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Academic Article Seasonal dynamics of previously unknown fungal lineages in tundra soils.
Academic Article Seasonal changes in an alpine soil bacterial community in the colorado rocky mountains.
Academic Article Winter forest soil respiration controlled by climate and microbial community composition.
Academic Article Microbial diversity in alpine tundra wet meadow soil: novel Chloroflexi from a cold, water-saturated environment.
Academic Article Microbial community succession in an unvegetated, recently deglaciated soil.
Academic Article The earliest stages of ecosystem succession in high-elevation (5000 metres above sea level), recently deglaciated soils.
Academic Article Fumarole-supported islands of biodiversity within a hyperarid, high-elevation landscape on Socompa Volcano, Puna de Atacama, Andes.
Academic Article Soil CO2 flux and photoautotrophic community composition in high-elevation, 'barren' soil.
Academic Article Functional shifts in unvegetated, perhumid, recently-deglaciated soils do not correlate with shifts in soil bacterial community composition.
Academic Article Biogeography and habitat modelling of high-alpine bacteria.
Academic Article Changes in assembly processes in soil bacterial communities following a wildfire disturbance.
Academic Article The rate and pattern of cladogenesis in microbes.
Academic Article Structure and function of alpine and arctic soil microbial communities.
Academic Article Biogeography and landscape-scale diversity of the dominant Crenarchaeota of soil.
Academic Article Biogeochemical consequences of rapid microbial turnover and seasonal succession in soil.
Academic Article The effects of tree rhizodeposition on soil exoenzyme activity, dissolved organic carbon, and nutrient availability in a subalpine forest ecosystem.
Academic Article The effects of chronic nitrogen fertilization on alpine tundra soil microbial communities: implications for carbon and nitrogen cycling.
Academic Article Can zoosporic true fungi grow or survive in extreme or stressful environments?
Academic Article Global patterns in the biogeography of bacterial taxa.
Academic Article Microbial activity and diversity during extreme freeze-thaw cycles in periglacial soils, 5400 m elevation, Cordillera Vilcanota, PerĂº.
Concept Soil Microbiology
Concept Environmental Microbiology
Concept Microbiology
Academic Article Patterns and processes of microbial community assembly.
Academic Article Nutrient addition dramatically accelerates microbial community succession.
Academic Article Decreases in average bacterial community rRNA operon copy number during succession.
Academic Article Spatial autocorrelation of microbial communities atop a debris-covered glacier is evidence of a supraglacial chronosequence.
Academic Article Nutrient limitation of soil microbial activity during the earliest stages of ecosystem development.
Academic Article Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil bacterial communities as a function of Amazon forest phenology.
Academic Article Life at extreme elevations on Atacama volcanoes: the closest thing to Mars on Earth?
Academic Article Phosphorus, not nitrogen, limits plants and microbial primary producers following glacial retreat.
Academic Article Plant diversity and density predict belowground diversity and function in an early successional alpine ecosystem.
Academic Article Rapid temporal changes in root colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and fine root endophytes, not dark septate endophytes, track plant activity and environment in an alpine ecosystem.
Academic Article Growth of cyanobacterial soil crusts during diurnal freeze-thaw cycles.
Academic Article The disappearing periglacial ecosystem atop Mt. Kilimanjaro supports both cosmopolitan and endemic microbial communities.
Academic Article Growing-season length and soil microbes influence the performance of a generalist bunchgrass beyond its current range.

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