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Concept Ecosystem
Academic Article Do Social-Ecological Syndromes Predict Outcomes for Ecosystem Services? - a Reply to Bodin et al.
Academic Article Quantifying effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning across times and places.
Academic Article To what extent can ecosystem services motivate protecting biodiversity?
Academic Article Drivers of Daily Routines in an Ectothermic Marine Predator: Hunt Warm, Rest Warmer?
Academic Article When Do Ecosystem Services Depend on Rare Species?
Academic Article Operationalizing Network Theory for Ecosystem Service Assessments.
Academic Article Incorporating climate change into ecosystem service assessments and decisions: a review.
Academic Article Reimagining the potential of Earth observations for ecosystem service assessments.
Academic Article The value of understanding feedbacks from ecosystem functions to species for managing ecosystems.
Academic Article Scaling-up biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research.
Academic Article Marine conservation: towards a multi-layered network approach.
Academic Article An ecological network approach to predict ecosystem service vulnerability to species losses.
Academic Article General destabilizing effects of eutrophication on grassland productivity at multiple spatial scales.
Academic Article Biodiversity as insurance: from concept to measurement and application.
Academic Article Author Correction: An ecological network approach to predict ecosystem service vulnerability to species losses.
Academic Article Scaling up biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships: the role of environmental heterogeneity in space and time.
Academic Article Grand challenges in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning research in the era of science-policy platforms require explicit consideration of feedbacks.
Academic Article On the sensitivity of food webs to multiple stressors.
Academic Article How complementarity and selection affect the relationship between ecosystem functioning and stability.
Academic Article Increasing effects of chronic nutrient enrichment on plant diversity loss and ecosystem productivity over time.
Academic Article Analyzing ecosystem services as part of ecological networks in three salt marsh ecosystems.
Academic Article Conceptualizing ecosystem services using social-ecological networks.
Academic Article Invasive species do not exploit early growing seasons in burned tallgrass prairies.
Academic Article Merging theory and experiments to predict and understand coextinctions.

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