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Academic Article The effects of a dietary zinc supplement during lactation on longitudinal changes in maternal zinc status and milk zinc concentrations.
Academic Article Increased food intake of young children receiving a zinc supplement.
Academic Article Zinc nutritional status during pregnancy: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Zinc requirements and zinc intakes of breast-fed infants.
Academic Article Growth and intakes of energy and zinc in infants fed human milk.
Academic Article Zinc absorption and intestinal losses of endogenous zinc in young Chinese women with marginal zinc intakes.
Academic Article Linear growth of low income preschool children receiving a zinc supplement.
Academic Article Evaluation of zinc metabolism with use of stable-isotope techniques: implications for the assessment of zinc status.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation during lactation: effects on maternal status and milk zinc concentrations.
Academic Article Correction of hypozincemia following liver transplantation in children is associated with reduced urinary zinc loss.
Academic Article Low plasma zinc concentrations in young infants with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Zinc transfer to the breastfed infant.
Academic Article Zinc, diarrhea, and pneumonia.
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis in healthy infants fed a casein hydrolysate formula.
Academic Article Abnormalities in zinc homeostasis in young infants with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Dietary zinc and iron sources, physical growth and cognitive development of breastfed infants.
Academic Article Development of a compartmental model of human zinc metabolism: identifiability and multiple studies analyses.
Academic Article Assessment of zinc status in man.
Academic Article Interrelationships of key variables of human zinc homeostasis: relevance to dietary zinc requirements.
Academic Article Zinc and breastfed infants: if and when is there a risk of deficiency?
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis in Malawian children consuming a high-phytate, maize-based diet.
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis during lactation in a population with a low zinc intake.
Academic Article Zinc in human milk: diurnal and within-feed patterns.
Academic Article Microwave method for preparing erythrocytes for measurement of zinc concentration and zinc stable isotope enrichment.
Academic Article Exchangeable zinc pool size in infants is related to key variables of zinc homeostasis.
Academic Article Zinc absorption as a function of the dose of zinc sulfate in aqueous solution.
Academic Article Zinc absorption from low-phytate hybrids of maize and their wild-type isohybrids.
Academic Article Dysprosium as a nonabsorbable fecal marker in studies of zinc homeostasis.
Academic Article Zinc absorption in Guatemalan schoolchildren fed normal or low-phytate maize.
Academic Article Major variables of zinc homeostasis in Chinese toddlers.
Academic Article Zinc absorption during late pregnancy in rural southern Ethiopia.
Academic Article Complementary feeding: clinically relevant factors affecting timing and composition.
Academic Article Zinc deficiency: a special challenge.
Academic Article A mathematical model of zinc absorption in humans as a function of dietary zinc and phytate.
Academic Article Relationships among plasma zinc, plasma prolactin, milk transfer, and milk zinc in lactating women.
Academic Article Intestinal excretion of endogenous zinc in Guatemalan school children.
Academic Article Inadequate intakes of dietary zinc among pregnant women from subsistence households in Sidama, Southern Ethiopia.
Academic Article Neither a zinc supplement nor phytate-reduced maize nor their combination enhance growth of 6- to 12-month-old Guatemalan infants.
Academic Article Overview of zinc absorption and excretion in the human gastrointestinal tract.
Academic Article Zinc absorption and zinc status are reduced after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: a randomized study using 2 supplements.
Academic Article Upper limits of zinc, copper and manganese in infant formulas.
Academic Article Physiological requirements for zinc.
Academic Article Acute effects of iron therapy on zinc status during pregnancy.
Academic Article Plasma and urine zinc in infants and children with extrahepatic biliary atresia.
Academic Article Whole body zinc metabolism in full-term breasted and formula fed infants.
Academic Article Zinc, low birth weight, and breastfeeding.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation for four months does not affect plasma copper concentration in infants.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation selectively decreases fetal hepatocyte DNA synthesis and insulin-like growth factor II gene expression in primary culture.
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis in breast-fed infants.
Academic Article Plasma zinc concentrations are depressed during the acute phase response in children with falciparum malaria.
Academic Article Effect of pancreatic enzymes on zinc absorption in cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Zinc supplementation during lactation.
Academic Article Human zinc metabolism: advances in the modeling of stable isotope data.
Academic Article Meat as a first complementary food for breastfed infants: feasibility and impact on zinc intake and status.
Academic Article Dietary phytate reduction improves zinc absorption in Malawian children recovering from tuberculosis but not in well children.
Academic Article Changes in zinc absorption during development.
Academic Article Zinc absorption and exchangeable zinc pool sizes in breast-fed infants fed meat or cereal as first complementary food.
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis in premature infants does not differ between those fed preterm formula or fortified human milk.
Academic Article Longitudinal measurements of zinc absorption in Peruvian children consuming wheat products fortified with iron only or iron and 1 of 2 amounts of zinc.
Academic Article Measurements of zinc absorption: application and interpretation in research designed to improve human zinc nutriture.
Academic Article Zinc, gravida, infection, and iron, but not vitamin B-12 or folate status, predict hemoglobin during pregnancy in Southern Ethiopia.
Academic Article Exchangeable zinc pool size at birth is smaller in small-for-gestational-age than in appropriate-for-gestational-age preterm infants.
Academic Article The use of dysprosium to measure endogenous zinc excretion in feces eliminates the necessity of complete fecal collections.
Academic Article Dietary reference intakes for zinc may require adjustment for phytate intake based upon model predictions.
Academic Article Zinc status and cognitive function of pregnant women in Southern Ethiopia.
Academic Article Dietary intervention strategies to enhance zinc nutrition: promotion and support of breastfeeding for infants and young children.
Academic Article The quantity of zinc absorbed from wheat in adult women is enhanced by biofortification.
Academic Article Zinc bioavailability and homeostasis.
Academic Article Measurement of zinc absorption from meals: comparison of extrinsic zinc labeling and independent measurements of dietary zinc absorption.
Academic Article Zinc homeostasis and gut function in children with celiac disease.
Academic Article Comparison of complementary feeding strategies to meet zinc requirements of older breastfed infants.
Academic Article Zinc requirements in pregnancy.
Academic Article Bioavailability of zinc oxide added to corn tortilla is similar to that of zinc sulfate and is not affected by simultaneous addition of iron.
Academic Article Update on zinc deficiency and excess in clinical pediatric practice.
Concept Zinc Radioisotopes
Concept Zinc Isotopes
Concept Zinc
Concept Zinc Oxide
Concept Zinc Sulfate
Academic Article Biofortification of pearl millet with iron and zinc in a randomized controlled trial increases absorption of these minerals above physiologic requirements in young children.
Academic Article Zinc in plasma and breast milk in adolescents and adults in pregnancy and pospartum: a cohort study in Uruguay.
Academic Article Absorbed zinc and exchangeable zinc pool size are greater in Pakistani infants receiving traditional complementary foods with zinc-fortified micronutrient powder.
Academic Article Mathematical model of zinc absorption: effects of dietary calcium, protein and iron on zinc absorption.
Academic Article Redistribution of tissue zinc pools during lactation and dyshomeostasis during marginal zinc deficiency in mice.
Academic Article Zinc deficiency in infants and children: a review of its complex and synergistic interactions.
Academic Article Zinc absorption from micronutrient powder is low but is not affected by iron in Kenyan infants.
Academic Article Zinc absorption from biofortified maize meets the requirements of young rural Zambian children.
Academic Article Resistant starch does not affect zinc homeostasis in rural Malawian children.
Academic Article Zinc requirements: assessment and population needs.
Academic Article Zinc Absorption Is Not Related to Dietary Phytate Intake in Infants and Young Children Based on Modeling Combined Data from Multiple Studies.
Academic Article Predictors of the Size of the Exchangeable Zinc Pool Differ between Children and Adults.
Academic Article Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development (BOND)-Zinc Review.
Academic Article Drug-development concepts as guides for optimizing clinical trials of supplemental zinc for populations at risk of deficiency or diarrhea.
Grant Patient Oriented Research in Pediatric Nutrition
Grant Intestinal Endogenous Zinc: Role for Metallothionein?
Academic Article Upregulation of Zinc Absorption Matches Increases in Physiologic Requirements for Zinc in Women Consuming High- or Moderate-Phytate Diets during Late Pregnancy and Early Lactation.
Academic Article Exchangeable Zinc Pool Size at Birth in Pakistani Small for Gestational Age and Appropriate for Gestational Age Infants Do Not Differ But Are Lower Than in US Infants.
Academic Article Zinc Absorption from Micronutrient Powders Is Low in Bangladeshi Toddlers at Risk of Environmental Enteric Dysfunction and May Increase Dietary Zinc Requirements.
Academic Article Study Protocol for a Randomized, Double-Blind, Community-Based Efficacy Trial of Various Doses of Zinc in Micronutrient Powders or Tablets in Young Bangladeshi Children.
Academic Article Zinc Absorption and Endogenous Fecal Zinc Losses in Bangladeshi Toddlers at Risk for Environmental Enteric Dysfunction.
Academic Article Effect of Pooling Practices and Time Postpartum of Milk Donations on the Energy, Macronutrient, and Zinc Concentrations of Resultant Donor Human Milk Pools.
Academic Article Adjusting plasma or serum zinc concentrations for inflammation: Biomarkers Reflecting Inflammation and Nutritional Determinants of Anemia (BRINDA) project.
Academic Article Zinc absorption and zinc status are reduced after either sleeve gastrectomy or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in premenopausal women with severe obesity studied prospectively over 24 postoperative months.
Academic Article Reduced Fractional Absorption of Zinc in Children With Environmental Enteropathy in Zambia.
Academic Article Zinc Supplementation with or without Additional Micronutrients Does Not Affect Peripheral Blood Gene Expression or Serum Cytokine Level in Bangladeshi Children.
Academic Article Different Doses, Forms, and Frequencies of Zinc Supplementation for the Prevention of Diarrhea and Promotion of Linear Growth among Young Bangladeshi Children: A Six-Arm, Randomized, Community-Based Efficacy Trial.
Academic Article Exchangeable Zinc Pool Size Reflects Form of Zinc Supplementation in Young Children and Is Not Associated with Markers of Inflammation.
Academic Article Correspondence on article by Pullakhandam et al. Reference cut-offs to define low serum zinc concentrations in healthy 1-19-year-old Indian children and adolescents.
Academic Article Zinc Kinetics Correlate With Length-for-Age z Scores in Bangladeshi Infants.
Academic Article Effects of Different Doses, Forms, and Frequencies of Zinc Supplementation on Biomarkers of Iron and Zinc Status among Young Children in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Academic Article Zinc for infection prevention in children with sickle cell anemia: a?randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Women in Selected Communities of Punjab, India Have a High Prevalence of Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12, and Folate Deficiencies: Implications for a Multiply-Fortified Salt Intervention.

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