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Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Attitude
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Public Opinion
Academic Article Attitudes of academic and clinical researchers toward financial ties in research: a systematic review.
Academic Article Strategies for obtaining unpublished drug trial data: a qualitative interview study.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in academic research: policies, processes, and attitudes.
Academic Article Financial conflict-of-interest policies in clinical research: issues for clinical investigators.
Academic Article Tobacco industry manipulation of research.
Academic Article Interactions between non-physician clinicians and industry: a systematic review.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest and critiques of the use of systematic reviews in policymaking: an analysis of opinion articles.
Academic Article Medicine shortages in Fiji: A qualitative exploration of stakeholders' views.
Academic Article The creation of industry front groups: the tobacco industry and "get government off our back".
Academic Article Staff perceptions of an on-site clinical pharmacist program in an academic emergency department after one year.
Academic Article High school journalists' perspectives on tobacco.
Academic Article Cigars, youth, and the Internet link.
Academic Article Assessing the evidence submitted in the development of a workplace smoking regulation: the case of Maryland.
Academic Article The cigar revival and the popular press: a content analysis, 1987-1997.
Academic Article Challenges of opioid deprescribing and factors to be considered in the development of opioid deprescribing guidelines: a qualitative analysis.
Academic Article Characteristics of materials distributed by drug companies. An evaluation of appropriateness.
Academic Article Tobacco industry denormalisation as a tobacco control intervention: a review.
Academic Article Framing processes in public commentary on US federal tobacco control regulation.
Academic Article Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines: a cross-sectional survey among physicians in Estonia.
Academic Article The role of public participation in public health initiatives: an analysis of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Academic Article Public Opinions about Overdiagnosis: A National Community Survey.
Academic Article EUR-ASSESS Project Subgroup Report on Dissemination and Impact.
Grant Management Decisions in Financial Conflicts of Interest
Academic Article Association between conflicts of interest and favourable recommendations in clinical guidelines, advisory committee reports, opinion pieces, and narrative reviews: systematic review.
Academic Article Conflicts of interest in clinical guidelines, advisory committee reports, opinion pieces, and narrative reviews: associations with recommendations.
Academic Article Interactions with the pharmaceutical industry and the practice, knowledge and beliefs of medical oncologists and clinical haematologists: a systematic review.
Academic Article Australian Cancer Physicians and the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Survey of Attitudes and Interactions.
Academic Article "Never waste a good crisis": Opportunities and constraints from the COVID-19 pandemic on pharmacists' scope of practice.

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