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Academic Article Effect of intra-amniotic administration of Exosurf in preterm rabbit fetuses.
Academic Article Maternal and fetal effects of laparoscopic insufflation in the gravid baboon.
Academic Article Doppler velocimetry of growth-restricted fetuses in an ovine model of placental insufficiency.
Academic Article Early and persistent reduction in umbilical vein blood flow in the growth-restricted fetus: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Placental expression of VEGF, PlGF and their receptors in a model of placental insufficiency-intrauterine growth restriction (PI-IUGR).
Academic Article Temporal sequence of abnormal Doppler changes in the peripheral and central circulatory systems of the severely growth-restricted fetus.
Academic Article Chronic estradiol treatment causes a marked and sustained increase in pulmonary blood flow in the late gestation ovine fetus.
Academic Article Differences in fat and lean mass proportions in normal and growth-restricted fetuses.
Academic Article Independent and combined effects of inhaled nitric oxide, liquid perfluorochemical, and high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in premature lambs with respiratory distress syndrome.
Academic Article Developmental changes in ovine myocardial glucose transporters and insulin signaling following hyperthermia-induced intrauterine fetal growth restriction.
Academic Article Predictors of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm growth-restricted neonates.
Academic Article Nontraditional sonographic pearls in estimating gestational age.
Academic Article Decreased placental X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein in an ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction.
Academic Article Lower uterine artery blood flow and higher endothelin relative to nitric oxide metabolite levels are associated with reductions in birth weight at high altitude.
Academic Article Blood flow volume of uterine arteries in human pregnancies determined using 3D and bi-dimensional imaging, angio-Doppler, and fluid-dynamic modeling.
Academic Article Cotyledon and binucleate cell nitric oxide synthase expression in an ovine model of fetal growth restriction.
Academic Article Effect of small for gestational age on hemodynamic parameters in the neonatal period.
Academic Article Relationship of fetal growth to duration of heat stress in an ovine model of placental insufficiency.
Academic Article Relationship of umbilical vein blood flow to growth parameters in the human fetus.
Academic Article Comparison of low- and high-altitude Doppler velocimetry in the peripheral and central circulations of normal fetuses.
Academic Article Predictors of neonatal outcome in early-onset placental dysfunction.
Academic Article eNOS, NO, and the activation of ERK and AKT signaling at mid-gestation and near-term in an ovine model of intrauterine growth restriction.
Academic Article Uterine artery blood flow volume in pregnant women with an abnormal pulsatility index of the uterine arteries delivering normal or intrauterine growth restricted newborns.
Academic Article Little effect of gestation at 3,100 m on fetal fat accretion or the fetal circulation.
Concept Gestational Age
Concept Infant, Small for Gestational Age
Academic Article Decreased expression of phosphorylated placental heat shock protein 27 in human and ovine intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR).
Academic Article Early initiation of low-dose aspirin for reduction in preeclampsia risk in high-risk women: a secondary analysis of the MFMU High-Risk Aspirin Study.
Academic Article Caspase dependent and independent mechanisms of apoptosis across gestation in a sheep model of placental insufficiency and intrauterine growth restriction.
Academic Article Blood pressure during pregnancy, neonatal size and altered body composition: the Healthy Start study.
Academic Article MOMS Plus: Single-Institution Review of Outcomes for Extended BMI Criteria for Open Fetal Repair of Myelomeningocele.
Academic Article Comparison of obstetrical outcomes in patients undergoing cerclage with or without amniocentesis.
Academic Article Maternal Amino Acid Profiles to Distinguish Constitutionally Small versus Growth-Restricted Fetuses Defined by Doppler Ultrasound: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Interventions to prevent preterm delivery in women with short cervix before fetoscopic laser surgery for twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
Academic Article 3D Fractional Limb Volume Identifies Reduced Subcutaneous and Lean Mass in Fetal Growth Restriction.
Academic Article Reduction of In Vivo Placental Amino Acid Transport Precedes the Development of Intrauterine Growth Restriction in the Non-Human Primate.
Academic Article Clinical Opinion: The diagnosis and management of suspected fetal growth restriction: an evidence-based approach.
Academic Article Differences in body composition and growth persist postnatally in fetuses diagnosed with severe compared to mild fetal growth restriction.
Academic Article Addressing pitfalls in the study of discrepant umbilical artery Dopplers.

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