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Academic Article A cross-sectional analysis of pharmaceutical industry-funded events for health professionals in Australia.
Academic Article Drug promotion.
Academic Article Attitudes of academic and clinical researchers toward financial ties in research: a systematic review.
Academic Article Sponsored symposia on environmental tobacco smoke.
Academic Article Understanding the Nature and Extent of Pharmaceutical Industry Payments to Nonphysician Clinicians.
Academic Article Implications of the tobacco industry documents for public health and policy.
Academic Article Mandatory disclosure of pharmaceutical industry-funded events for health professionals.
Academic Article Industry sponsorship and research outcome.
Academic Article The quality of drug studies published in symposium proceedings.
Academic Article Pharmaceutical industry payments to leaders of professional medical associations in Australia: Focus on cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest between the sugary food and beverage industry and dental research organisations: time for reform.
Academic Article A nicotine delivery device without the nicotine? Tobacco industry development of low nicotine cigarettes.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in academic research: policies, processes, and attitudes.
Academic Article Tobacco industry research and protection of human subjects: a case study of R. J. Reynolds.
Academic Article Tobacco use among individuals with schizophrenia: what role has the tobacco industry played?
Academic Article Ten tips for spotting industry involvement in science policy.
Academic Article Financial ties and concordance between results and conclusions in meta-analyses: retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Tobacco interests or the public interest: 20 years of industry strategies to undermine airline smoking restrictions.
Academic Article The limits of competing interest disclosures.
Academic Article Tobacco industry manipulation of research.
Academic Article Policy makers' perspectives on tobacco control advocates' roles in regulation development.
Academic Article Interactions between non-physician clinicians and industry: a systematic review.
Academic Article The power of paperwork: how Philip Morris neutralized the medical code for secondhand smoke.
Academic Article Term limits and the tobacco industry.
Academic Article Identifying carcinogens: the tobacco industry and regulatory politics in the United States.
Academic Article Commercial influence and covid-19.
Academic Article Public health under attack: the American Stop Smoking Intervention Study (ASSIST) and the tobacco industry.
Academic Article Industry sponsorship and research outcome: a Cochrane review.
Academic Article Association of Industry Sponsorship With Outcomes of Nutrition Studies: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Academic Article The Influence of Industry Sponsorship on the Research Agenda: A Scoping Review.
Academic Article The creation of industry front groups: the tobacco industry and "get government off our back".
Academic Article Does industry-sponsored education foster overdiagnosis and overtreatment of depression, osteoporosis and over-active bladder syndrome? An Australian cohort study.
Academic Article Disclosure policies for gifts from industry to academic faculty.
Academic Article Collaboration between academics and industry in clinical trials: cross sectional study of publications and survey of lead academic authors.
Academic Article "Experimental" institutional models for corporate funding of academic research: unknown effects on the research enterprise.
Academic Article "Asset exchange"-interactions between patient groups and pharmaceutical industry: Australian qualitative study.
Academic Article Marketing and the Most Trusted Profession: The Invisible Interactions Between Registered Nurses and Industry.
Academic Article Nonindustry-sponsored preclinical studies on statins yield greater efficacy estimates than industry-sponsored studies: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Association of industry ties with outcomes of studies examining the effect of wholegrain foods on cardiovascular disease and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Study sponsorship and the nutrition research agenda: analysis of randomized controlled trials included in systematic reviews of nutrition interventions to address obesity.
Academic Article Financial ties and conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical and tobacco companies.
Academic Article Characteristics and impact of drug detailing for gabapentin.
Academic Article Factors associated with findings of published trials of drug-drug comparisons: why some statins appear more efficacious than others.
Academic Article The ties that bind.
Academic Article Big Tobacco and Drugstore Chains: A Long, Cozy Relationship.
Academic Article Toward a Healthier Patient Voice: More Independence, Less Industry Funding.
Academic Article To give is better than to receive: compliance with WHO guidelines for drug donations during 2000-2008.
Academic Article Outcome reporting in industry-sponsored trials of gabapentin for off-label use.
Academic Article A Social Network Analysis of the Financial Links Backing Health and Fitness Apps.
Academic Article Identifying barriers to the availability and use of Magnesium Sulphate Injection in resource poor countries: a case study in Zambia.
Academic Article Ethical drug marketing criteria for the 21st century.
Academic Article How the tobacco industry responded to an influential study of the health effects of secondhand smoke.
Academic Article Assessing faculty financial relationships with industry: A case study.
Academic Article The tobacco industry and the Data Quality Act.
Academic Article Dear doctor ... regarding calcium channel blockers.
Academic Article Lessons learned from the tobacco industry's efforts to prevent the passage of a workplace smoking regulation.
Academic Article The publication of sponsored symposiums in medical journals.
Academic Article Tobacco industry efforts to defeat the occupational safety and health administration indoor air quality rule.
Academic Article Implementation of a workplace smoking ban in bars: the limits of local discretion.
Academic Article The cigar revival and the popular press: a content analysis, 1987-1997.
Academic Article Influences on the quality of published drug studies.
Academic Article Industry sponsorship and publication bias among animal studies evaluating the effects of statins on atherosclerosis and bone outcomes: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in approvals of additives to food determined to be generally recognized as safe: out of balance.
Academic Article Industry-funded research and conflict of interest: an analysis of research sponsored by the tobacco industry through the Center for Indoor Air Research.
Academic Article Reporting of conflicts of interest in meta-analyses of trials of pharmacological treatments.
Academic Article Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and research outcome and quality: systematic review.
Academic Article Expanding disease definitions in guidelines and expert panel ties to industry: a cross-sectional study of common conditions in the United States.
Academic Article Reporting of financial conflicts of interest in meta-analyses of drug trials published in high-impact medical journals: comparison of results from 2017 to 2018 and 2009.
Academic Article Pharmaceutical industry funding of events for healthcare professionals on non-vitamin K oral anticoagulants in Australia: an observational study.
Academic Article Tobacco industry sponsorship of a book and conflict of interest.
Academic Article [Shall we ban industrial funds for research?].
Academic Article Interpreting evidence in general practice: Bias and conflicts of interest.
Academic Article Philip Morris involvement in the development of an air quality laboratory in El Salvador.
Academic Article Characteristics of materials distributed by drug companies. An evaluation of appropriateness.
Academic Article Chasing the dollar: why scientists should decline tobacco industry funding.
Academic Article Narrative review: the promotion of gabapentin: an analysis of internal industry documents.
Academic Article Tobacco industry denormalisation as a tobacco control intervention: a review.
Academic Article Changes in the type and amount of spending disclosed by Australian pharmaceutical companies: an observational study.
Academic Article Moral disengagement in the corporate world.
Academic Article Randomized trials assessing calcium supplementation in healthy children: relationship between industry sponsorship and study outcomes.
Academic Article Industry sponsorship and research outcome.
Academic Article The relationship between study sponsorship, risks of bias, and research outcomes in atrazine exposure studies conducted in non-human animals: Systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Undisclosed financial ties between guideline writers and pharmaceutical companies: a cross-sectional study across 10 disease categories.
Academic Article Pharmaceutical industry funding of educational events for pharmacists in Australia: an analysis of data from the first 6 months of a mandatory disclosure programme.
Academic Article A clearer view of evidence in treating macular degeneration: off-label policies and independent research.
Academic Article Cigar magazines: using tobacco to sell a lifestyle.
Academic Article Mixed methods evaluation of workshops for citizen health advocates about financial conflicts of interests in healthcare.
Academic Article The role of public participation in public health initiatives: an analysis of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Academic Article Reporting of drug trial funding sources and author financial conflicts of interest in Cochrane and non-Cochrane meta-analyses: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Addressing Bias and Conflict of Interest Among Biomedical Researchers.
Academic Article The Inclusion of Nurses in Pharmaceutical Industry-Sponsored Events: Guess Who Is Also Coming to Dinner?
Academic Article Bias related to funding source in statin trials.
Academic Article Public Opinions about Overdiagnosis: A National Community Survey.
Academic Article Financial ties between leaders of influential US professional medical associations and industry: cross sectional study.
Academic Article Industry sponsorship and research outcome: systematic review with meta-analysis.
Academic Article The publication of commercially supported supplements statement.
Academic Article Food industry sponsorship of academic research: investigating commercial bias in the research agenda.
Academic Article Nicotine and addiction. The Brown and Williamson documents.
Academic Article Lawyer control of internal scientific research to protect against products liability lawsuits. The Brown and Williamson documents.
Academic Article How can the integrity of occupational and environmental health research be maintained in the presence of conflicting interests?
Academic Article Legislating "sound science": the role of the tobacco industry.
Academic Article Why the Cochrane risk of bias tool should include funding source as a standard item.
Academic Article Looking through a keyhole at the tobacco industry. The Brown and Williamson documents.
Academic Article Lawyer control of the tobacco industry's external research program. The Brown and Williamson documents.
Academic Article Environmental tobacco smoke. The Brown and Williamson documents.
Academic Article "A delicate diplomatic situation": tobacco industry efforts to gain control of the Framingham Study.
Academic Article Philip Morris International-funded 'Foundation for a Smoke-Free World': analysing its claims of independence.
Grant Management Decisions in Financial Conflicts of Interest
Grant Measuring Design, Reporting and Funding Bias in Nonclinical Research
Academic Article Mechanisms for addressing and managing the influence of corporations on public health policy, research and practice: a scoping review.
Academic Article Industry payments to Australian medical oncologists and clinical haematologists: a cross-sectional analysis of publicly available disclosures.
Academic Article "There are ways … drug companies will get into DTC decisions": How Australian drug and therapeutics committees address pharmaceutical industry influence.
Academic Article Association of food industry ties with findings of studies examining the effect of dairy food intake on cardiovascular disease and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in clinical guidelines, advisory committee reports, opinion pieces, and narrative reviews: associations with recommendations.
Academic Article 'Lines in the sand': an Australian qualitative study of patient group practices to promote independence from pharmaceutical industry funders.
Academic Article Association Between Conflicts of Interest and Authors' Positions on Harms of Varenicline: a Cross-Sectional Analysis.
Academic Article Risky business? Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship of health consumer groups.
Academic Article Interactions with the pharmaceutical industry and the practice, knowledge and beliefs of medical oncologists and clinical haematologists: a systematic review.
Academic Article Pharmaceutical industry payments and assisted reproduction in Australia: a retrospective observational study.
Academic Article Australian Cancer Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Survey of Attitudes and Interactions.

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