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Academic Article Prescribed burns and wildfires in Colorado: impacts of mitigation measures on indoor air particulate matter.
Academic Article UV air cleaners and upper-room air ultraviolet germicidal irradiation for controlling airborne bacteria and fungal spores.
Academic Article Positive matrix factorization of PM(2.5): comparison and implications of using different speciation data sets.
Academic Article Impact of environmental factors on efficacy of upper-room air ultraviolet germicidal irradiation for inactivating airborne mycobacteria.
Academic Article Effects of ceiling-mounted HEPA-UV air filters on airborne bacteria concentrations in an indoor therapy pool building.
Concept Air Pollution, Indoor
Concept Air Microbiology
Concept Air Pollutants
Concept Air Ionization
Concept Air Pollution
Concept Air Movements
Academic Article Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation: future directions for air disinfection and building applications.
Academic Article Errors in coarse particulate matter mass concentrations and spatiotemporal characteristics when using subtraction estimation methods.
Academic Article Impacts of flood damage on airborne bacteria and fungi in homes after the 2013 Colorado Front Range flood.
Academic Article Industrial odor sources and air pollutant concentrations in Globeville, a Denver, Colorado neighborhood.
Academic Article Upper Room Germicidal Ultraviolet Systems for Air Disinfection Are Ready for Wide Implementation.
Academic Article Ultrafine and Fine Particulate Matter Inside and Outside of Mechanically Ventilated Buildings.
Academic Article Implementing a negative-pressure isolation ward for a surge in airborne infectious patients.
Academic Article The Impact of Industrial Odors on the Subjective Well-Being of Communities in Colorado.
Concept Compressed Air
Academic Article Social and Environmental Neighborhood Typologies and Lung Function in a Low-Income, Urban Population.
Academic Article Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution on Indoor Air Quality in Low-Income Homes during Wildfire Seasons.
Academic Article Air infiltration in low-income, urban homes and its relationship to lung function.
Academic Article Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by inhalation of respiratory aerosol in the Skagit Valley Chorale superspreading event.

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