tobacco use research program at Oregon Research Institute.
Academic Article Methods for the cultural adaptation of a diabetes lifestyle intervention for Latinas: an illustrative project.
Academic Article The efficacy of social-influence prevention programs versus "standard care": are new initiatives needed?
Academic Article Invitation to a dialogue between researchers and clinicians about evidence-based behavioral medicine.
Academic Article Personal models of diabetes and their relations to self-care activities.
Academic Article Interactive computer technology, behavioral science, and family practice.
Academic Article Employee and organizational factors associated with participation in an incentive-based worksite smoking cessation program.
Academic Article Adherence to IDDM regimens: relationship to psychosocial variables and metabolic control.
Academic Article Development and validation of an instrument to measure resources and support for chronic illness self-management: a model using diabetes.
Academic Article Making evidence from research more relevant, useful, and actionable in policy, program planning, and practice slips "twixt cup and lip".
Academic Article Work site smoking cessation: a meta-analysis of long-term quit rates from controlled studies.
Academic Article Co-worker social support in a worksite smoking control program.
Academic Article The U.S. training institute for dissemination and implementation research in health.
Academic Article Use of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) with diabetic patients: relationship to patient characteristics, receipt of care, and self-management.
Academic Article Development and implementation of an integrated, multi-modality, user-centered interactive dietary change program.
Academic Article Reach and effectiveness of DVD and in-person diabetes self-management education.
Academic Article The effectiveness of disease and case management for people with diabetes. A systematic review.
Academic Article Increasing diabetes self-management education in community settings. A systematic review.
Academic Article Using radon risk to motivate smoking reduction II: randomized evaluation of brief telephone counseling and a targeted video.
Academic Article Practical, practice, and policy relevant trials.
Academic Article Implications of Active Living by Design for broad adoption, successful implementation, and long-term sustainability.
Academic Article Brief assessments of dietary behavior in field settings.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes: readiness for change and provider advice.
Academic Article Evaluating the public health impact of health promotion interventions: the RE-AIM framework.
Academic Article Radon-smoking synergy: A population-based behavioral risk reduction approach.
Academic Article The future of physical activity behavior change research: what is needed to improve translation of research into health promotion practice?
Academic Article If diabetes is a public health problem, why not treat it as one? A population-based approach to chronic illness.
Academic Article Building knowledge integration systems for evidence-informed decisions.
Academic Article Validation of the Spanish translation of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) survey.
Academic Article A model program for a devastating disease: important content and methods issues in translating research into practice: comment on "Translation of a dementia caregiver support program in a health care system--REACH VA".
Academic Article Optimized probability sampling of study sites to improve generalizability in a multisite intervention trial.
Academic Article Engagement in a diabetes self-management website: usage patterns and generalizability of program use.
Academic Article Developing robust, sustainable, implementation systems using rigorous, rapid and relevant science.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes.
Academic Article Self-efficacy and outcome expectations in the self-regulation of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Patient-reported measures of psychosocial issues and health behavior should be added to electronic health records.
Academic Article Organising care for chronic illness.
Academic Article Predicting adolescent smoking.
Academic Article Are research and policy advocacy two separate worlds?
Academic Article Concern about weight gain associated with quitting smoking: prevalence and association with outcome in a sample of young female smokers.
Academic Article Assessment of chronic illness care (ACIC): a practical tool to measure quality improvement.
Academic Article Obesity treatment for socioeconomically disadvantaged patients in primary care practice.
Academic Article Interactive technology applications for behavioral counseling: issues and opportunities for health care settings.
Academic Article Tobacco cessation interventions in health care settings: rationale, model, outcomes.
Academic Article Using RE-AIM metrics to evaluate diabetes self-management support interventions.
Academic Article Diabetes care practices in primary care: results from two samples and three measurement sets.
Academic Article Recruitment and retention of participants in a pragmatic randomized intervention trial at three community health clinics: results and lessons learned.
Academic Article Adoption, reach, and implementation of a novel smoking control program: analysis of a public utility-research organization partnership.
Academic Article The relationship between diabetes distress and clinical depression with glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Self-efficacy, problem solving, and social-environmental support are associated with diabetes self-management behaviors.
Academic Article How generalizable are the results of diabetes self-management research? The impact of participation and attrition.
Academic Article What is the relationship between breast cancer risk and mammography screening? A meta-analytic review.
Academic Article Behavior matters.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a smokeless tobacco cessation program: a pilot study.
Academic Article Hospital volume influences outcome in patients undergoing pancreatic resection for cancer.
Academic Article Outcomes of and for diabetes education research.
Academic Article Subjective reactions to rapid and normal pace adversive smoking.
Academic Article Review of primary care-based physical activity intervention studies: effectiveness and implications for practice and future research.
Academic Article Diabetes-specific social learning variables and self-care behaviors among persons with type II diabetes.
Academic Article Harmonized patient-reported data elements in the electronic health record: supporting meaningful use by primary care action on health behaviors and key psychosocial factors.
Academic Article RE-AIMing research for application: ways to improve evidence for family medicine.
Academic Article Translating what we have learned into practice. Principles and hypotheses for interventions addressing multiple behaviors in primary care.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness research in cancer: what has been funded and what knowledge gaps remain?
Academic Article Viva bien!: Overcoming recruitment challenges in a multiple-risk-factor diabetes trial.
Academic Article Evaluating the relevance, generalization, and applicability of research: issues in external validation and translation methodology.
Academic Article The RE-AIM framework: a systematic review of use over time.
Academic Article Robustness of a computer-assisted diabetes self-management intervention across patient characteristics, healthcare settings, and intervention staff.
Academic Article A brief smoking cessation intervention for women in low-income planned parenthood clinics.
Academic Article Personal-model beliefs and social-environmental barriers related to diabetes self-management.
Academic Article Quality of life and associated characteristics in a large national sample of adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Diabetes self-management. Self-reported recommendations and patterns in a large population.
Academic Article Dissemination and implementation research on community-based cancer prevention: a systematic review.
Academic Article A proposal to speed translation of healthcare research into practice: dramatic change is needed.
Academic Article TREND: an important step, but not enough.
Academic Article A quality improvement tool to assess self-management support in primary care.
Academic Article Prevalence of practice system tools for improving depression care among primary care clinics: the DIAMOND initiative.
Academic Article Using theory and technology to design a practical and generalizable smoking reduction intervention.
Academic Article Rapid, responsive, relevant (R3) research: a call for a rapid learning health research enterprise.
Academic Article Take Heart II: replication of a worksite health promotion trial.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a consultation intervention to promote tobacco control policies in Northwest Indian tribes: integrating experimental evaluation and service delivery.
Academic Article Preventive care practices for diabetes management in two primary care samples.
Academic Article Implementation science perspectives and opportunities for HIV/AIDS research: integrating science, practice, and policy.
Academic Article National Institutes of Health approaches to dissemination and implementation science: current and future directions.
Academic Article A population approach to precision medicine.
Academic Article An evidence integration triangle for aligning science with policy and practice.
Academic Article Physiologic and related behavioral outcomes from the Women's Lifestyle Heart Trial.
Academic Article What does it mean to "employ" the RE-AIM model?
Academic Article State-of-the-art and future directions in multilevel interventions across the cancer control continuum.
Academic Article Multilevel research and the challenges of implementing genomic medicine.
Academic Article Recruitment for an internet-based diabetes self-management program: scientific and ethical implications.
Academic Article What does it mean to be pragmatic? Pragmatic methods, measures, and models to facilitate research translation.
Academic Article Smoking and diabetes.
Academic Article Primary care colorectal cancer screening recommendation patterns: associated factors and screening outcomes.
Academic Article Worksite characteristics and changes in worksite tobacco-control initiatives. Results from the COMMIT study.
Academic Article Planning models and theories: integrating components for addressing complex challenges.
Academic Article Promoting tobacco control policies in northwest Indian tribes.
Academic Article National Institutes of Health science agenda: a public health perspective.
Academic Article Personal models of diabetes among older adults: relationship to self-management and other variables.
Academic Article Evolution of Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T.: moving research into practice.
Academic Article Goal setting as a strategy for health behavior change.
Academic Article Applying the RE-AIM framework to assess the public health impact of policy change.
Academic Article Commentary: Electronic health records for comparative effectiveness research.
Academic Article Designing a valid randomized pragmatic primary care implementation trial: the my own health report (MOHR) project.
Academic Article Smoking-specific weight gain concerns and smoking cessation in a working population.
Academic Article Partnership research: a practical trial design for evaluation of a natural experiment to improve depression care.
Academic Article Diabetes performance measures: current status and future directions.
Academic Article Assessing delivery of the five 'As' for patient-centered counseling.
Academic Article Pragmatic measures: what they are and why we need them.
Academic Article Reporting of validity from school health promotion studies published in 12 leading journals, 1996-2000.
Academic Article Social support and social-ecological resources as mediators of lifestyle intervention effects for type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Variables associated with participation and outcome in a worksite smoking control program.
Academic Article Brief, computer-assisted diabetes dietary self-management counseling: effects on behavior, physiologic outcomes, and quality of life.
Academic Article Improving self-care among older patients with type II diabetes: the "Sixty Something..." Study.
Academic Article The Chronic Illness Resources Survey: cross-validation and sensitivity to intervention.
Academic Article Severity of depression and magnitude of productivity loss.
Academic Article Thinking about health-related outcomes: what do we need evidence about?
Academic Article Computer-assisted intervention improves patient-centered diabetes care by increasing autonomy support.
Academic Article The D-Net diabetes self-management program: long-term implementation, outcomes, and generalization results.
Academic Article Costing behavioral interventions: a practical guide to enhance translation.
Academic Article Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC) and improved patient-centered outcomes for chronic conditions.
Academic Article The delivery of public health interventions via the Internet: actualizing their potential.
Academic Article Exemplary report and missed opportunities: the influence of worldview and the difficulty of overcoming our training.
Academic Article Barriers to mammography and Pap smear screening among women who recently had neither, one or both types of screening.
Academic Article A practical randomized trial to improve diabetes care.
Academic Article Occupational health promotion programs to reduce cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Who participates in Internet-based self-management programs? A study among novice computer users in a primary care setting.
Academic Article Long-term effects and costs of brief behavioural dietary intervention for patients with diabetes delivered from the medical office.
Academic Article Diabetes regimen behaviors. Predicting adherence.
Academic Article Worksite smoking cessation: current progress and future directions.
Academic Article One-year results from a brief, computer-assisted intervention to decrease consumption of fat and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Academic Article Seven-year follow-up of a multiple-health-behavior diabetes intervention.
Academic Article HMC research translation: speculations about making it real and going to scale.
Academic Article Take heart: results from the initial phase of a work-site wellness program.
Academic Article Population sciences, translational research, and the opportunities and challenges for genomics to reduce the burden of cancer in the 21st century.
Academic Article Evaluating diabetes education. Are we measuring the most important outcomes?
Academic Article Assessment of problem-solving: a key to successful diabetes self-management.
Academic Article The public health need for patient-reported measures and health behaviors in electronic health records: a policy statement of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.
Academic Article News from NIH: Global Health.
Academic Article News from the NIH: highlights in implementation science from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Mental Health.
Academic Article Translation of a behavioral weight loss intervention for mid-life, low-income women in local health departments.
Academic Article Economic analyses of the Be Fit Be Well program: a weight loss program for community health centers.
Academic Article Metrics for assessing improvements in primary health care.
Academic Article Minimal intervention needed for change: definition, use, and value for improving health and health research.
Academic Article Accelerating translation of physical activity and cancer survivorship research into practice: recommendations for a more integrated and collaborative approach.
Academic Article Understanding the context of health for persons with multiple chronic conditions: moving from what is the matter to what matters.
Academic Article Implementation science approaches for integrating eHealth research into practice and policy.
Academic Article Chronic condition self-management surveillance: what is and what should be measured?
Academic Article Implementation science and comparative effectiveness research: a partnership capable of improving population health.
Academic Article Conducting rapid, relevant research: lessons learned from the My Own Health Report project.
Academic Article Health disparities calculator: a methodologically rigorous tool for analyzing inequalities in population health.
Academic Article Big data and large sample size: a cautionary note on the potential for bias.
Academic Article An action plan for translating cancer survivorship research into care.
Academic Article The 5 R's: an emerging bold standard for conducting relevant research in a changing world.
Academic Article Frequency and prioritization of patient health risks from a structured health risk assessment.
Academic Article Adoption, reach, implementation, and maintenance of a behavioral and mental health assessment in primary care.
Academic Article A guide to research partnerships for pragmatic clinical trials.
Academic Article Implementation science in cancer prevention and control: a framework for research and programs in low- and middle-income countries.
Academic Article An implementation science perspective on psychological science and cancer: what is known and opportunities for research, policy, and practice.
Academic Article Carpenter et al. respond.
Academic Article Practice context affects efforts to improve diabetes care for primary care patients: a pragmatic cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article Evaluation of a worksite-controlled smoking program.
Academic Article Assessing organizational readiness for depression care quality improvement: relative commitment and implementation capability.
Academic Article Decreased Cancer Mortality-to-Incidence Ratios with Increased Accessibility of Federally Qualified Health Centers.
Academic Article Bringing it home: expanding the local reach of dissemination and implementation training via a university-based workshop.
Academic Article A stepped-wedge evaluation of an initiative to spread the collaborative care model for depression in primary care.
Academic Article Fidelity to and comparative results across behavioral interventions evaluated through the RE-AIM framework: a systematic review.
Academic Article Use of PRECIS ratings in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory.
Academic Article Advance Care Planning Meets Group Medical Visits: The Feasibility of Promoting Conversations.
Academic Article Measurement resources for dissemination and implementation research in health.
Academic Article The impact of behavioral and mental health risk assessments on goal setting in primary care.
Academic Article The Influence of Health Literacy on Reach, Retention, and Success in a Worksite Weight Loss Program.
Academic Article Health Self-Efficacy Among Populations with Multiple Chronic Conditions: the Value of Patient-Centered Communication.
Academic Article A Framework for Enhancing the Value of Research for Dissemination and Implementation.
Academic Article Use of RE-AIM to Address Health Inequities: Application in a low-income community health center based weight loss and hypertension self-management program.
Academic Article The effects of patient-centered depression care on patient satisfaction and depression remission.
Academic Article Study protocol: improving the transition of care from a non-network hospital back to the patient's medical home.
Academic Article Patient Barriers to Mammography Identified During a Reminder Program.
Grant Linking Self-Management and Primary Care for Diabetes
Grant Linking Self-Management and Primary Care for Diabetes
Academic Article How can clinical practices pragmatically increase physical activity for patients with type 2 diabetes? A systematic review.
Academic Article Understanding adaptations to patient-centered medical home activities: The PCMH adaptations model.
Academic Article What Makes for Successful Registry Implementation: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis.
Grant IMPlementation to Achieve Clinical Transformation (IMPACT): The Colorado Training Program
Academic Article Pragmatic Applications of RE-AIM for Health Care Initiatives in Community and Clinical Settings.
Academic Article Effectiveness of an Intervention Supporting Shared Decision Making for Destination Therapy Left Ventricular Assist Device: The DECIDE-LVAD Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Qualitative approaches to use of the RE-AIM framework: rationale and methods.
Academic Article Stakeholder perspectives on costs and resource expenditures: tools for addressing economic issues most relevant to patients, providers, and clinics.
Academic Article RE-AIM in Clinical, Community, and Corporate Settings: Perspectives, Strategies, and Recommendations to Enhance Public Health Impact.
Academic Article Systematic, Multimethod Assessment of Adaptations Across Four Diverse Health Systems Interventions.
Academic Article Dissemination and Implementation Science in Primary Care Research and Practice: Contributions and Opportunities.
Academic Article Expanding the CONSORT Figure: Increasing Transparency in Reporting on External Validity.
Academic Article Realizing the full potential of precision health: The need to include patient-reported health behavior, mental health, social determinants, and patient preferences data.
Academic Article Making Health Research Matter: A Call to Increase Attention to External Validity.
Concept Veterans Health
Concept Health Communication
Concept Social Determinants of Health
Concept Health Equity
Concept Population Health
Academic Article RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Adapting to New Science and Practice With a 20-Year Review.
Academic Article Using the Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model (PRISM) to qualitatively assess multilevel contextual factors to help plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate health services programs.
Academic Article An Adaptive, Contextual, Technology-Aided Support (ACTS) System for Chronic Illness Self-Management.
Academic Article RE-AIM in the Real World: Use of the RE-AIM Framework for Program Planning and Evaluation in Clinical and Community Settings.
Academic Article National Working Group on the RE-AIM Planning and Evaluation Framework: Goals, Resources, and Future Directions.
Academic Article Decision Aid Implementation among Left Ventricular Assist Device Programs Participating in the DECIDE-LVAD Stepped-Wedge Trial.
Academic Article An Extension of RE-AIM to Enhance Sustainability: Addressing Dynamic Context and Promoting Health Equity Over Time.
Academic Article Evaluating a multicomponent program to improve hypertension control in Guatemala: study protocol for an effectiveness-implementation cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article Enhanced care planning and clinical-community linkages versus usual care to address basic needs of patients with multiple chronic conditions: a clinician-level randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Making Implementation Science More Rapid: Use of the RE-AIM Framework for Mid-Course Adaptations Across Five Health Services Research Projects in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Suggestions for Advancing Pragmatic Solutions for Dissemination: Potential Updates to Evidence-Based Repositories.
Academic Article VA Care Coordination Program Increased Primary Care Visits and Improved Transitional Care for Veterans Post Non-VA Hospital Discharge.
Academic Article What Can Implementation Science Do for You? Key Success Stories from the Field.
Academic Article Closed-Loop Electronic Referral From Primary Care Clinics to a State Tobacco Cessation Quitline: Effects Using Real-World Implementation Training.
Academic Article Implementing Improvements: Opportunities to Integrate Quality Improvement and Implementation Science.
Academic Article Editorial: Use of the RE-AIM Framework: Translating Research to Practice With Novel Applications and Emerging Directions.
Academic Article Protocol refinement for a diabetes pragmatic trial using the PRECIS-2 framework.
Academic Article Hypertension in Guatemala's Public Primary Care System: A Needs Assessment Using the Health System Building Blocks Framework.
Academic Article The Importance of Mental Models in Implementation Science.
Academic Article Development of a Health Information Technology Tool for Behavior Change to Address Obesity and Prevent Chronic Disease Among Adolescents: Designing for Dissemination and Sustainment Using the ORBIT Model.
Academic Article Dissemination and Implementation Science Approaches for Occupational Safety and Health Research: Implications for Advancing Total Worker Health.
Academic Article Stakeholder input on a care planning tool to address unhealthy behaviors, mental health needs, and social risks: The value of different stakeholder perspectives.
Academic Article Leave me out: Patients' characteristics and reasons for opting out of a pragmatic clinical trial involving medication adherence.
Academic Article Designing for Dissemination and Sustainability to Promote Equitable Impacts on Health.
Academic Article Pragmatic considerations and approaches for measuring staff time as an implementation cost in health systems and clinics: key issues and applied examples.
Academic Article Revisiting concepts of evidence in implementation science.
Academic Article How Dissemination and Implementation Science Can Contribute to the Advancement of Learning Health Systems.
Academic Article Priorities for improvement across cancer and non-cancer related preventive services among rural and non-rural clinicians.
Academic Article Values and Meaning in Rural Primary Care Practices: Implications for Interventions Within Context.
Academic Article Advancing rapid adaptation for urgent public health crises: Using implementation science to facilitate effective and efficient responses.
Academic Article Speeding implementation in cancer: The National Cancer Institute's Implementation Science Centers in Cancer Control.
Academic Article Qualitative exploration of public health vending machines in young adults who misuse opioids: A promising strategy to increase naloxone access in a high risk underserved population.
Academic Article SAGES Appropriateness Conference: a summary.
Academic Article Developing a dissemination and implementation research agenda for aging and public health: The what, when, how, and why?
Academic Article Lung cancer screening in rural primary care practices in Colorado: time for a more team-based approach?
Academic Article Using a longitudinal multi-method approach to document, assess, and understand adaptations in the Veterans Health Administration Advanced Care Coordination program.
Academic Article Use of the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance (RE-AIM) framework to guide iterative adaptations: Applications, lessons learned, and future directions.
Academic Article Applying an equity lens to assess context and implementation in public health and health services research and practice using the PRISM framework.

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