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Concept Virus Diseases
Concept Chikungunya virus
Concept Rubella virus
Concept Dengue Virus
Concept Zika Virus Infection
Concept Zika Virus
Concept O'nyong-nyong Virus
Academic Article Harmonisation of Zika virus research protocols to address key public health concerns.
Academic Article Clinical evaluation of dengue and identification of risk factors for severe disease: protocol for a multicentre study in 8 countries.
Academic Article Familiar barriers still unresolved-a perspective on the Zika virus outbreak research response.
Academic Article The current and future global distribution and population at risk of dengue.
Academic Article Zika virus epidemiology in Bolivia: A seroprevalence study in volunteer blood donors.
Academic Article Understanding the relation between Zika virus infection during pregnancy and adverse fetal, infant and child outcomes: a protocol for a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis of longitudinal studies of pregnant women and their infants and children.
Academic Article Zika Virus Outbreak in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Clinical Characterization, Epidemiological and Virological Aspects.
Academic Article Risk of microcephaly after Zika virus infection in Brazil, 2015 to 2016.
Academic Article Zika virus displacement by a chikungunya outbreak in Recife, Brazil.
Academic Article Development of Dengue Virus Serotype-Specific NS1 Capture Assays for the Rapid and Highly Sensitive Identification of the Infecting Serotype in Human Sera.
Academic Article Exhaustive TORCH Pathogen Diagnostics Corroborate Zika Virus Etiology of Congenital Malformations in Northeastern Brazil.
Academic Article Mapping global environmental suitability for Zika virus.
Academic Article Complete Coding Sequences of Five Dengue Virus Type 2 Clinical Isolates from Venezuela Obtained through Shotgun Metagenomics.
Academic Article High Zika Virus Seroprevalence in Salvador, Northeastern Brazil Limits the Potential for Further Outbreaks.
Academic Article The association between Zika virus infection and microcephaly in Brazil 2015-2017: An observational analysis of over 4 million births.
Academic Article Mapping Putative B-Cell Zika Virus NS1 Epitopes Provides Molecular Basis for Anti-NS1 Antibody Discrimination between Zika and Dengue Viruses.
Academic Article Rapid and specific detection of Asian- and African-lineage Zika viruses.
Academic Article Cytokine kinetics of Zika virus-infected patients from acute to reconvalescent phase.
Academic Article Dengue expansion in Africa-not recognized or not happening?
Academic Article Establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Brazil and the Americas.
Academic Article Projecting the end of the Zika virus epidemic in Latin America: a modelling analysis.
Academic Article The global distribution and burden of dengue.
Academic Article Genetic variants of MICB and PLCE1 and associations with the laboratory features of dengue.
Academic Article GloPID-R report on chikungunya, o'nyong-nyong and Mayaro virus, part 3: Epidemiological distribution of Mayaro virus.
Academic Article GloPID-R report on chikungunya, o'nyong-nyong and Mayaro virus, part 2: Epidemiological distribution of o'nyong-nyong virus.
Academic Article Performance of Zika Assays in the Context of Toxoplasma gondii, Parvovirus B19, Rubella Virus, and Cytomegalovirus (TORCH) Diagnostic Assays.
Academic Article Study protocol for the multicentre cohorts of Zika virus infection in pregnant women, infants, and acute clinical cases in Latin America and the Caribbean: the ZIKAlliance consortium.
Academic Article Case Report: Multiorgan Involvement with Congenital Zika Syndrome.
Academic Article Follow-Up Household Serosurvey in Northeast Brazil for Zika Virus: Sexual Contacts of Index Patients Have the Highest Risk for Seropositivity.
Academic Article Zika virus infection in pregnancy: a protocol for the joint analysis of the prospective cohort studies of the ZIKAlliance, ZikaPLAN and ZIKAction consortia.
Academic Article Erratum to: Follow-Up Household Serosurvey in Northeast Brazil for Zika Virus: Sexual Contacts of Index Patients Have the Highest Risk for Seropositivity.
Academic Article Higher Plasma Viremia in the Febrile Phase Is Associated With Adverse Dengue Outcomes Irrespective of Infecting Serotype or Host Immune Status: An Analysis of 5642 Vietnamese Cases.
Academic Article Congenital abnormalities associated with Zika virus infection-Dengue as potential co-factor? A systematic review.
Academic Article Pregnant Women Infected with Zika Virus Show Higher Viral Load and Immunoregulatory Cytokines Profile with CXCL10 Increase.
Academic Article Congenital malformations in sub-Saharan Africa-warnings of a silent epidemic?
Academic Article Diagnostic performance of anti-Zika virus IgM, IgAM and IgG ELISAs during co-circulation of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya viruses in Brazil and Venezuela.
Academic Article Applied shotgun metagenomics approach for the genetic characterization of dengue viruses.
Academic Article ZIKA Virus Neutralizing Antibody Kinetics in Antenatally Exposed Infants.
Academic Article Zika Virus Seroprevalence in Two Districts of Chincha, Ica, Peru: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article A Novel Orf Virus D1701-VrV-Based Dengue Virus (DENV) Vaccine Candidate Expressing HLA-Specific T Cell Epitopes: A Proof-of-Concept Study.
Academic Article Two-year Decay of Zika Virus Neutralizing Antibodies in People Living in an Endemic Region in Brazil.
Academic Article Seroprevalence of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika at the epicenter of the congenital microcephaly epidemic in Northeast Brazil: A population-based survey.

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