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Academic Article Hydrogen peroxide causes permeability edema and hypertension in isolated salt-perfused rabbit lungs.
Academic Article Oxygen-radical-mediated permeability edema and vasoconstriction in isolated perfused rabbit lungs.
Academic Article Xanthine oxidase contributes to lung leak in rats subjected to skin burn.
Academic Article Interleukin-1 pretreatment prevents interleukin-1-induced lung leak in rats.
Academic Article Liposome-entrapped PGE1 posttreatment decreases IL-1 alpha-induced neutrophil accumulation and lung leak in rats.
Academic Article Increased serum catalase activity in rats subjected to thermal skin injury.
Academic Article Supercritical fluid-aerosolized vitamin E pretreatment decreases leak in isolated oxidant-perfused rat lungs.
Academic Article Cytokine-induced neutrophil chemoattractant is necessary for interleukin-1-induced lung leak in rats.
Academic Article Inhaled nitric oxide prevents neutrophil-mediated, oxygen radical-dependent leak in isolated rat lungs.
Academic Article FNLP injures endotoxin-primed rat lung by neutrophil-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Academic Article Platelet-activating factor contributes to acute lung leak in rats given interleukin-1 intratracheally.
Academic Article The role of toxic oxygen metabolites in interleukin-2-induced vascular leak syndrome.
Academic Article Antiarrhythmic agents diminish thiourea-induced pulmonary vascular protein leak in rats.
Academic Article The role of platelets in the adult respiratory distress syndrome. Culprits or bystanders?
Academic Article Neutrophils and the adult respiratory distress syndrome.
Academic Article Interleukin-1-induced lung neutrophil accumulation and oxygen metabolite-mediated lung leak in rats.
Academic Article TNF mediates lung leak, but not neutrophil accumulation, in lungs of rats given IL-1 intratracheally.
Academic Article Xanthine oxidase-derived oxygen radicals induce pulmonary edema via direct endothelial cell injury.
Academic Article Local skin burn causes systemic (lung and kidney) endothelial cell injury reflected by increased circulating and decreased tissue factor VIII-related antigen.
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