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Concept Retrospective Studies
Academic Article Preoperative imaging does not predict intrahepatic involvement in choledochal cysts.
Academic Article Head injury and unclear mechanism of injury: initial hematocrit less than 30 is predictive of abusive head trauma in young children.
Academic Article Blood component transfusion increases the risk of death in children with traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Vasopressin improves hemodynamic status in infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Academic Article Glasgow motor scale alone is equivalent to Glasgow Coma Scale at identifying children at risk for serious traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Evolution of minimally invasive techniques within an academic surgical practice at a single institution.
Academic Article Intraoperative chest tube removal following thoracoscopic lung biopsy results in improved outcomes.
Academic Article Pediatric specific shock index accurately identifies severely injured children.
Academic Article Current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of pyloric stenosis.
Academic Article Beyond morbidity and mortality: the social and legal outcomes of non-accidental trauma.
Academic Article Minimally invasive surgical techniques are safe in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric malignancies.
Academic Article A multidisciplinary approach to the management of anterior mediastinal masses in children.
Academic Article Initial operative treatment of isolated ileal Crohn's disease in adolescents.
Academic Article When is it safe to forgo abdominal CT in blunt-injured children?
Academic Article Early diffuse slowing on electroencephalogram in pediatric traumatic brain injury: Impact on management and prognosis.
Academic Article Factors that increase diagnostic yield of surgical lung biopsy in pediatric oncology patients.
Academic Article Lack of utility of repeat monitoring of hemoglobin and hematocrit following blunt solid organ injury in children.
Academic Article Factors associated with peritoneal dialysis catheter complications in children.
Academic Article Is Routine Upper Gastrointestinal Contrast Study Necessary prior to Laparoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement in Children?
Academic Article Pediatric appendicitis and need for antibiotics at time of discharge: Does route of administration matter?
Academic Article Rapid Response Team Activations in Pediatric Surgical Patients.
Academic Article Shock index, pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) is more accurate than age-adjusted hypotension for trauma team activation.
Academic Article Adult-Based Massive Transfusion Protocol Activation Criteria Do Not Work in Children.
Academic Article Pediatric appendicitis: Is referral to a regional pediatric center necessary?
Academic Article Transition of care: a growing concern in adult patients born with colorectal anomalies.
Academic Article The benefits of limiting scheduled blood draws in children with a blunt liver or spleen injury.
Academic Article Pediatric ulcerative colitis: three- versus two-stage colectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis.
Academic Article The shock index, pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) enhanced: Prehospital and emergency department SIPA values forecast transfusion needs for blunt solid organ injured children.
Academic Article Enough is enough: Radiation doses in children with gastrojejunal tubes.
Academic Article Transforming surgical morbidity and mortality into a systematic case review.
Academic Article Elevated pediatric age-adjusted shock-index (SIPA) in blunt solid organ injuries.
Academic Article Comparison of non-invasive physiological assessment tools between simple and perforated appendicitis in children.
Academic Article Not as simple as ABC: Tools to trigger massive transfusion in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article The novel fetal MRI O/E CLV versus O/E LHR in predicting prognosis in congenital diaphragmatic hernias: can we teach an old dog new tricks?
Academic Article It is time for TEG in pediatric trauma: unveiling meaningful alterations in children who undergo massive transfusion.
Academic Article A surgeon's predicament: Clinical predictors of surgery and mortality in neutropenic enterocolitis.
Academic Article Pre-hospital and emergency department shock index pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) "cut points" to identify pediatric trauma patients at risk for massive transfusion and/or mortality.
Academic Article Novel tool (BIS) heralds the need for blood transfusion and/or failure of non-operative management in pediatric blunt liver and spleen injuries.
Academic Article Child physical abuse and COVID-19: Trends from nine pediatric trauma centers.
Academic Article Adolescent blunt solid organ injury: Differences in management strategies and outcomes between pediatric and adult trauma centers.
Academic Article Incidence of and risk factors for perioperative blood transfusion in infants undergoing index pediatric surgery procedures.
Academic Article Adolescent Vaping-Associated Trauma in the Western United States.
Academic Article Discreet Values of Shock Index Pediatric Age-Adjusted (SIPA) to Predict Intervention in Children With Blunt Organ Injuries.
Academic Article The effect of single ventricle congenital heart disease on recurrence risk of pneumatosis intestinalis in neonates.

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