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Academic Article Pregnancy and breast cancer: when they collide.
Academic Article Tamoxifen induces pleiotrophic changes in mammary stroma resulting in extracellular matrix that suppresses transformed phenotypes.
Academic Article Postpartum mammary gland involution drives progression of ductal carcinoma in situ through collagen and COX-2.
Academic Article Postpartum diagnosis demonstrates a high risk for metastasis and merits an expanded definition of pregnancy-associated breast cancer.
Concept Breast Neoplasms
Academic Article Collagen architecture in pregnancy-induced protection from breast cancer.
Academic Article Mammary gland involution as an immunotherapeutic target for postpartum breast cancer.
Academic Article Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent lymphangiogenesis promotes nodal metastasis of postpartum breast cancer.
Academic Article Developmental windows of breast cancer risk provide opportunities for targeted chemoprevention.
Academic Article The role and regulation of Rab40b-Tks5 complex during invadopodia formation and cancer cell invasion.
Academic Article Deciphering Pro-Lymphangiogenic Programs during Mammary Involution and Postpartum Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Semaphorin 7A Promotes Macrophage-Mediated Lymphatic Remodeling during Postpartum Mammary Gland Involution and in Breast Cancer.
Grant (PQA1)Toward understanding mechanisms of COX-2 driven metastasis of breast cancer
Grant Deciphering COX-2/SEMA7A dependent mechanisms of breast tumor progression.
Academic Article Semaphorin 7a exerts pleiotropic effects to promote breast tumor progression.
Academic Article Association Between Postpartum Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Metastasis and the Clinical Features Underlying Risk.
Academic Article PD-1 Blockade During Post-partum Involution Reactivates the Anti-tumor Response and Reduces Lymphatic Vessel Density.
Academic Article Cross-talk between SIM2s and NF?B regulates cyclooxygenase 2 expression in breast cancer.
Academic Article Postpartum breast cancer progression is driven by semaphorin 7a-mediated invasion and survival.
Academic Article Postpartum Involution and Cancer: An Opportunity for Targeted Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatments?
Academic Article Macphatics and PoEMs in Postpartum Mammary Development and Tumor Progression.
Academic Article Semaphorin 7a is a biomarker for recurrence in postpartum breast cancer.
Academic Article Hormonal Regulation of Semaphorin 7a in ER+ Breast Cancer Drives Therapeutic Resistance.
Academic Article Extracellular vesicles from young women's breast cancer patients drive increased invasion of non-malignant cells via the Focal Adhesion Kinase pathway: a proteomic approach.
Academic Article Anoikis resistance in mammary epithelial cells is mediated by semaphorin 7a.
Academic Article Triple Targeting of Breast Tumors Driven by Hormonal Receptors and HER2.
Academic Article Toward Characterizing Lymphatic Vasculature in the Mammary Gland During Normal Development and Tumor-Associated Remodeling.

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