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keywords Behavioral health, health inequities, oral health disparities
keywords oral health equity
keywords oral health literacy

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Concept Health Literacy
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Dental Health Services
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Health Behavior
Concept Health Status
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Oral Health
Concept Dental Health Surveys
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Rural Health
Concept Health Education, Dental
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Health Services, Indigenous
Concept United States Indian Health Service
Academic Article Motivational interviewing with American Indian mothers to prevent early childhood caries: study design and methodology of a randomized control trial.
Academic Article Recruitment for health disparities preventive intervention trials: the early childhood caries collaborating centers.
Academic Article Oral health status in Navajo Nation Head Start children.
Academic Article Learning from caries-free children in a high-caries American Indian population.
Academic Article Preventing Childhood Caries: A Review of Recent Behavioral Research.
Academic Article Validation of the Sense of Coherence Scale in an American Indian population.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Tooth Loss in Older Adults in Rural Colorado.
Academic Article A Comparative Analysis of Oral Health on the Santo Domingo Pueblo Reservation.
Academic Article A Cluster-Randomized, Community-Based, Tribally Delivered Oral Health Promotion Trial in Navajo Head Start Children.
Academic Article Retention strategies for health disparities preventive trials: findings from the Early Childhood Caries Collaborating Centers.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Oral Health Status in American Indian Children.
Academic Article Community Based Participatory Research to Reduce Oral Health Disparities in American Indian Children.
Academic Article The basic research factors questionnaire for studying early childhood caries.
Academic Article Acculturation and Pediatric Minority Oral Health Interventions.
Academic Article A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Understand Urban Latino Parent's Oral Health Knowledge and Beliefs.
Academic Article The Impact of Maternal Self-Efficacy and Oral Health Beliefs on Early Childhood Caries in Latino Children.
Academic Article Editorial: Reducing Oral Health Disparities: Social, Environmental and Cultural Factors.
Academic Article Social Determinants of Health: An Essential Element in Dental Education.
Academic Article Parental Factors Influencing the Development of Early Childhood Caries in Developing Nations: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Parental psychosocial factors and childhood caries prevention: Data from an American Indian population.
Academic Article Association between maternal acculturation and health beliefs related to oral health of Latino children.
Academic Article Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit Impact on Dental Utilization: A University Clinic Setting.
Academic Article Evaluation of an Interprofessional Oral Health Assessment Activity in Advanced Practice Nursing Education.
Academic Article Increasing Dental Students' Understanding of Population Surveillance Through Data Mining.
Academic Article An Adapted Framework for Incorporating the Social Determinants of Health into Predoctoral Dental Curricula.
Grant Learning about Early Childhood Caries Prevention in a Latino Population: A Multilevel Approach
Grant Learning about Early Childhood Caries Prevention in a Latino Population
Academic Article Association of Ethnic Identity with Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Behavior, and Outcomes on the Navajo Nation.
Concept Social Determinants of Health
Academic Article Oral Health Behavior Change in Mexican-American Caregivers: A Community-Based Intervention Study.
Academic Article Behavior Change for Caries Prevention: Understanding Inconsistent Results.
Academic Article Patient perceptions in quality of care: report from university veterans clinic.
Academic Article Validation of Psychosocial Measures Assessing American Indian Parental Beliefs Related to Control over Their Children's Oral Health.
Academic Article Oral Health of African Immigrants: A participatory approach to needs assessment.
Academic Article Association between Medical Well-Child Visits and Dental Preventive Visits: A Big Data Report.
Academic Article Association of Acculturation and Latino Parents' Oral Health Beliefs and Knowledge.
Grant Assessing completeness and accuracy of the EHRs harbored at BigMouth Dental Data Repository
Academic Article Addressing Oral Health of Low-Income Populations-A Call to Action.
Academic Article BigMouth: development and maintenance of a successful dental data repository.
Academic Article Association Between Mental Health and Oral Health Status and Care Utilization.
Grant Population oral health assessment
Grant A Participatory Approach in Improving Dental Health in African Immigrants
Academic Article What is the Value of Social Determinants of Health in Dental Education?
Academic Article Dentist perceptions about the value of teledentistry.
Academic Article Acculturation and Dental Care-Related Anxiety: An Exploratory Assessment from the Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos.
Academic Article Caries risk and social determinants of health: A big data report.

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