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Concept Reward
Academic Article A brain on cannabinoids: the role of dopamine release in reward seeking.
Academic Article Using dopamine research to generate rational cannabinoid drug policy.
Academic Article Endocannabinoids shape accumbal encoding of cue-motivated behavior via CB1 receptor activation in the ventral tegmentum.
Academic Article Conditioned contribution of peripheral cocaine actions to cocaine reward and cocaine-seeking.
Academic Article Effects of the histamine H1 receptor antagonist and benztropine analog diphenylpyraline on dopamine uptake, locomotion and reward.
Academic Article Paradoxical effects of the endocannabinoid uptake inhibitor VDM11 on accumbal neural encoding of reward predictive cues.
Academic Article Endocannabinoids promote cocaine-induced impulsivity and its rapid dopaminergic correlates.
Grant Neurobiological study on the effects of marijuana in a unique model
Grant Potential Role of Phasic Dopamine and Endocannabinoids in Conditioned Withdrawal
Academic Article Phasic Dopamine Signals in the Nucleus Accumbens that Cause Active Avoidance Require Endocannabinoid Mobilization in the Midbrain.
Academic Article A Transient Dopamine Signal Represents Avoidance Value and Causally Influences the Demand to Avoid.
Academic Article The power of price compels you: Behavioral economic insights into dopamine-based valuation of rewarding and aversively motivated behavior.
Academic Article A Brain on Cannabinoids: The Role of Dopamine Release in Reward Seeking and Addiction.
Academic Article Endocannabinoid modulation of dopamine release during reward seeking, interval timing, and avoidance.

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